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The second installment of season three's Aftermath includes a fundraiser in order to resolve for the plane's fuel shortage. The four eliminated contestants are interviewed, while trying to convince the viewers to donate five hundred thousand dollars. After the studio experiences some severe destruction, thanks to one inconsiderate person, the goal is increased to one million dollars. Will they reach the enormous goal in a mere thirty minutes or will the show be gone for good? The fate lies in the hands of a tough, former competitor and a formerly crazy competitor recently turned genius.


"Save the show with love and $500,000"

—Bridgette and Geoff

With the Total Drama Jumbo Jet still out of fuel as of the last episode, the Total Drama World Tour Aftermath show is turned into a telethon to raise money so that the plane can be refueled and the cast can make it to their next destination. Bridgette reprises her role as co-host, along with Geoff, while Blaineley has been demoted to a roving reporter and covers the donation tally. $500,000 are needed to refuel the plane, as explained in Bridgette and Geoff's duet, "Save This Show." Despite their moving duet, no money is raised at first. A few incentives are then offered, including a box of Chef Hatchet's Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails for donating $25, a T-shirt with Chris' face on it that shrinks and bleeds if wet for donating $50 and one of Lindsay's unused lip gloss tubes for donating $100. Despite this, only $203 is raised, $200 of which was from Harold's mother if Harold promised to clean out their garage.

Lindsay and the rest of the peanut gallery after the animals destroyed the Aftermath studio.

This inspires the hosts to start offering rewards if certain monetary goals are reached. Their first attempt is showing another "Total Drama Fugitives" segment when they reach $10,000. As shown in the segment's footage, Ezekiel is once again spotted in the cargo hold of the jet, while there are two possible sightings of Duncan. Only an extra $100 is raised during this segment, so they then bring out DJ and show various clips of him accidentally hurting almost all of the animals he met in the episodes of Total Drama World Tour, in the style of "That's Gonna Leave a Mark!" Afterwards, all the various animals DJ had hurt are brought out on stage in cages, and Geoff announces that DJ will pet an animal if a certain goal is reached. Blaineley, in an effort to raise even more money, releases all the animals from their cages. DJ safely gets away, but the animals go on a vicious rampage and attack the entire studio and everyone in it.

Leshawna singing "Sisters," dissing Alejandro.

After the commercial break, the studio is in ruins because of the animal attack and Bridgette is bandaging an injured Geoff. Over $300,000 is raised from the chaos, but unfortunately, due to the studio being wrecked because of Blaineley's stunt, the goal becomes $1,000,000 to cover damage expenses as well as the fuel money. Leshawna is brought out to inspire more donations and she is asked to sing about her cruel betrayal by Alejandro. She tells Bridgette, Geoff and Blaineley that she is sick of singing due to her time on the show, and asks to dance, but Bridgette, Geoff, and Blaineley all insist that she should stick to just singing (due to Leshawna being a terrible dancer). Leshawna then sings "Sisters" and does dance a little, with Harold and Bridgette as back-up dancers. A phone call offers money if Leshawna stops dancing, but Bridgette insists that Leshawna will keep dancing until another $100,000 is raised, in which this goal is reached quite quickly. While on the topic of Alejandro, Blaineley shows various clips of him on a beach without a shirt and his hair in a ponytail as an attempt to amp up the drama between Bridgette and Geoff. Despite Bridgette putting a bag over her head, she still yearns to look, which inspires many calls. All of this is "ruined," according to Blaineley; however, when Bridgette thanks Geoff for being so understanding and they kiss through the bag. However, this still raises a lot of money, bringing them to a total of $721,000.

The telethon raises $721,000 from the show.

In a final attempt to receive donations, Izzy is brought out, although she will only respond to the name "Brainzilla" due to her newly-awakened intelligence. Izzy refers to herself in the third person and speaks in a sophisticated fashion, referring to Geoff and Bridgette as "carbon-based life forms, commonly referred to as Geoffrey" or "carbon-based life forms, commonly referred to as Bridgette." She also states that Geoff's grammar is appalling. The peanut gallery mysteriously disappears after her entrance, though Geoff says that he has it all under control. Izzy is strapped to a large trivia wheel and will be asked questions based on the amount of money donated; the more money donated, the harder the questions. If Izzy gets a question wrong, she will fall into a pool of sharks. Despite the questions becoming increasingly difficult, Izzy answers them all easily. After the third spin, though, the wheel breaks off and spins offstage, where Izzy suffers another blow to the head.

The aftermath studio is thoroughly destroyed.

