The unnamed abandoned film lot is the set used during the course Total Drama Action. It is, as the name suggests, a run-down film lot filled with various sets and props from other movie shoots. According to Chris in Monster Cash, the movie lot was originally the set of a high budget monster movie before the robotic monster went out of control and forced the lot to be closed down.


The contestants arrive on the film lot at the beginning of Total Drama Action.

Various sets from other productions can be found all about the film lot. Such sets that include an alien themed spaceship, a wild west themed town, a beach set, and even a replica of the 1,000-foot high cliff from Total Drama Island. Other than these movie sets, there are at least two trailers on the set which are used by the cast to sleep. Unlike the previous season, the trailers' rooming plan is based solely on gender and not team affiliation. There is also a craft services tent where the castmates are served meals cooked by Chef and where some challenges take place. Additionally, a bridge with a gazebo is also present, but it only appears for two episodes. Finally, to replace the outhouse confessional from the first season, there is a make-up trailer located on set which holds the exact same purpose. It has much nicer accommodations, such as make-up and various clothing.

Studios four and five in the abandoned film lot.

There is also a large stage accompanied by enlarged Gilded Chris Awards on either side and benches for the castmates to sit on. Its purpose is for the losing team to go and vote off a member of their team, being the season counterpart to the campfire pit. The losing castmate then takes a walk down another new feature of the lot, the Walk of Shame and is taken off the lot in the Lame-o-sine. It is unknown where the Lame-o-sine takes the eliminated contestants besides the Aftermath studio. It is revealed in Mutiny on the Soundstage that the aftermath takes place in the film lot as well.

Most of the contestants return to the abandoned film lot at the end of the special, after Chris pulls their crashed bus out of a canyon in his helicopter and carries them back to safety. There, at the craft services tent, Chris announces the new season. This is followed by a party, which the contestants who are not able to qualify watch from a television set in the Celebrity Manhunt studio.



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