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Australia alejandro helps courtney

Courtney and Alejandro smile at each other.

Initially, Courtney has no interest in Alejandro romantically, as she is still involved with Duncan at the time. However after finding out that Duncan cheated on her with Gwen, Alejandro is able to use Courtney's emotional weakness to his advantage, who falls madly for him not long afterward. This attraction caused Heather to become jealous, as she, too, was developing feelings for Alejandro that she kept denying. However, Alejandro does not return Courtney's feelings as he is merely using her as a tool for him to continue further into the competition. Courtney continues to help Alejandro after the merge, leading to her downfall and subsequent elimination. Even so, Courtney remains attracted to Alejandro and is his most active supporter in the finale, even though nearly everyone else hates him. However, Courtney appears to have lost her affections for Alejandro by the start of Total Drama All-Stars. She disrespects him along with the other Villainous Vultures and even joins an alliance to vote him off in The Obsta-Kill Kourse, showing that her loyalties were now with her friend and new boyfriend.

Total Drama Action

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

Courtney shows aggravation towards Alejandro when she watches him on the Gemmie Awards messing up the opening of the envelope for "Best Reality Show Cast", as he is very slow in opening it. Both characters are the respective drivers later, racing against one another attempting to reach New York to get on the Orpah talk show; Courtney for the Total Drama castmates, Alejandro for Chris's new show's cast, Total Drama Dirtbags. At one point, Courtney collides into the Dirtbags bus in an attempt to overtake them.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2


Courtney and Heather taunt Alejandro's team.

Alejandro attempts to flirt with Courtney, however, she rejects him by stating she already has a boyfriend. Alejandro counters with calling Duncan a quitter and adds that he doesn't deserve her. Courtney tries to rebut this but begins having doubts herself. Later on, Courtney and Heather taunt Alejandro's team during the challenge, with Courtney telling them to "eat sand" and calls them "losers". He calmly responds that he's "both humbled and intrigued" by their behavior.

I See London...

After Alejandro is abducted by "Jack the Ripper", Courtney bluntly tells Heather to leave his own team to search for him.

The EX-Files

Go flirt with Tyler, Court

Alejandro encourages Courtney to flirt with Tyler.

Wanting to throw Courtney off her game, after his recent distress, Alejandro encourages her to flirt with another male contestant to make Duncan jealous and suggests she goes after Tyler. Later on, when Alejandro is alone with Tyler, he makes snide compliments about Tyler's success with Courtney. After Tyler is eliminated, Alejandro is seen smirking with Duncan, knowing Courtney has been thrown off the deep end.

Picnic at Hanging Dork


Courtney blushes after Alejandro flirts with her.

Alejandro starts to charm and helps her so that it will distract both Courtney and Heather from their game. Courtney falls for Alejandro's charms, using it to flirt in front of Duncan, hoping to make him jealous. She seems to demonstrate this in Shear the Sheep when she specifically tells Heather that she failed at her chance at Alejandro and that she has a right to go after him for herself. However, Alejandro shows interest beyond the performance when Courtney bluntly tells him she wants to lose on purpose as a means to eliminate Gwen. She seems to really be falling for him, though, as she asks for Heather's permission before she pursues him any further.

Sweden Sour


Alejandro flirts with Courtney, while a jealous Heather watches.

Courtney is seen next to Alejandro in the loser's compartment. While they are talking, she giggles and says that she bets that he compliments every pretty contestant, to which he responds that she is the only pretty contestant here. He then goes to get her a cookie and she feeds it to him while he is hugging her.



- Courtney

Immediately after this, Alejandro shows a confessional that he is winning her over with them, and then immediately breaks one showing how he intends to break her. When they reach Sweden, he offers her his "Latin warmth" and then hugs her. He whispers to her that they should "make Duncan crazy." She goes along with it without hesitance, calling him "Ale-hunk-dro." Later in the episode, she admires the shirtless Alejandro as he attempts to pull his team's boat towards open water. Just before Team Amazon's elimination ceremony, Alejandro convinces Heather that flirting with Courtney is just to throw her off her game. When Chris requests Team Amazon to gather, Alejandro eagerly tells Heather to "go vote her off already."

