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Alejandro Burromuerto was a contestant, the main antagonist, and one of the finalists of Total Drama World Tour. He was one of the three newcomers to the series and a member of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. He was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. He returned as the robot serving as Chris's assistant, but later became a camper for Total Drama All-Stars, as a member of the Villainous Vultures.


On the surface, Alejandro appears to be a polite, dashing, and charming gentleman, but underneath he is dark and twisted. He is known to use his charm and exceptional persuasion to advance him further in the game. He has proven to be one of the show's deadliest contestants, as the number of eliminations he has caused is rivaled only by Heather. His manipulative side has been toned down in Total Drama All-Stars, though it is still present. Alejandro was born in Spain and later moved to Canada. Alejandro is very proud of his Hispanic heritage. He will frequently speak in his native language on the show, especially when he is frustrated. An extremely well-developed talent of his is smooth-talking himself in or out of a situation. He names his best quality as his ability to "smell a person's weakness and exploit it in seconds". Alejandro himself gloats that he "went through a lot of nannies" because of this. He has been shown to possess a large number of skills ranging from hypnotism to speaking several languages, thanks to his highly successful family. Alejandro's older brother, José, is one of the very few people who can compete with him. He has described him as being superior in everything and being partially to blame for who Alejandro is today, having constantly been bullied by him throughout his life especially being called Al, a name that he hates being called.

When dealing with Heather or manipulating the girls, Alejandro has a romantic nature and has learned many lessons on the subject from his relatives. He takes pleasure in getting revenge on other contestants, such as in The EX-Files, where he hypnotizes Owen into singing and dancing for crying hysterically. This extends to Total Drama All-Stars as well, where although he insists that he still loves Heather, he is far from able to let go of the past humiliation she dealt him and puts his focus into eliminating her. Eventually, they do forgive each other and begin an official relationship once both are eliminated, but when money calls, love gets left behind.

Total Drama Action

Alejandro reveals that there was never actually a Total Drama Dirtbags.

Alejandro, along with Sierra, makes his debut in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special. He is introduced as a contestant on Chris's new, fake, reality show, Total Drama Dirtbags. He does not make a good first impression with the cast as he pushes Cody down on the red carpet without a second thought and ignores Chris' friendly greeting. After presenting the Gemmie Award for "Best Reality Show", Alejandro drives the Dirtbags' bus to their interview in New York. However, the entire Total Drama cast and Sierra, in a bus driven by Courtney, intercept them in an attempt to beat the Dirtbags to the interview. After Chris rescues the original cast and takes them to the film lot, he reveals that there never really was a Total Drama Dirtbags. Alejandro seems angry, but Chris makes it up to him by letting him join the cast in Total Drama World Tour. Alejandro then goes into the makeup confessional for the first time and warns the cast that "the new guy is going all the way to the top".

Total Drama World Tour

Alejandro makes a good first impression on most of the contestants.

When Alejandro is introduced by Chris in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, some of the contestants are shown to quickly get along with him, apparently not holding any resentment towards him from the previous episode. Similarly to Justin, he is fully aware that the female contestants are attracted to him and intends to use that to his full advantage. However, unlike Justin, he also is smart enough to manipulate others that are not attracted to him into thinking that he has good intentions, often putting a false sense of security into other contestants so then he can blindside them later. The only contestant that becomes immediately suspicious of Alejandro is Heather, but for the most part, Alejandro continues to manipulate others without any problems. All this sets him up to be the main antagonist for the season as many contestants fail to realize that he is evil until they are eliminated.

In the first challenge of the season, while he makes significant progress up the pyramid on his own, he goes back in order to work together with Bridgette and Lindsay, with Lindsay, in particular, ignoring Tyler in order to work with him. While the three of them are the second group of people to cross the finish line because Alejandro allows them to cross before him, Alejandro is the first member of Team B, and soon after this, he is joined by Tyler, Noah, and Owen. While he pretends to act optimistic in front of Chris, he later curses about his team's incompetence in the confessional. Despite his apparent dislike of his team, he seems to get along with most of them for quite a while and often takes leadership of the team. However, he quickly develops a one-sided conflict with Owen. While Owen wants to be his friend, Alejandro finds difficulty in hiding his dislike towards him due to him being generally incompetent in the challenges and Owen's habit of calling him "Al".

