The fourteen remaining teams travel to Romania, where they must face their fears and show off athletic talents in order to survive. One team feels right at home, while two others are terrified beyond belief in hopes of surviving. While one contestant shows signs of attraction to another for the first time, two others are pushed to their limits by physical torment and significant others. In the end, a fierce duo find themselves in the most fashionable exit possible.



The Ice Dancers are angry at having to take the same bus as the other teams, thus losing their lead.

The episode begins in Brazil, where the Ice Dancers are the first team to depart. They take a Travel Tip from the Don Box and are shocked to find out the next location is Transylvania. The Ice Dancers are delighted about their major lead, only to find out that the other teams would be traveling on the same bus with. Josee does not take this well and throws another temper tantrum, which eventually puts her to sleep, as she mutters about how much she hates the game. Not wanting to be on the second flight, Stephanie orders Ryan to throw her over the other teams in line, and manages to get the first two tickets for herself and Ryan. As the teams settle themselves on flights one and two, Spud tries to console his teammate about not being on the first flight with little success. With the first flight arriving in Romania, most of the teams are terrified by the location, but the Goths are satisfied with the prospect of visiting Dracula's castle. During the race to the castle, Josee tries to sabotage the Police Cadets by pushing Sanders down the hill, leading MacArthur to tackle the Ice Dancers in response. This leads to MacArthur and Josee getting into a fight.


The Fashion Bloggers argue over who started their blog.

Meanwhile, on the second flight, the Fashion Bloggers get into an argument over who made their blog after Carrie asks about its creation. Back at the castle, the Daters and Goths are the first to get their next tip. In the next challenge, whoever picks the tip must drag one of the coffins in the castle, which will consist of their teammate in it, and bring it to the graveyard to get their next tip. While the Ice Dancers and Cadets fall behind because of their feud, the second flight arrives, carrying the last seven teams. Meanwhile, the Surfer Dudes form an unofficial alliance with the Sisters, although Emma doesn't approve of this. While most teams face trouble in the next challenge, Josee uses the opportunity to get revenge on Jacques for accidentally dropping her during the Olympics and vigorously pushes the coffin, wanting to get first place. Despite their speed, the Stepbrothers arrive before the Ice Dancers. The teams must then ride on horseback to the Romanian gymnastics training center, where they will find their next travel tip.

Take me to the grave digger

The Goths admiring the coffins.

The Goths decide to use the opportunity to experience what it's like being inside a coffin, with Crimson switching with Ennui mid-race, despite being aware of the penalty. Meanwhile, the Fashion Bloggers fall behind most of the teams, with their incessant arguing over the creation of their blog. The Ice Dancers pick up speed and manage to regain their lead, being the first ones to get their next tip. The next challenge is a Botch or Watch, in which the teams must first walk a balance beam featuring a jump at the center. After doing this, they must land over a vaulting horse. Their landing will be judged by a local gym teacher and if they do so correctly, they will get the approval to move on. The teams must then race to the next Chill Zone. The Ice Dancers complete the Botch or Watch with ease, due to Josee's exceptional ice dancing skills, and get first place for the second time in a row. Both Emma and Chet also have no problem competing in the Botch or Watch, with the latter having taken Rhythmic Gymnastics at school. Despite Geoff's suggestion, Lorenzo refuses to work together with his step-brother, but they still manage to finish in fourth place.


The Fashion Bloggers reconcile with each other.

As more teams reach the Chill Zone, the pressure starts to get to Stephanie as the Daters are now in the bottom three teams. Meanwhile, the Goths get a ten-minute penalty for switching places in the coffin but don't seem to be fazed by it. The Fashion Bloggers reconcile after Tom gets injured due to being electrocuted by a light, but with Jen's motivation, he is able to complete the challenge along with Ryan. The race is set between the final two teams. The Daters manage to pick up speed, leaving the Fashion Bloggers to arrive in last place, leading to their elimination. At the end, Tom and Jen appreciate the fact that they were able to do the race together, despite the numerous challenges that almost caused their deaths.


Voice actor Role(s)
Terry McGurrin Don
Scott McCord Brody/Jacques/Owen
Kristin Fairlie Carrie
Darren Frost Chet
Stacey DePass Crimson/Emma
Neil Crone Dwayne
Carter Hayden Ennui/Spud
Dan Petronijevic Geoff
Lyon Smith Jay/Mickey
Ashley Botting Jen
Julie Lemieux Josee
Jacob Ewaniuk Junior
Carlos Díaz Lorenzo/Rock
Evany Rosen MacArthur
Joseph Motiki Ryan
Nicole Stamp Sanders
Nicki Burke Stephanie
Jeff Geddis Tom
  • Devin, Kelly, Kitty, Noah, and Taylor appear; however, they have no dialogue, although they are occasionally heard screaming, sighing, groaning and laughing. 
  • Bala Karaoke speaks one line, but it is unknown who voiced him. 





  • The title of the episode is a pun on the nursery rhyme, A-Tisket, A-Tasket.
  • Popular horror genre characters mentioned or referenced in this episode include:
    • Count Dracula: He is mentioned multiple times throughout the episode.
    • Igor: The Grave Digger's hunched appearance resembles the Frankenstein's Monster character.
    • Jason Voorhees: The Grave Digger hands out Travel Tips that are plunged through his machete, the signature weapon of Jason.
    • Werewolves: The twins constantly mention werewolves, and the silhouette of one is briefly seen.
  • When they first enter the castle, the Goths are commenting on a picture of Vlad the Impaler.
  • The gymnastic challenge in Romania is in reference to Romanian gymnast Nadia Comăneci, who took the first ever perfect 10 in the sport at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal.
    • In addition, the Travel Tip giver, Bela Karaoke, is a reference to famous Romanian coach Béla Károlyi.


  • When Tom is running out of the airport with the other contestants, he is not wearing his fez hat.
  • When the teams are running to the airport, the Reality TV Pros aren't seen running with them.
  • Despite the rules of the first challenge stated that the person holding the first tip must carry their partner in a coffin, Junior is shown carrying Dwayne, despite not being the one to hold the tip.
    • Likewise, Emma is seen getting out of the grave, implying Kitty was carrying her, despite the fact that it was Emma who took their Travel Tip first.
  • When the Ice Dancers are first seen on the bus, they are sitting in front of Father and Son. However, when Josee is seen sleeping, they are in front of the Fashion Bloggers.
    • However, it is possible that they sat in a different seat after they had gone out of the bus to their interview.


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