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"A Chinese Lesson" is the twenty-third song featured in Total Drama World Tour. It is sung in "Chinese Fake-Out" by Chris and the remaining contestants (except Courtney) during the Chinese-food-eating challenge. This song is broken up by long patches of dialogue to allow time for the consumption of the disgusting meals and elimination of one contestant who finishes last per round. The gaps in between the stanzas are where the dialogue begins, usually featuring the contestants complaining about the current dish or asking what it is, followed by Chris's explanation.


Chris: A little Chinese lesson, for you. Manman chi means "enjoy your meal."
Everyone (except Courtney and Sierra): Manman chi. It's no raw deal.
Cody: Is it roasted eel?

Chris: Manman chi means "bon appétit."
Alejandro, Blaineley, Duncan and Heather: Manman chi. What do we have to eat?
Heather: It's still moving its feet!

Chris: Manman chi. It's dinner for four.
Alejandro, Blaineley and Duncan: Manman chi. We've got room for more.
Duncan: I think I'm nearly done for.

Chris: Manman chi. Don't get the squirts.
Alejandro and Blaineley: Manman chi. We'd rather eat our shirts!
Heather: Wait, stop!

Alejandro and Blaineley: Manman chi. (off-key) Manman chi-i-i.
Chris: They love to eat on The Yangtze. Manman chi. Manman... Huh?
Alejandro and Blaineley: (both gag and vomit)
Sierra: Cody's in first class with me and my Love-me tea!



  • This is the only song to be started by Chris and be sung mainly with him.
  • This is the second song to have parts sung in a language other than English, in this case, Chinese. The first one is "Paris in the Springtime."
  • Manman chi in Chinese (written as 慢慢 吃; Màn man chī) literally translates to "eat slowly," which is a polite way of saying "enjoy your meal."
  • Chi is not pronounced chee; in Chinese, the word "chi" is pronounced with more of a tser sound.
  • This is the only song that is sung in parts, as it is interrupted in between verses by dialogue.
  • Each contestant that sings or says the last solo lyric of a stanza is eliminated in that round of the challenge.
    • Albeit in a different way, this includes the last round as well; Sierra doesn't sing until after Alejandro and Blaineley are eliminated.
  • During the song, all of the contestants (excluding Courtney) are barefoot, except for Cody and Duncan.
  • The final three in this challenge are coincidentally the three Total Drama World Tour newcomers.



  • The Yangtze River is referred to in the song, which is the longest river of China.
  • Sierra sings her final line in Chinese opera style.
  • Chris wears a traditional Chinese opera costume with makeup.


  • During the second stanza, Duncan's mouth is not synced with the audio.
  • During the song Heather repulsively states the mealworm is still moving its feet, despite the fact that mealworms do not have feet. Only the adult form, the mealworm beetle, has feet.
  • In the first stanza, Heather's eyes are black instead of their normal gray color.
  • The Cartoon Network downloadable version of the song omits the first stanza.


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