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Cody battles Alejandro in Hawaiian Punch.

This conflict is briefly foreshadowed in Total Drama Action. At first during Total Drama World Tour, Alejandro does not focus on Cody until late in the season, where he becomes a target for Alejandro's manipulation. He manipulates Cody by taking advantage of his dislike for Sierra. However, Sierra eventually makes Cody see Alejandro for what he is, causing their conflict to escalate to a boiling point for the rest of the season. Alejandro seems to hate Cody deeply, to the extent that he shows little to no remorse when he causes Cody to almost get eaten by a shark in Hawaiian Punch. Likewise, it appears that Cody also deeply hates Alejandro in return.

Total Drama Action


Alejandro shoves Cody to the ground.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

While Alejandro walks down the red carpet at the Gemmie Awards, to the Total Drama Dirtbags premiere, he rudely shoves Cody to the ground.

Total Drama World Tour

Slap Slap Revolution

Alejandro Defeats Cody

Alejandro easily defeats Cody.

During the second challenge, Cody is hesitant to slap Alejandro, but when he does so, he closes his eyes and misses, so Alejandro quickly slaps him back and knocks him off, as he effortlessly slaps him off his platform without worrying about Cody's safety, even having an evil facial expression while doing so.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre


Alejandro acts as Cody's bodyguard against Sierra, while the latter uses the lavatory.

Because of him trying to vote her off in the previous episode, Cody has Alejandro help him hide from an emotionally unstable Sierra. Once Heather drags Sierra out from economy class, Alejandro signals him that the coast is clear and that he can come out. In a shared confessional, Cody has Alejandro guard him while he uses the toilet, in case Sierra tries to enter. Once he is done, Cody then brings up how he noticed there was something wrong with the stitching of Alejandro's trousers. Already annoyed at being his bodyguard, Alejandro finally snaps and says, "Out, Cody!"

Greece's Pieces

When both teams are mocking the other, Alejandro commented that Team Amazon couldn't possibly win, because it has no men on it, directing to Cody being on a team of women. Cody responds with a depressed face.

African Lying Safari

In order to gain Cody's loyalty, Alejandro brings Cody to first class with him instead of Heather.

Rapa Phooey!


Alejandro is uncomfortable with Cody's display of gratitude.

In order to secure Cody's trust, Alejandro sweet talks him and presents himself as Cody's friend. Alejandro also allows Cody to keep all the candy that they are given in first class. A grateful Cody hugs Alejandro for the gesture, to which Alejandro is extremely discomforted by. During the challenge, Cody decides to share the same basket with Alejandro. When Cody hugs him for keeping Sierra away, Alejandro is visibly disturbed and tries to get Cody off him, although Cody refuses to get off his lap and continues to hug him, despite Alejandro's discomfort. During the challenge Alejandro and Cody continue to help each other, with Cody sharing the basket with Alejandro to keep both their eggs. He is also curious as to where Alejandro learned to juggle.

Awwwwww, Drumheller


Alejandro uses a fake photo to frame Cody, making it look like he cheated on Sierra.

Alejandro gets up at night and decides to frame Cody for "cheating" on Sierra with Heather by making a fake picture of the two cuddling in their sleep. He shows it to Sierra to anger her into holding a grudge against Cody and Heather. Cody then proves to Sierra that it's fake and the two team up with Heather and vote for Alejandro. It is later revealed that Alejandro voted for Cody, and expected Heather to do the same. However, Heather had turned against Alejandro and voted for him anyway, thus leaving Alejandro as the only contestant who voted for Cody that night.

Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles

Cody vs Alejandro swordfish

Cody and Alejandro duel with swordfish in their race for second place.

Alejandro is frustrated when Cody takes the boat first, ahead of him and Heather. When Alejandro and Cody meet up, Cody throws a cod at Alejandro which causes them to battle with swordfish, but Alejandro knocks Cody's away, and laughs as he leaves a humiliated Cody behind. Cody soon laughed at Alejandro after his boat crashes into a mine.

Hawaiian Punch


Cody repeatedly calls Alejandro "Al", to get on his nerves.

Alejandro makes a confessional complaining that he was humiliated because he tied with the "pathetic" Cody, and felt bad because his brother José would be compiling his insults for him back home because of that. Cody then said "there's only one major thing in my way: Alejandro". He seemed concerned about losing to Alejandro, and wished he had Sierra back after her elimination so she can help him. After the challenge is announced, Alejandro gives Cody an evil smile, which worries Cody. During the battle, Alejandro taunts Cody while easily driving him to the edge of the raft; once Heather provides a distraction, Alejandro knocks him into the water, resulting in Cody being eliminated and almost being eaten by a shark, with Sierra saving his life. Later, when Chris asks the ex-contestants who wants to be Heather's helpers, Cody gladly volunteers, saying that Alejandro is "going down". In a confessional, he says that he is angry about Alejandro knocking him into the shark-infested water.

Cody saying take that, aaaal

"Take that, Al!"


He and Harold team up with Heather to take Alejandro down. While Heather and Alejandro are jumping across the lava pool, after finding out Alejandro hates to be called "Al", Cody calls him Al several times, which distracts him from the game so Cody can cut the line on him to send a trap on him. He succeeds, but instead the trap hits Heather. When he tries to convince Heather not to give up, he calls Alejandro "the bad guy". In Heather's ending, he cheers when Heather defeats Alejandro and wins the season along with the one million dollars prize. Cody also says "Take that, Al!" when Alejandro is defeated.


  • Both are among the ten characters to have had their full names revealed.
  • Both of them have been eliminated either directly or indirectly by Heather if you count Heather’s ending.
    • Furthermore, counting Heather's ending, both have been directly or indirectly eliminated by her in the same episode.

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