Alejandro successfully makes Bridgette develop a crush on him.

Alejandro's biggest priority at the beginning of the season seems to be to weather down Team Victory, as he is responsible for many of the team member's eliminations. While Bridgette and Lindsay were attracted to him early on, Alejandro starts to win Leshawna over in Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan. Harold appears to be jealous of this and when Team Victory loses, Alejandro convinces Harold that Leshawna loves men who "do something honorable". This convinces Harold to vote himself off and subsequently quit the competition. Alejandro is directly responsible for their loss in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, as when Bridgette accidentally kisses Alejandro, she develops a crush on him and forgets about Geoff. Alejandro uses this to his advantage. Before his team picks him up at the meeting point, Alejandro convinces Bridgette to kiss him again, only to ditch her and leave Bridgette stuck to a pole. When Bridgette inevitably gets eliminated, Alejandro explains that she is expendable, along with everyone else that he plans to eliminate in the future.

Alejandro tricks Sierra into thinking Chris misses his "glory days".

Alejandro's team faces their first loss in Broadway, Baby! due to Heather's scheming. While Alejandro tries to win over Sierra with candy, Heather does not allow her to do so, saying that they cannot take anything from the enemy. Alejandro suspects that Heather is trying to win over Sierra because she is Chris' favorite, commending her on her strategy in the process. However, Alejandro manages to convince Sierra that Chris misses his "glory days" (which are actually filled with rather embarrassing stories about Chris) and after Sierra continues to embarrass Chris, he snaps. Heather notices that this is Alejandro's plan and manages to trick him by switching his team's baby carriage with an actual one. While he seems upset about the loss, he smirks at Heather when Chris reveals it was a reward challenge the whole time. Alejandro continues trying to win over girls on other teams in the following episode, as he continues flirting with Leshawna. When Noah questions why he is encouraging her in the final challenge, Alejandro assures him that he is trying to work an angle on her. When Heather tries to warn Leshawna about Alejandro, the tension escalates into Leshawna jumping off the panel to slap Heather repeatedly. Alejandro surrenders to Sierra after this, making an excuse that it is a part of Heather's plan to make him lose.

Alejandro succeeds in getting DJ's trust.

While Alejandro tries to gain the trust of Owen and Cody for a while, he doesn't get very far with it and shifts his focus onto DJ once he was the only one left on Team Victory. He notices that Heather is trying to do the same thing as him and mocks her when she gives DJ a cushion to save him from drowning before offering to be in an alliance. During the final part of the challenge, Alejandro points out to DJ that there is an Egyptian symbol on the fish (which, as revealed later on, he put there himself). He convinces DJ that kissing the cod will lift his curse and, as a result, both teams get to stay in first-class that night. Unfortunately for both of them, Chris tells them in the next episode that there were no more team switches and the merge was not coming any time soon. Annoyed by this revaluation, before their final bobsleigh run, Alejandro "accidentally" reveals to Tyler that he was the one who put the symbol on Irene and that his "curse" was still there, something that DJ overhears. Without DJ's knowledge, he breaks part of the track in order to make DJ not complete his final run of the bobsleigh track, which marks the end of his team.

Alejandro's trust towards the rest of his team begins to simmer down starting in I See London... Since he was the first one captured in the episode and therefore not present, Noah states that he does not trust Alejandro, unaware that he was listening to the footage from inside the plane. In addition, Alejandro does not seem to trust his new teammate Duncan, who feels the same way about him. After Noah gets eliminated because of his actions, Alejandro notices some tension between Tyler and Duncan in the next episode and intends to figure out what is going on. After sneaking around in the background during Greek Mix in order to listen to the subject of the song, he realizes that Tyler witnessed the two kiss in the confessional. After he loses his section of the challenge to Heather, he tells Tyler to explain to everyone what he witnessed between Gwen and Duncan in the confessional, which he eventually gives in to. This reinstates the conflict between Courtney and Gwen and also lets Tyler get a head start in the challenge, which he loses later.

