The teams take part in a stick-collecting showdown in which emotions and relations run high. One seems to have it together with another until somebody else suddenly falls for him. Someone tries to take charge of a partnership with a teammate, while two rivals end up in danger due to one's paranoid obsession. In the end, one competitor is eliminated when a past action comes back to bite her.



A creature covered in vegetation arrives at Pahkitew Island.

The episode opens with Jasmine sleeping on her tree branch where Shawn watches in admiration from afar. He expresses concern over the fact that having a crush on her means that during a zombie apocalypse, he will have to watch out for her as well, which Shawn calls a deal-breaker. Suddenly, he sees a mysterious creature covered in vegetation emerge from the lake. Believing it to be a zombie, Shawn flees in terror. The next morning, Sky and Dave are out foraging for food. Sky is just concluding a story of how she decided to aspire to become an Olympic gymnast but Dave is barely listening because he is too distracted by her. He accidentally mocks Sky's older sister, who she describes as her role model, and she stops to confront him on it. Dave then decides to tell Sky he likes her, and then asks if she reciprocates those feelings. Sky nervously belches and admits that she likes Dave back, but there is something else that needs to be said. Dave, however, prevents her from completing her sentence and states that they should just let things happen. At this moment, Chris announces that the contestants should meet for the challenge.


Chris's appearance for the duration of the episode, the fruit of Topher's efforts.

Ella asks Sugar if the two can talk, and Sugar rudely turns her down. Ella explains that since she is not allowed to sing, she wrote a friendship poem for her. Ella starts the poem, but Sugar isn't having it, yelling at her to "get out of her face". Sky then gives Ella some advice on how to deal with the situation. Meanwhile, Max is trying out new villainous nicknames with Scarlett engages him further. Upon reaching the beach, Chris is shown with his stubble shaved and his face frozen into a smile. Topher at first cannot seem to figure out what he has done differently until he realizes that Chris must have used "slowtox" in order to make himself look younger. In the confessional, Topher panics that Chris' new, younger look may mean the producers won't consider him as a replacement host for the show.

Chris then explains the challenge - players will run across a dock, grab a dueling stick, and try to knock their opponents off the dock and into the water. Each team will need to collect six sticks to form three X shapes in order to win the challenge. Sky then notices that Shawn is missing, making Jasmine concerned. Chris sends Chef Hatchet to search for him, and emphasizes that if Shawn fails to arrive in time, he along with another member of the Waneyihtam Maskwak will be eliminated. Meanwhile, Shawn is still paranoid from his "zombie" encounter the previous night, and has focused his efforts on defending himself alone, believing that "self-preservation comes first". He covers himself in garbage, in order to adopt a zombie's stench, so that he can pass himself off as one of them. Back at the beach, Jasmine becomes more and more concerned about Shawn, but quickly adds that her loyalty remains with her team.


Max electrocutes Ella using an eel with the help of Scarlett.

The contestants swim to the docks to start the challenge. At Waneyihtam Maskwak's side of the dock, Sugar expresses annoyance that they had to swim without their bathing suits as they lost them in the blimp crash in the first episode. At the other team, Max is equally annoyed too. While Jasmine is still distracted by Shawn's absence, Topher decides to volunteer for his team first while Dave does it for his. The two of them grab their own paddles without even trying to knock each other off. Sugar and Samey are next and each pretends each other as their worst enemies; Samey imagines Sugar as her sister, Amy, while Sugar imagines her as Ella. Bored, Chris takes out his radio and order the release of Scuba Bear. Suddenly, a bear wearing a diving suit appears and knocks Sugar off the platform while Samey runs away, terrified. Max and Ella are next and Scarlett suggests that he wrap the copper wire he had around a dueling stick while she finds an electric power source which will make his dueling stick more deadly. Once Max arms himself, Scarlett pulls out an electric eel from the lake and threw it at Max's stick. Now holding a dangerous weapon, Max electrocutes Ella, causing her to fall into the lake. With the exception of Sugar, everyone is startled at what happened to Ella. This act of "evil" made Max think that he had accomplished a great goal.


Ella declares that she will win the challenge for her "prince".

Dave lifts Ella from the water and she apologizes for falling off the platform. A furious Sky demands vengeance for the other team's "low blow". As she crosses the platform to confront Scarlett, Dave puts Ella's fallen shoe back on for her. This act had made Ella, as described by Ella, a "perfect fairytale moment" and that she has "found her prince", showing that she had now fallen for Dave. Sky attempts to avenge Ella by knocking Scarlett off, but Scarlett ducks in time. Jasmine goes against Dave, but she is too focused on wondering about Shawn to pay attention, giving Dave an easy point for Maskwak.

Shawn and Zombie Chef

Shawn runs away from Chef, thinking he is a zombie.

Meanwhile, Shawn is still wandering around the island, covered in garbage and pretending to be a zombie. As he is trying to reach the waterfall, Chef discovers him and Shawn quickly runs away, mistaking him for a zombie. Chef, however, easily catches him and upon listening to him speak, Shawn realizes that Chef is not a zombie but nonetheless tries to warn Chef about the zombie apocalypse and that they should hide behind the waterfall. However, when he looks back, the waterfall is gone. Chef dismisses it as him hallucinating from the stench. Back at the lake, Team Maskwak is catching up, with Sky earning another point. Ella volunteers to go next and tells Dave that she is repaying his earlier kindness by going in next and earn a point for their team. Sky notices and is confused with what Ella says to Dave. Ella faces Max again but when Max begins to taunt her, Scuba Bear appears again and tosses him into the lake. Before it could attack her, Ella manages to calm the bear down with a song.      

