This article focuses on Alejandro's alliances which were created in Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama All-Stars by Alejandro. Being new to the show as well as a powerful manipulator, Alejandro is able to form several alliances with the other contestants. Unlike with Heather, they are very short-lived, as he breaks them when he feels the competitor is no longer useful, or he finds someone to replace the old alliance member.

Total Drama World Tour

Newf Kids on the Rock

Alejandro is able to help DJ "lift" his curse.

With DJ being the final member of Team Victory, Alejandro tries to convince his teammates to form an alliance with him. However, all of them are focused on something other than game strategies. During the challenge, Alejandro and Heather (who is also trying to make DJ form an alliance with her team) point out that one of the fish has an Egyptian symbol on it. They conclude that this might be a solution for his curse. DJ then kisses the fish and believes that his curse is finally over, as he does not injure any animals for two hours. It is revealed later that Alejandro painted the symbol on the fish himself in order to gain DJ's trust.

Jamaica Me Sweat

Both DJ and Alejandro's team are in the first-class compartment of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, since the previous challenge was dubbed a tie. Alejandro takes advantage of Heather's absence by asking Chris if DJ can transfer, officially eliminating Team Victory, and merging him onto Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. Chris realizes this will create a numbers advantage over Team Amazon, and refuses. Feeling that he no longer has any use for DJ, Alejandro decides to eliminate him. During the bobsled challenge, Alejandro reveals that the symbol on Irene is fake and that DJ is still cursed. He also manages to loosen one of the boards in order to make DJ lose in his turn. The plan works and DJ is eliminated. Thus, Team Victory is officially defeated.

I See London...

From the Jumbo Jet, Alejandro overhears Noah being aware of his "slippery nature," and labels him a threat. In order to silence him, Alejandro is able to form an alliance with Tyler, and convince the newly returned Duncan to vote Noah off after their team loses the challenge. His plan works and Noah is eliminated from the show.

Greece's Pieces

Owen confirms that Alejandro and Tyler are indeed in an alliance and that they voted off Noah in the previous episode. He is also afraid that he might be their next target. Meanwhile, Alejandro finds Duncan and Gwen's interaction suspicious, as well as Tyler's anxiety. After finding out that the pair are in love, and that Tyler knows about their secret, Alejandro is able to convince him to reveal their affair to Courtney, in order to get a head start in the final challenge (to no success). Both of them vote for Duncan that night, but Duncan is deemed safe as Chris wants to prolong the current drama. Instead, he pushes an intern off the plane.

The EX-Files

Alejandro views Duncan as a threat to his plans, and hopes to get rid of him soon. With the aftermath of Duncan and Courtney's breakup, Alejandro is able to sweet talk the heartbroken Courtney into flirting with Tyler in order to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. During the challenge, Duncan makes a deal with Alejandro: if Alejandro promises not to vote for him if their team loses, Duncan will remove the alien that latched onto his face, to which Alejandro agrees. In the end, Tyler costs their team the challenge after he accidentally steps on a mine, which leads to the destruction of their alien artifact. Alejandro is angered and helps Duncan to vote off Tyler, which breaks his alliance with Tyler.

Picnic at Hanging Dork

Alejandro and Duncan work together to make Courtney lose her focus on the game.

Wanting to get rid of his ex-girlfriend in order to protect his current one, Duncan manages to enlist Alejandro's help to make Team Amazon lose, although Alejandro has other plans. Throughout the episode, Alejandro charms Courtney, while Duncan pretends to be jealous of it. Alejandro also knows that Courtney is trying to make her team lose in order to get rid of Gwen.

Sweden Sour

Alejandro continues to charm Courtney in order to gain her trust.

Alejandro continues to flirt with Courtney in order to win her trust by feeding her cookies. In the confessional, however, Alejandro reveals that with Courtney and Duncan no longer dating, she can be easily manipulated and when the time comes, he will break his alliance with her, smashing a cookie in delight. Meanwhile, Duncan reveals that he never trusted Alejandro and, using Noah's last words before he took the Drop of Shame, he attempts to get Owen's help to vote off Alejandro. At the same time, Alejandro tries to make Owen side with him, being more patient to his weird antics throughout the episode. After the challenge has ended, a jealous Heather confronts Alejandro about him flirting with Courtney, to which he explains that it was all part of his plan to get rid of her.

Niagara Brawls

Alejandro gains votes against Owen.

Now that the teams are disbanded, Alejandro begins to target Owen due to his popularity and his dislike for him. Duncan agrees to join him after the two make a deal: Duncan will vote off his friend (although he's lying and does reveal that he's just playing with him) in exchange for Alejandro's loyalty in voting off Courtney. After the challenge has ended, Alejandro agrees to become the "witness" to Sierra and Cody's wedding in order for Sierra to help him to vote for Owen. At the elimination ceremony, Owen receives the most votes and is eliminated.

Chinese Fake-Out

Courtney helping Alejandro in the eating challenge.