Niagara Brawls

When Alejandro is taken by Heather after Sierra refused to take him for the marriage competition, Courtney shows extreme jealousy towards her for stealing him. She places her elimination as number one on her to-do list in a confessional. After witnessing Duncan intentionally making Courtney lose her place in the blindfold wedding dress race, Alejandro steals the megaphone away from him to help her get the dress, claiming to Duncan it was "to protect him" due to his pairing with Courtney in the wedding challenge, Courtney thanks Alejandro by saying that he is a gentleman. Courtney becomes further steamed when seeing Alejandro sweet-talking Heather at the start of the tightrope walking challenge, to the point that Heather's elimination for the sake of gaining Alejandro was what mattered most to her. However, Alejandro later tells Heather that he does not want Courtney eliminated and that he can control her for his own purposes, showing that he shows no interest in Courtney or concern for Courtney's future.

Chinese Fake-Out

IMG 0937

Courtney is assisted by Alejandro on the Great Wall of China.

Alejandro helps her after her bike gets stuck, despite Duncan advising him against it, forcing her to pay him back later even with her disqualification from failing to complete the Great Wall race. Because of this, she willingly cheats for him in the eating competition. Courtney was eventually caught by Heather and Chris forces her to wear a lion dancer's mask in order to stop her from helping Alejandro any further. Courtney, along with Blaineley, was eliminated in this episode, meaning that Alejandro had caused her to get the boot. However, Alejandro had shown concern towards Heather in protecting Courtney before the elimination, still seeing her as useful while choosing to vote for Blaineley instead.

Awwwwww, Drumheller

During This Is How We Will End It, Alejandro sings that he "made even Courtney lose control," implying that he non-remorsefully used her earlier on in order get himself further into the competition.

Hawaiian Style


Courtney surfs to give Alejandro an advantage in the finale.

Courtney, along with Tyler, Katie, Sadie, and Lindsay go on Team Alejandro. When asked to pick an animal that relates to Alejandro the most, Courtney chooses the jaguar, because he is smart, lean, and fast. She volunteers to compete for Team Alejandro for the challenge, in which Courtney surfs in a race against Harold and Blaineley. By reaching her jaguar and placing her lei around its neck before Harold and Blaineley, she wins the challenge and reward: an advantage for Alejandro to use in the finals.

Hawaiian Punch

Versus 48

Courtney and Lindsay complete Alejandro's sacrifice in Versus.

Courtney roots for Alejandro when he competes against Cody. She is also one out of only two people (the other being Tyler, who was knocked out at the time) who doesn't glare at Alejandro when he almost kills Cody in the same challenge but instead she smiles. He chooses her to help him alongside Lindsay, both in creating the effigy of Heather during Versus, as well as assisting him in trying to stop Heather during the climbing of the volcano. Courtney remains loyal to Alejandro until the very end, as, in Heather's ending, she is notably the only person upset that he lost.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

Courtney appears to be jealous of Heather and glares at Alejandro (who is still inside the Drama Machine) with Heather in his arms.

Total Drama All-Stars

Moon Madness

Alejandro commends Courtney for her plan, but later scolds her when he realizes its flaws.

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

After being convinced by Heather that Alejandro wants to vote out Scott, Courtney votes Alejandro off and tells Gwen to do the same. Unfortunately, this proves a failure when Alejandro turns out to be immune.

Suckers Punched


Courtney calls Alejandro "Al" in order to spite him.

Before the challenge, Courtney shows open disgust for Alejandro's actions against Heather in the previous episode and tells him to not count on finding more allies in the game and then derogatorily refers to him as "Al", which he still hates. Just before it's Alejandro's turn in the boxing challenge, Courtney jokes to Gwen that he'll probably be forced to face Heather, and seems to be eager to see such a match unfold.

You Regatta Be Kidding Me

When Chef destroys Courtney and Gwen's engine, Alejandro acknowledges them spitefully as he passes them in the race. Later, his own boat stops just short of the finish line, prompting Courtney to joke that he'll have to "Alejandro-row-row" it. After Alejandro wins and is given the chance to take someone to the McLean Spa Hotel, Courtney and most of the other contestants beam at him, so she can be picked.

The Obsta-Kill Kourse

Scott asks Courtney if she ever kissed Alejandro after he misunderstands the lie Mal told him. Courtney admits that they did, in fact, kiss, presumably off-screen during Total Drama World Tour. However, she was not in a relationship at the time. Mal ends up persuading both Scott and Courtney to join him in eliminating Alejandro, which she happily accepts.


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