Alejandro flirting with Courtney.

After Courtney officially breaks up with Duncan, Alejandro uses this opportunity to try to win over Courtney's trust. At first, in The EX-Files, he convinces her to flirt with Tyler in order to make Gwen and Duncan jealous, but Tyler refuses to cooperate due to him not wanting to betray Lindsay. While Alejandro was initially going to vote with Tyler in order to eliminate Duncan, Duncan only promised to save Alejandro from getting attacked by an alien if he promised to vote with him to eliminate Tyler. Alejandro keeps his word and helps vote off Tyler that night. Alejandro tries to simultaneously get the trust of both Courtney and Duncan in Picnic at Hanging Dork. In order to do this, Alejandro flirts with Courtney and when this happens, Duncan appears to be jealous of him. While the purpose of this was to throw Courtney off guard, Duncan's love interest did not realize this was all an act. However, Alejandro is surprised when he hears that Courtney's plan was to lose intentionally in the first place so that she can eliminate Gwen (as she believed that Heather was voting with her). When Gwen does, in fact, end up getting voted off via tiebreaker, Alejandro continues to flirt with Courtney, even offering her cookies from first class.

Alejandro finally manages to get rid of Owen in Niagara Brawls.

Due to Noah, Owen also begins to feel more suspicious of Alejandro starting in I See London..., but Alejandro's attitude towards him does not change; he still secretly loathes him but does not show it directly. As revealed in The EX-Files, Alejandro gave Owen a hypnotic suggestion that made him place revenge on himself in the form of a wedgie and dancing in the form of "the running man" anytime anyone says the word "revenge". In Sweden Sour, unbeknownst to him, Duncan has told Owen that Alejandro wasn't to be trusted. However, Alejandro still attempts to act like he is friends with Owen, allowing him to be the leader of the challenge, calling him an "incredibly stupid genius" for figuring out they were building a boat and even speaking like a pirate (although Owen insisted it was a Viking) when he was ordered to do so by Owen. However, in Niagara Brawls, he manages to convince Duncan, Heather, and Sierra to vote off Owen, as his popularity made him a threat.

Alejandro tells Heather they need to get Sierra on "their side".

While he has no intention to keep Owen or Courtney's trust, he is more honest when he is trying to get Heather on his side. Unlike every other contestant he had flirted with beforehand, Alejandro actually has legitimate feelings for Heather, although he tries hard not to admit it. When Heather gets jealous and suspicious of why Alejandro is flirting with Courtney so much in Sweden Sour, Alejandro confesses that he didn't actually love Courtney. He says that the only girl he would want to lay his eyes on is her as he tells her vote off Courtney. In the next episode, they are paired together after Sierra refuses to work together with him and are the first ones to obtain the wedding dress needed to advance to the second part of the challenge. While they initially do the tightrope section well thanks to their head start, when both of them start arguing about who to vote off next, they both fall off (though Alejandro later reveals in a confessional that he fell off on purpose). In Chinese Fake-Out, Alejandro tells Heather that they need to cooperate with Sierra in order to make her think that she and Cody are truly "married" to get her on their side. But Heather says that she is not on his side and turns down the offer. Alejandro takes the lead during the challenge along with Duncan but goes back in order to help Courtney. As a favor, Alejandro wants Courtney to eat the meals provided in the second dish for him since he has a weak stomach. However, he is eventually caught in the act and Courtney ends up getting eliminated. Before Blaineley leaves alongside her, she reveals Heather and Alejandro's mutual crush on each other. Because of this event, Alejandro spends much of the next episode denying that he loves Heather. After stealing her tranquilizer balls, he works together with Duncan in order to find Ezekiel but ends up betraying Duncan so then he could win invincibility and vote him off. Much to everyone's surprise, Alejandro ends up taking Cody to first class with him, a move that greatly angers Heather.

Alejandro discovers he would have been voted off in Awwwwww, Drumheller.

