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Bridgette is lulled into kissing Alejandro again, not realizing his real intentions, in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better.

Despite Bridgette's relationship with Geoff, she finds herself frequently falling for Alejandro's charming manipulation throughout Total Drama World Tour. In these instances, she is quick to remind both herself and Alejandro that she has a boyfriend. Although as the two grow closer, she steadily begins to forget that. The attraction eventually results in her elimination in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, which causes Bridgette to loathe Alejandro, constantly rooting against him during the Aftermaths.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1


From the moment she meets him, Bridgette is immediately smitten over Alejandro.

When Bridgette trips and falls out of the bus, Alejandro helps her up. She stammers to him that she has a boyfriend. Later in the episode, when Alejandro catches Bridgette when she falls backwards due to the turbulence on the plane, she is smitten by his courtesy and blushes. During Come Fly With Us, Alejandro takes Bridgette and Lindsay's hands, causing them to blush and giggle. Alejandro helps Bridgette, along with Lindsay, get up and over the pyramid in the challenge by carrying them on his shoulders. Once they reach the bottom, Alejandro lets the two girls go on ahead of him before they cross the finish line, thus placing them on separate teams.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

Bridgette tries apologizing to Geoff in the confessional for falling for Alejandro's charms, but starts daydreaming about him in the middle of it. Eventually, she realizes she is describing Alejandro's hair, but quickly says she was talking about Geoff's hair instead.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

Bridgette is seen admiring Alejandro as he charms his panda bear.

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

56 (8)

Bridgette blushes at Alejandro after she falls on him and accidentally kisses him.

When the contestants are seen huddling for warmth, Alejandro looks over at Bridgette and flashes a flirtatious smile, to which she smiles back. During the first challenge, the two of them find themselves paired up, despite the fact that they're on different teams. Bridgette points this out, but Alejandro dismisses it, stating that "his mother raised a gentleman" and that "teams are irrelevant," which Bridgette admires. Alejandro tries to help her jump across the ice floes, and during one attempt, Bridgette lands right on top of him, and accidentally kisses him. She blushes and immediately states that it was an accident, reminding him again that she "kinda has a boyfriend." Alejandro notices her wording and asks whether she has a boyfriend, or kinda has a boyfriend. She stammers and repeats that she "kinda" has a boyfriend. A confessional follows, in which Bridgette vigorously denies that she is falling for Alejandro, albeit with obvious skepticism. Later, Alejandro carries her to the shore, at which point she accuses him of being nice to her in an attempt to form an alliance. Alejandro denies it and grabs her by the shoulders, stating to her (while staring into her eyes) that for him, "this is so much bigger than a game," which makes her swoon dreamily.

TDWT4 09

Alejandro gives his shirt to Bridgette so she won't get sick in an attempt to manipulate her.

Bridgette and Alejandro make their way to a meeting point, where he convinces her to stick around and wait for their teams (which goes against Team Victory's idea of having everyone make their way to the finish line on their own so that they wouldn't have to stop along the way.) He asks if she's cold, and then suddenly takes off his shirt and gives it to her for warmth, stating that if she gets sick and her team votes her off, he won't get to know her better, which would make him "very, very sad." Another of Bridgette's confessionals follows, where she greatly admires Alejandro for giving her his shirt in the Arctic climate, but then quickly reminds herself again that she has a boyfriend. Later, as Alejandro's team approaches on their sled, he tells Bridgette that he has to go, but they have time for "one more accident." Bridgette looks reluctant at first, but then leans in to kiss him. However, Alejandro moves away at the last second, and Bridgette ends up kissing the meeting point's pole, causing her tongue to get stuck to it. Alejandro jumps onto his team's sled and speeds away without showing any concern for her. Chris comes up a short time later and initiates a musical number, in which Bridgette sings about her attraction to Alejandro and how he betrayed her and just left her there. Team Victory ends up losing due to the absence of Bridgette when they cross the finish line, and they vote her off at the elimination ceremony. She tries to tell them that Alejandro is evil, but they can't understand her due to her tongue still being stuck to the pole. At the end of the episode, Alejandro is shown in a confessional, stating that Bridgette was "expendable."

Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water

Because of her unfaithfulness to Geoff as well as Alejandro's actions, Bridgette has become too embarrassed to even come up on stage. After she mustered the courage to do so, she apologizes to Geoff for cheating on him. While doing so, she refers to Alejandro as "Ale-heinous" and mentions that her attraction to him was all part of his strategy to manipulate all of the female contestants, showing that she truly sees him for who he really is after he revealed his true nature to her.

Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon

After Leshawna mentions Alejandro, Bridgette talks about how much she dislikes him, but accidentally mentions his "silky hair" affectionately. She later dances during Leshawna's song Sisters, an anthem against Alejandro. Later, Blaineley embarrasses Bridgette by showing her clips of him and mentioning how fans loved to see how Bridgette drooled over him. Trying not to fall for Blaineley's trap, Bridgette covers her head with a paper bag so she won't see the clips, however, she yields to temptation and asks if his hair is in a ponytail. This hints that Bridgette is still a little attracted to him.

Awwwwww, Drumheller


Alejandro mentioning his past action towards Bridgette during This Is How We Will End It.

Alejandro uses Bridgette, along with Leshawna and Courtney, as an example for why he shouldn't rescue Heather from under the rock, stating how he left her stuck to a pole, during This Is How We Will End It.

Hawaiian Style

While Bridgette is talking about Alejandro's time on the show, she asks everyone to raise their hand if he's the reason why they were eliminated. Later, when Courtney wins the challenge for Team Alejandro, and thus gives Alejandro an advantage in the finale, Bridgette is disappointed when she announces the prizes.

Hawaiian Punch

Bridgette, along with everyone except Courtney and Tyler, glares at Alejandro when he risks Cody's life by throwing him into shark-infested water. In Heather's ending, Bridgette is happy when Heather defeats Alejandro, winning the season and the million dollars.

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