Back to her old wild and crazy self, she has to defuse a bomb blindfolded to save the peanut gallery, who are slowly being lowered into a large tank filled with starving sharks. Izzy feels the bomb in an attempt to defuse it, but is only able to deduce that it is "boxy." She then hits the bomb with a hammer, causing it to explode, resulting in the crew and sharks being scattered all over the studio, with Izzy completely blown through the television. By the end of the night, the grand total raised was $1,000,000.01. The show is saved, and Total Drama will be back for another episode.

Exclusive clip

Blaineley without make-up.

Blaineley is seen talking to her agent about her contract, demanding that she doesn't want to be part of the show, while an intern wheels Justin out of the studio. After she hangs up, she uses a cloth to clean herself with, but it rubs off her make-up. She finds out the show is still on the air, causing her to scream in horror, since she is on screen with no make-up.


Voice actor Role(s)
Carla Collins Blaineley
Kristin Fairlie Bridgette
Clé Bennett DJ
Dan Petrojenivic Geoff
Brian Froud Harold
Katie Crown Izzy
Novie Edwards Leshawna
Stephanie Anne Mills Lindsay

Still in the running

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  • This episode confirms that Blaineley has lost her Celebrity Manhunt job. She was also intended to be the Aftermath's roving reporter.
  • This episode features the greatest amount of guests of any Aftermath episode in the series so far, with four.
    • The previous amount of guests was three.
  • The segment "That's Gonna Leave a Mark" is instead replaced with "DJ's World of Animals." Similarly, "Truth or ___" is replaced with "Brain Blast," in which Izzy has to get the right answer to various questions lest harm comes to her.
  • When Lindsay appears after getting attacked, she looks like she did in her mugshot in "Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special."
  • According to Izzy, Geoff is short for "Geoffrey."
  • This is the only Aftermath episode in which Beth appears, but she has no lines.
  • Harold is the only member of the Peanut Gallery to speak in this episode.
    • Interestingly, Harold is the only member of the Peanut Gallery that competed in this season.
  • Animals that didn't show up in "DJ's World of Animals" were the bear, Sasquatchanakwa, and the killer whale.
  • This is the third episode in Total Drama World Tour to have more than one song. The others are:
  • The categories in "Brainzilla's" trivia game are Geography, Currency Exchange, Math, Arts, Transportation, Literature, Science, and Entertainment.


  • During the song "Save This Show," the episode "Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan" is the only one not to have a clip featured in the montage.
  • This is the fourth time Izzy creates an alter ego, and the first time in this season, as Brainzilla.
  • This is the second time that Geoff has sung in the series and the first time he has done so in Total Drama World Tour.
  • This is the second Aftermath episode of Total Drama to not feature a video guest.
  • This is the first episode in which one or more characters spend the entire episode not wearing their usual attire. In this case, Geoff and Bridgette wear a tuxedo and dress in this episode.
    • Geoff is also shown wearing a pink bow tie, the same color as his shirt.
      • Also, this is the first (and currently only) time that he has gone a full episode without his hat, as he has only before taken it off for a few seconds, and in the episode "Hawaiian Style," he only takes his hat off for the song "Who You Gonna Root For?"
  • This in the second episode in which Bridgette has worn a dress.


  • The outfit Duncan is wearing in his first sighting in Texas is a spoof of popular Elvis Presley outfits, complete with the jumpsuit, sunglasses, and toupee. His appearance also parodies the typical "Elvis sightings."


The original name of the season — Total Drama, the Musical — is briefly mentioned.

  • When Bridgette and Geoff announce the Total Drama World Tour Telethon, the logo for it says "TDM Telethon."
    • This is a reference to the season's original name, Total Drama: the Musical. Later, in the middle of "Save This Show," it changes to "TDWT Telethon."
  • Blaineley is seen holding a clipboard before revealing that they raised nothing so far.
  • The design on Leshawna's shirt constantly flips as Leshawna changes directions.
  • Right before Leshawna sings, Geoff and Bridgette are seen holding microphones. However, they didn't have them before Leshawna glares at them.
  • Leshawna starts singing into a microphone, but when the portrait of Alejandro comes down, the microphone disappears. Likewise, after the Alejandro portrait's strings are cut by Leshawna, it falls to the floor, but when Leshawna, Bridgette, and Harold start dancing, it is absent.
  • When Bridgette goes to sit next to Geoff with the paper bag on her head, she appears to be stretched wider.
  • After the bomb explodes, the Izzy-shaped hole in the television is missing its neck.
  • Harold, Trent, and Justin are seen sitting at the phones before Bridgette introduces The Drama Brothers, where they are now in the band. Since it's a live show, there was no time for the boys to change into their Drama Brothers outfits and cross the stage that quickly.
  • Izzy's answer to the currency exchange question was incorrect. The correct currency exchange of $2,789 Canadian dollars to Japanese yen in 2009 — at the time the season was being produced — was somewhere around ¥244,500, not ¥21,981,551.82.


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