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Samey (left) and Amy (right) debut on Total Drama as the first sibling pair, but don't get along with one another.

Amy and Samey are identical twin cheerleaders (with the only physical difference being Amy's beauty mark) who couldn't be more different in personality. While Amy is a mean, condescending bully, Samey is a bubbly, sweet girl who is constantly put down by her older sister. The two are placed on the same team at the start of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. Here, Samey befriends Jasmine, who encourages her to stand up to Amy. This eventually results in Samey pulling a trick to eliminate Amy, until Amy returns in A Blast from the Past to set things straight. In the end, Chris makes both sisters take the Cannon of Shame and their conflict is never resolved.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Audition tapes

During Samey's audition, she denies having a sister until she hears Amy yelling at her, forcing her to end her audition. In Amy's own audition, she mentions that she knows of her sister's audition and describes it as pathetic, saying she would be a better choice for the show instead of Samey. She then states that she was born earlier than her and that Samey has been lesser ever since.

Opening Sequence


Amy dumps a bucket of berries on her sister's head.

As Samey is plucking berries, Amy comes up from behind, dumping a bucket of berries onto her head.

So, Uh This Is My Team?

On their way to Pahkitew Island, Amy becomes annoyed with the other contestants and orders Samey to change seats with her, who simply complies to her sister's orders. When everyone falls out of the zeppelin, Amy opens up her parachute and Samey clings onto her leg. However, Amy states that she wouldn't miss her before kicking Samey off. Samey also opens a functioning parachute, to which an annoyed Amy states that she "could live." Once Samey lands on the island, Amy abruptly lands on top of her to break her fall and sarcastically apologizes. After being introduced by Chris as "Samey," Samey tries to tell him that her name is pronounced "Sammy"; however, Chris presses that Amy has stated that everyone calls her Samey as she is the "lesser twin" and officially dubs her that name, much to her chagrin. When Samey realizes Scarlett's idea during the challenge, she starts to suggest using the wheelbarrow; however, Amy quickly interrupts her and claims the idea as her own. Later, Amy uses Samey as a human shield against the tennis balls and is annoyed when she screams in pain, saying she is making them sound weak.

I Love You, Grease Pig!


Amy forces Samey to go help Jasmine forage for food.

After Jasmine wakes up to forage for food, she accepts Amy's offer to help. Amy then pushes Samey, still in her sleepwear, out of the shelter and forces her to go with Jasmine. She then scolds her, telling her not to be lazy like when she was born. In the confessional, Amy reveals that Samey was born seventeen minutes after her and proclaims that she would had left the operating room without her if she could walk at the time. Even so, Amy takes all the credit for the foraging and shuts down Samey when she tries to tell their team that it is she who did all the work. For the challenge, Amy suggests she and Samey should partner up. While Samey believes that her sister has finally lightened up on her, Amy states that if Samey teams up with anyone else, she would surely slow them down, much to Samey's embarrassment. When it is their turn on the obstacle course, Samey is the one that has to pull the pig while Amy commands her. When Amy once again scolds her for being useless, Samey gives her a death glare. In the confessional, Samey admits that her patience with Amy is reaching its limit and that she might just actually say something to her. Once they complete the course, Amy complains about being "sweaty and disgusting" like Samey. Samey apologizes, but points out Amy is the one who scared the pig. However, Amy snaps at Samey for daring to put the blame on her. Samey once again submits to her sister and takes responsibility.

Twinning Isn't Everything


Samey has an angry outburst at Amy in front of her team.

With encouragement from Jasmine, Samey finally musters up the courage to stand up for herself and has an angry outburst at Amy in front of her team. However, Amy feigns innocence and tricks the team into thinking Samey is the mean one, making it seem as though Samey was being rude towards a family member. Later, during the challenge, Amy and Samey have a short argument about Samey's outburst, but are interrupted by Rodney. Amy and Samey later find Dave and throw their balloons at him. Both of Amy's shots miss, while Samey hits him on the first try. Amy once again tries to take credit; however, Jasmine reveals that she can tell them apart and that Samey was the one who got Dave out, much to Amy's rage. In the confessional, Amy cannot comprehend why someone else would side with Samey. When the trio finds Shawn's hiding spot, Jasmine wants Samey to take the shot; however, Samey and Amy fight over the balloon while Jasmine tries to intervene in Samey's favor. This causes it to pop and spill paint all over the trio, eliminating them. Amy is furious over this and goes to convince all of the other team members that Samey is responsible for their loss. In the confessional, Samey recalls that whenever she has something, Amy will want it and steal it from her to get it. Samey then uses this fact to trick Amy into eating the poisonous manchineel fruit prior to the elimination ceremony. At the elimination ceremony, Amy and Samey are in the bottom two.


Samey finally gives Amy a taste of her own medicine.

As Amy finishes eating the poisonous fruit, her cheeks swell up and her throat becomes sore. When Samey is announced as the eliminated player, she poses as Amy, successfully tricking everyone into thinking she is her. Amy attempts to protest, but is no longer able to speak audible words due to her swollen throat. Chris fires Amy out of the Cannon of Shame, feeling as though her mumbles sounded important, but not caring enough to find out. Samey then states in the confessional that Amy has had that coming for years.

I Love You, I Love You Knots

With Amy being kicked off the island as "Samey," Samey is forced to pretend to be her in order to keep up the ruse. She does this with the help of Jasmine, who reminds her to act like Amy, and even puts a blueberry on her face to imitate Amy's beauty mark. Throughout the episode, her teammates continue to criticize "Samey" right in front of her, as they all believe that she is the mean one, causing her to get continually frustrated. In the challenge, as part of a truth, Samey is asked who she hates the most, to which she reluctantly states is Amy. This confuses her team, as it seems as though she hates herself, but she is once again saved by Jasmine.

A Blast from the Past


Samey and Amy fighting each other.

Samey continues to pose as Amy throughout the episode. When it is her turn to take part in the challenge, Jasmine encourages her to imagine Sugar as Amy in order to boost her morale. Samey does so and yells at Sugar, giving several insults that are directed to her sister. Throughout the challenge, Samey is annoyed when her team cheers for "Amy" and states that it's difficult to be motivated when she is being called by the name of someone she hates. In the final part of the challenge, Amy (who had returned to the island the previous night, covered in seaweed) emerges from the water to expose the truth about Samey. The two of them engage in a fight and both brutally insult each other. Their struggle gives Sugar the chance to complete the challenge and their team loses. Upon discovering this, Amy lunges at Samey and both fall into the water. At the elimination ceremony, Samey is eliminated, and she attempts to pose as Amy again, but Amy gets angry and tells everyone that she is the real Amy. The two then begin to physically and verbally attack each other once more. Annoyed by this, Chris eliminates the both of them to avoid anymore confusion.


  • Both are voiced by Bryn McAuley.
  • They are the only pair of contestants to be related to each other on Total Drama.
    • They are also the third pair of contestants to know each other prior to the show; the other pairs are Katie and Sadie and Duncan and Mike.
  • Coincidentally, they are the first two females to be eliminated in the season.
  • They are the first pair of contestants to take the Cannon of Shame together, the second pair being Max and Scarlett.

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