In order to gain Cody's loyalty, Alejandro works together with him during the challenge in Rapa Phooey! as well as promising to give him a large amount of candy, knowing that he has a sweet tooth. In return, Cody uses a candy basket that he was carrying candy in order to hold both his and Alejandro's eggs. Despite this trust he places in Cody, however, he quickly turns on him. When he is invited to share first-class with Heather after she wins, he spends the beginning of Awwwwww, Drumheller creating a fake image of Cody sleeping beside Heather in order to make Sierra angry. This works, as it seems that Alejandro makes Sierra turn on Heather. Alejandro has the intention of voting off either her or Cody in the next elimination. During the challenge, Alejandro gets the least votes for his dinosaur despite the fact that it was the only one based on a real one, therefore getting no advantage in the challenge. Alejandro hears Heather's cries for help and comes to investigate. Upon seeing that Heather is trapped in a hole, he contemplates leaving her there so he can steal her oil barrel and win the challenge. However, Heather ends up changing his mind and he rescues her. When neither wins invincibility, Alejandro is certain that Heather will vote with him and eliminate Cody, but Sierra is disqualified before the last vote is revealed. After seeing the votes that were burned in the fire, Alejandro realizes that Heather betrayed his trust and voted for him.

When the cast is instructed to get to Hawaii in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, Alejandro resorts to boarding a truck that contains many animals from the season that are presumably being transferred to Hawaii. Within the truck, he finds Ezekiel and plans on letting him out if he plans on cooperating with him. When he begins to explore the train he's traveling on, he sees Heather and, angry at her past betrayal, unleashes Ezekiel on her. Both of them eventually end up on top of the train and, during the song, Alejandro is pushed off of the train. Alejandro doesn't fall that far behind, however, due to a group of nearby horses that he rides on. Eventually joined by Heather, both of them reach the shore at the same time, but Heather manages to get ahead of him. After a swordfish fight between him and Cody, who he managed to catch up to, they both reach the shore at the same time, meaning a tiebreaker must be done before the final challenge.

Alejandro is finally defeated by Heather, who kicks him in the groin while kissing him.

Alejandro manages to defeat Cody in the tiebreaker at the beginning of Hawaiian Punch due to Heather's intervention. However, most of the peanut gallery is mad at him for almost killing him in the process, presumably making Alejandro lose several potential supporters. Alejandro chooses Courtney and Tyler as his helpers, but due to Tyler being knocked out at that moment, he chooses Lindsay instead. Due to Courtney winning the challenge in Hawaiian Style for him, Alejandro has the advantage of being able to use a wheelbarrow to carry his dummy up the volcano path. He manages to get to the top of the volcano earlier than Heather, only falling behind when Cody begins calling him "Al". This reminds him of his older brother, José, and Owen, but he manages to get ahead once again. When Alejandro also gets to the volcano, a discouraged Heather gives up and tells him to throw the dummy into the volcano already. Alejandro goes to talk to Heather due to his confidence before admitting that he loves her, and Heather accidentally admits she feels the same way about him. The two of them share a kiss, but Heather suddenly knees him in the groin, using a nearby ice block to send him sliding away from the volcano.

Where on the path Alejandro gets trampled depends on the ending. If he wins the season, Alejandro runs back up the volcano path after hearing he has won and after demanding to get what he deserves. If Heather wins the season, he is shown at the very bottom of the volcano and, after being confused about what is happening, he is later on trampled by the cast and engulfed by the lava from the volcano, leaving him severely burned. Regardless of the ending, a post-credits scene reveals Alejandro's injuries are so severe, he has to be placed into the Drama Machine in order to live. In his new body, Alejandro finds out about the status of the money from Chris and yells "no" in agony as the episode ends.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Alejandro, still in the Drama Machine, holding Heather.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Alejandro appears on the yacht with the other veterans. He is still in the Drama Machine and is standing at the bow of the yacht, holding Heather in his arms, while she stares at him, annoyed.

Total Drama All-Stars

Alejandro is finally free from the Drama Machine.