Chris is furious with Ella's singing and threw his coconut drink at Scuba Bear to remove his state of trance. Angered, Scuba Bear turns its attention to Chris and swims towards his platform. Topher tries to use this moment as an excuse to fill in for Chris, using his screams as a verbal agreement. Before Scuba Bear could attack Chris, Chef returns with Shawn and Scuba Bear returns to the lake. Now reunited with his team, Shawn immediately checks his team for bite marks, who are annoyed with his foul stench and at the same time being absent for some time. With his return, Jasmine is now relieved and begins to focus on the challenge. Realizing that Shawn believes that zombies are upon them, Dave tricks him into thinking the other team has already transitioned into zombies in order to motivate him. Shawn is devastated that he had failed Jasmine for not waking her up and causes her to become a zombie and decided to put her out of her misery. Jasmine, on the other hand, tries not to use her abilities to the fullest, knowing that Shawn will be the next person to be eliminated. However, she didn't realize that Shawn would not do the same as he violently knocks her into the water. When he hears her speaking normally, Shawn realizes that she is not a zombie and says that he made a "big mistake".


Jasmine and Shawn's relationship is strained due to a misunderstanding.

The teams are now tied and Samey and Sugar go against each other again. Suddenly, the creature that Shawn saw last night pops out from the lake, revealing itself to be Amy. With her return, Samey's true identity is exposed, and leaving everyone except Jasmine and Scarlett confused, as Scarlett reveals in a confessional that she knew all along about Samey. As the twins begin bad mouthing each other, Sugar easily scores the final point for her team, giving Team Maskwak the victory. As the contestants are returning to their respective living quarters, Max is grateful for Scarlett's help and decides to take her in as his sidekick. In the confessional, Scarlett angrily growls at him for calling her his sidekick. Meanwhile, Shawn tries to apologize to Jasmine, to no avail as she believes because of him, she would be the next person to be eliminated. In the confessional, Shawn is guilty that because of him, Jasmine now hates him and considers that he should think with his heart from now on. Jasmine decides to do the opposite and "get ruthless".


Both Amy and Samey are eliminated.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris gives Team Maskwak their reward and warns Ella that if she sings anymore, she will be automatically disqualified from the competition. Sugar tells Ella that a song might change Chris's mind, to which Sky stops. Amy, Samey, and Jasmine are the final contestants without marshmallows and Jasmine accepts that she has been voted off and prepares to go into the cannon. However, she is the one who receives the final marshmallow. Amy and Samey each attempt to get the other off of the island, becoming embroiled in another fight involving violence and shouting things at each other. Chris is fed up with one posing as the other and eliminates them both to prevent future confusion, and says that, to be fair, Samey should come out first this time.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Bryn McAuley Amy/Samey
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet
Daniel DeSanto Dave
Sunday Muse Ella
Katie Bergin Jasmine
Bruce Dow Max
Kristi Friday Scarlett
Zachary Bennett Shawn
Sarah Podemski Sky
Rochelle Wilson Sugar
Christopher Jacot Topher

Still in the running

Waneyihtam Maskwak
Waneyihtam Maskwak
Pimâpotew Kinosewak
Pimâpotew Kinosewak
Pimâpotew Kinosewak
Waneyihtam Maskwak
Waneyihtam Maskwak
Waneyihtam Maskwak
Pimâpotew Kinosewak



  • The music that plays when Sky is talking about her Olympic dreams is the same during Heather's audition to the talent show in Not Quite Famous.
  • This is the first time Chris is seen without his stubble.
  • Scarlett reveals that she knew Samey was pretending to be Amy.
  • Sky is revealed to have an older sister whom she looks up to.
  • This is the only instance in the season where a female contestant is eliminated normally.



  • Ella asking if anyone's seen the white rabbit is a reference to Alice in Wonderland.
  • Ella falling for Dave after he puts her shoe back on is a reference to Cinderella.
  • Shawn's idea of fooling zombies by making himself foul-smelling is a reference to The Walking Dead, where the protagonists occasionally covered themselves in zombie's fluids in order to hide their scent and walk among the undead without being detected.
    • This is the second time The Walking Dead is referenced, with the first time occurring in the previous episode.
  • Chris's "Slowtox" treatment is a spoof of Botox.


Hair Sugar

Sugar's hair goof.

  • When Dave gets on the platform, for a brief second there is dripping water above his head. Sky's left hand goes also through his elbow.
  • When Team Kinosewak gets on the platform, Scarlett's neck, hands, and legs are paler color, just like her skin was several times in So, Uh This Is My Team?.
  • The gap between Chef's teeth is missing when he found Shawn in the woods.
  • During the challenge, part of Sugar's hair is incorrectly drawn, a part is missing, and part is in the same color as her skin. Additionally, she's also missing part of the outline around her neck.
  • At the elimination ceremony, after Max, Topher, and Scarlett receive their marshmallows, there is one left although there were five at the beginning.
  • Amy states that "parfait" is German for "perfect", but it is actually French.
  • In the DirecTV guide for this episode, it is incorrectly titled "A Blash from the Past".


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