Although Duncan and Alejandro are still in an alliance, it is shown that there is still little trust between the two of them. When Alejandro suggests that they help Courtney while they are at the Great Wall of China, Duncan refuses. He realizes that not only had he already tried, he knows that Courtney will never help him in return. At the second challenge, Alejandro has problems with eating the disgusting food and manages to make Courtney help him. However, Heather and Duncan find out about this, and Chris forces Courtney to wear a mask to prevent her from continuing. Since he and Blaineley are caught cheating, they are not able to eat the final dish, and Sierra is deemed the winner.

African Lying Safari

Alejandro teams up with Duncan and Heather in order to find Ezekiel.

Alejandro and Duncan team up in order to find the newly deranged Ezekiel. Midway in the challenge, Alejandro betrays him by siding with Heather. Together they come up with a plan to get rid of him. When Heather brings up Gwen's elimination to Duncan, Alejandro trips him and Duncan falls into a bush containing Serengeti Blood Berries, which attracts Ezekiel into attacking him. Alejandro easily puts them to sleep and wins the challenge. With Duncan gone and knowing he can gain Heather's trust, Alejandro now moves to the next phase of his plans: to break the bond between Sierra and Cody. As a reward for completing the challenge, Alejandro invites Cody to first-class with him in order to distance him from Sierra - and also to gain his trust.

Rapa Phooey!

Cody thanks Alejandro for helping him to stay away from Sierra, not realizing his true plan.

Alejandro continues to gain Cody's trust by giving him plenty of sweets. The two of them are partnered for most of the challenge. Sierra knows that Alejandro cannot be trusted and tries to tell Cody to break away. That night, Alejandro, Cody and Heather vote for Sierra, but Chris declares that nobody is eliminated that night, much to Alejandro's frustration.

Awwwwww, Drumheller

Alejandro and Heather eventually teaming up.

Finding that Cody is no longer useful to him, Alejandro makes a fake picture of him sleeping with Heather to make it look as if he is cheating on Sierra. When he shows the image to Sierra, she becomes distraught and attempts to attack Heather several times throughout the episode. Cody eventually tells her that the picture is a fake, to which they figure out it was Alejandro's doing. Angered, Sierra and Cody manage to recruit Heather in getting Alejandro eliminated. The plan does not work, as Sierra accidentally blows up the Jumbo Jet, infuriating Chris and she gets disqualified on the spot.

Total Drama All-Stars

Saving Private Leechball

Like Heather and Jo, Alejandro attempts to pull Gwen into an alliance with him, knowing that "where Gwen goes, Duncan follows". Earlier in the episode, when Duncan refuses to help her when Courtney is glaring at her, Alejandro states that if she were his girlfriend, he would protect her. Throughout the episode, Alejandro, Heather and Jo try to get on Gwen's good side by allowing her to be in charge of their team, and following her orders. They also argue on who should team up with her when Gwen suggests that they should split up.

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

Finding out that Gwen and Cameron easily bonded, Heather tells Alejandro that they should temporarily team up. Alejandro complies. In their subsequent confessionals, however, they reveal that they are each trying to lower the other's guard so they can attack later. Throughout the challenge, Heather convinces the others to help her to eliminate him. The plan works, but Alejandro steals the McLean-Brand Chris Head from her, and she is eliminated instead.

You Regatta Be Kidding Me

"Mike" offers to form an alliance with Alejandro.

After he wins invincibility, and elects not to bring anyone to the spa hotel with him, Mal (disguised as Mike) makes a proposition to form an alliance with him. He accepts because it is unexpected, which he likes. However, before either of the two had a chance to "benefit" from the alliance, Alejandro discovers Mal's true nature in the following episode.

Zeek And Ye Shall Find

Alejandro interferes with Mal's plans to frame him for rigging the votes against Cameron by putting it under Mal (the rightful culprit)'s bed. Alejandro discovers the trio's trust for one another has been shaken by the incident, especially Cameron. During the challenge, Alejandro discovers that Cameron has fallen down a deep hole and was clinging on for his life. Alejandro offers to help Cameron while trying to make him see the truth about Mike, but Cameron was just deemed too stubborn to trust Alejandro. After failing his attempts to warn him about Mal, Alejandro had to give up on rescuing Cameron and leave him to his fate.

The Obsta-Kill Kourse

Now fully aware of Mal, Alejandro states that he must get the others on his side. He spends the whole episode desperately trying to spread his warning to the remaining competitors, but fails due to getting thwarted by Mal at every turn. He is later eliminated, and attempts to give one final warning to his fellow competitors.


Alejandro's alliances
Character Formed Dissolved
Cody (potential) Rapa Phooey! Awwwwww Drumheller
Courtney (potential) Picnic at Hanging Dork Chinese Fake-Out
DJ (potential) Newf Kids on the Rock Jamaica Me Sweat
Duncan Niagara Brawls African Lying Safari
Heather Niagara Brawls Awwwwww, Drumheller
Tyler I See London... The EX-Files
Heather No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition
Mal (fake) You Regatta Be Kidding Me Zeek And Ye Shall Find

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