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Alejandro Sierra witness

Alejandro manipulates Sierra in order to secure her vote in Niagara Brawls.

Alejandro and Sierra are both newcomers to the competition during Total Drama World Tour. Unlike the other girls, Sierra outright despises Alejandro from the start, knowing of his ways, and is one of the few females to never fall for his charms. Both are initially put on the same team before Sierra switches to Team Amazon in order to be with Cody. After the merge, their conflict intensifies as Alejandro repeatedly attempts to break the bonds between her and Cody. Both compete in Total Drama All-Stars, and their conflict is a non-factor. They never interact, due to being on opposite teams, and Sierra being eliminated right before the merge.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

Alejandro unhappy with team swap

Alejandro is unhappy with losing Sierra as a team member.

Sierra is the only member of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot who isn't impressed with Alejandro's motivational speech. In the confessional, she complains she's never seen Alejandro on TV before. She also adds that any girl who likes him is "loco". At the end of the episode, Alejandro appears dismayed at losing Sierra as a teammate, indicating she was one of the few team members he valued.

Broadway, Baby!


Alejandro exploits Sierra's feelings for Chris.

For most of the episode, Alejandro tries to prevent Heather from forming an alliance with Sierra. While climbing the Statue of Liberty, Alejandro convinces her to help Chris revisit his glory days, because he thinks no one cares about him anymore, though he knows it will only annoy Chris. This leads Sierra to reveal lots of things about Chris' embarrassing past which angers him. As Sierra was initially only useful to Heather because of Chris' affection to her, Alejandro, therefore, destroys her usefulness to her.

Slap Slap Revolution


Sierra knocks Alejandro off the platform.

After seeing Alejandro slap Cody, Sierra becomes upset and kicks DJ off of his platform out of anger. When it comes down to those two, the former purposely jumps off the platform, giving Team Amazon the victory.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

While on the plane, Alejandro helps to hide Cody from Sierra because Cody attempted to vote her off in the previous episode. He also pointed mockingly at Sierra when Heather stated that her team does not get distracted by boys.

Greece's Pieces

Sierra shuts Alejandro up

Sierra prevents Alejandro from talking, to not spoil her moment.

Sierra becomes mad at Alejandro when he insults Cody. When Chris has Cody and Tyler dress in traditional Spartan battle costumes, Alejandro tries to inform Chris that they aren't authentic. However, Sierra, who loves Cody's costume, pinches Alejandro mouth shut and tells him "no one cares".

Niagara Brawls

Niagara falls no alejandro

Sierra refuses to accept Alejandro as her husband for the challenge.

During the first challenge, Sierra is initially to be partnered with Alejandro as determined by the lottery machine. However, she refuses to accept him and slams the door shut on his arm as he's about to exit the machine. She then thanks Heather for agreeing to take Alejandro. After the challenge ends, Alejandro pretends to be the witness of the "marriage" between her and Cody. He expresses congratulations to Sierra and gets on her good side, and in exchange requests her to join him in voting off Owen, which she obliges to.

African Lying Safari

Once he knows that he is able to gain Heather's loyalty, Alejandro focuses on breaking the bonds between Sierra and Cody by inviting Cody to first class with him, infuriating Sierra.

Rapa Phooey!


Sierra is not pleased to find out Cody is helping Alejandro.

Because of his actions in the previous episode, Sierra begins to hate Alejandro even more and calls him a "homewrecker". Upon finding one of his eggs during the challenge, she intentionally breaks it and glares at him. Alejandro then retorts, telling her that he will remember her actions upon finding an egg in her color. Once Sierra discovers Cody and Alejandro have decided to work together for the challenge, Sierra is furious, telling Cody that he cannot align with Alejandro. Sierra eventually aligns with Heather in order to eliminate Alejandro but is unsuccessful. Sierra and Alejandro both vote against each other at the fake elimination ceremony.

Awwwwww, Drumheller

Drumheller alejandro wants to speak to sierra

Alejandro attempts to form an alliance with Sierra.

Alejandro tricks Sierra into thinking that Cody is cheating on her with Heather by using a fake picture of Cody and Heather cuddling. His masterful editing ensures her believing it really happened. It is not until Cody points out that she never leaves his side that she realizes she was tricked. Angered, Sierra manages to get Cody and Heather's help to vote him off. When Sierra brings out Cody's birthday cake, Alejandro tries to warn her of the combination of the candles' sparks and the oil puddle she is standing in. After Sierra blows up the plane, Alejandro asks if Sierra is okay, to which she sarcastically replies if she looked okay. Alejandro receives three votes against him at the elimination ceremony, verifying that her plan would have succeeded had the plane not been destroyed, causing her downfall instead.

Hawaiian Punch

Like almost everyone else, Sierra supports Cody over Alejandro during the tie-breaker challenge and was furious after Cody was almost killed. In Heather's ending, she cheers for Heather after she kicks Alejandro in the groin and wins Total Drama World Tour along with the one million dollar prize.

Total Drama All-Stars

Suckers Punched

Alejandro and the other Villainous Vultures agree to vote off Sierra at the end of the episode.


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