Alejandro is first introduced in Heroes vs. Villains, still inside the Drama Machine. He is added by Chris as the Villainous Vultures' final member after Jo complains their team had one less member. Initially, no one has any idea of who he really is, although that doesn't stop Heather from getting annoyed by him. However, everything changes after he's knocked into the lake due to Scott's cowardice, where attacks from sharks cause the robot to sustain damage. This leads it to explode, freeing Alejandro for the first time in over a year, much to everyone's shock, especially Heather. While most of his injuries have recovered, he discovers his legs have become paralyzed and he falls flat on the ground. However, he has a key in his hand, which eventually wins his team the first challenge.

Alejandro reveals that his legs aren't asleep anymore, and he is tricking Heather.

In Evil Dread, with his body now recovered, Alejandro decides to get back at Heather for her betrayal two seasons ago. It's revealed that at some point between the first and second episodes, Alejandro's legs finally recovered. However, he still pretends they're paralyzed in a bid to make Heather feel bad and spends the first half of the season walking on his hands. Alejandro spends the entire challenge digging while lying down on the beach and eventually has his foot snapped by a crab, and reveals in the confessional that his legs have woken up. In Saving Private Leechball, Alejandro is taken out quickly when he is hit by a leech to his rear. In Food Fright, Alejandro continues to taunt Heather. Towards the end of the challenge, he develops a rivalry with Sam and is defeated by him at the end of the challenge due to a bee stinging his cheek. Fortunately for him, Sam is caught cheating, sparing Alejandro from possible elimination. Heather and Alejandro's feud continues in Moon Madness when Alejandro decides to mess with Heather's head and pretend he is no longer interested in her. When Heather begins to act nice during the challenge, Alejandro is stricken with worry about the sudden change in her and is successfully tricked by her, and fawns over her in the confessional.

Alejandro steals Heather's McLean-Brand Chris Head, and his sole vote gets Heather eliminated.

After this, Heather begins to plot Alejandro's downfall in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition. However, Alejandro plots the same. The two form an alliance after seeing Gwen bond with Cameron. During the challenge, Heather decides to make a move to dispose of Alejandro and recruits the other members of her team in joining her in voting him off, by turning them against Alejandro. By chance, Heather comes upon the McLean-Brand Chris Head, however, Alejandro notices this and manages to steal it from her. After their team loses, Alejandro does indeed get the majority votes thanks to Heather's efforts, however, Alejandro reveals his two secrets. He stands up, showing his legs have completely woken up, and then takes out the idol that he had stolen. As Alejandro now had immunity, his sole vote against Heather means she is the one who is instead eliminated. Despite Alejandro's success in getting revenge, his actions are not without consequences, and his entire team turns on him in the next episode.

Alejandro defeats his brother, José, and scores another point for the Villainous Vultures.

In Suckers Punched, Alejandro's team glares at him for lying and ousting Heather unfairly. Scott refers to him as "Legs-a-Fakey", and Courtney calls him "Al". In the confessional, Alejandro reveals that he had a dream about his brother José last night, and talks about his brother. During the boxing challenge, Alejandro is pitted against his older brother José, who he despised. At first, they seem evenly matched, but all of this changes when José mocks Heather, angering Alejandro and allowing him to clobber his brother and winning the challenge. He also declares his feelings for Heather in the confessional, and how he defended her name.

Alejandro wins invincibility in You Regatta Be Kidding Me.

Following the merge in You Regatta Be Kidding Me, Alejandro finds himself without an ally. Despite this disadvantage, Alejandro manages to take first place throughout the race, until his boat stops towards the end. However, he still snatches victory in the challenge from Gwen and Courtney, winning by touching his nose to the finish line. After the challenge, Alejandro accepts an offer from "Mike" to form an alliance, due to liking how "unexpected" the offer was. In the end, he wins immunity and a night at the McLean Spa-Hotel. To "spare everyone's feelings", he decides not to take anyone with him.

In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, Alejandro discovers that Mike is not who he seems. After coming across a DVD called "Mal's Greatest Hits", Alejandro discovers that Mike is actually Mal, and the culprit behind the destruction of several of the contestants' belongings, as well as being responsible for a large number of crimes throughout the season. He also discovers that Mal is attempting to frame him for rigging the votes against Cameron in the previous episode. Alejandro quickly heads to the cabins and plants the evidence underneath Mike's bed for Cameron to discover. Having secured his safety, for the time being, Alejandro keeps the DVD as evidence. When the contestants have to rescue Chris from Ezekiel, he starts making poor decisions instead of doing the right thing, he rejects to team up with Gwen and wants to claim the reward for himself and when he got his boot stuck in the river, he tried calling for help but failed. He tries to tell Cameron the truth about Mike, but the latter doesn't believe him and decides to leave Cameron to die. After Mal is brought in with the others, he predicts Gwen will win as he explains his confrontation with Cameron. Zoey questions this and demands to know what happened to Cameron. Alejandro tries to reason with Zoey by saying that he tried to help him, but Cameron refused. Mal accuses Alejandro of leaving Cameron "hanging". At this point on, Alejandro states he didn't leave him "hanging". After everyone is recused by Gwen she sends him to Boney Island as his punishment for being too selfish and not being smart.

Alejandro finally meets his end in the competition.

In The Obsta-Kill Kourse, Mal successfully tricks the other contestants into thinking Alejandro was the one who let Cameron fall, tampering with the votes in an attempt of eliminating Cameron and being responsible for manipulating Cameron into kissing Courtney to break apart her relationship with Scott. Meanwhile, Alejandro races against Mal to warn the others about the truth but is either thwarted by Mal or arrives too late. With everyone voting against him, Alejandro is eliminated. Before taking the Flush of Shame, he makes one final attempt to warn Zoey about Mal, and gives her a riddle that the "truth is in the art". In the exclusive clip, Alejandro is reunited with Heather at the Yukon and leave together on her snowmobile.

Alejandro and Heather prepare to swim away from Fang.

Alejandro returns to the finale as one of Mal's helpers, along with Heather. It's revealed that after their eliminations, Heather and Alejandro have finally made up, and have started dating, much to Chris's shock and disgust. They spend the entire duration of the episode making out instead of helping Mal. Eventually, Chris becomes fed up and changes the challenge, so that the prize money becomes up for grabs for anyone. Upon hearing this, Alejandro and Heather turn on each other and start fighting. However, his efforts are thwarted by Mike (who has finally regained control of his body) and give him one of Fang's teeth. This causes the mutant shark to chase after Alejandro in a fashion similar to what he did with Scott in the previous season. After one of the finalists pulls out the sword and wins the season, the island begins to sink. Heather is frustrated that they've been cheated out of million dollars again, but Alejandro comforts her saying that they have each other. However, their moment is interrupted by Fang, who started chasing them, forcing them to swim for their lives again.

Total DramaRama season 3

Alejandro makes a brief cameo in A Hole Lot of Trouble, alongside Jasmine and Heather, competing against Izzy, Cody, Courtney and Lightning inside Izzy's imagination.


Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Total Drama All-Stars

Total DramaRama season 3




  • Alejandro is responsible for the second-highest amount of eliminations of any contestant so far (behind Heather), having been responsible for ten eliminations.
  • He is one of only four contestants to win individual invincibility in more than one season, the others being Courtney, Heather, and Gwen. He achieved this in Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama All-Stars, making him the only male to achieve this.
  • Alejandro is currently one of only five contestants in Total Drama history to place second in the United States but not in Canada, with the others being Cameron, Sky, MacArthur, and Sanders.
  • Alejandro is the first male runner-up of a season in the United States.
    • He is also one of the only two male runner-ups in the United States, with the other being Cameron.
  • Alejandro is the first antagonist to reach the final two in his debut season.
  • Alejandro is the first contestant to be exiled to Boney Island after the merge in Total Drama All-Stars and the first contestant from the original cast to be exiled.
  • Alejandro, Owen, Duncan, Cameron, Zoey, Scott, and Mike are the only seven contestants to make it to the merge in every season that they participate in.
    • He is also the only first-generation contestant to do so without having to return.
      • He is also the only first-generation contestant to never have a pre-merge elimination, excluding Blaineley.
  • Alejandro is one of the few contestants to escape more than one elimination.



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