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Finders Creepers (29)

Anne Maria kisses Mike, as he is under the control of Vito, in Finders Creepers.

Mike appears to harbor no animosity towards Anne Maria and has a degree of patience with her temper. However, it is one of Mike's alternate personalities, Vito, who gets considerably involved with Anne Maria. After Vito first emerges in Ice Ice Baby, Anne Maria quickly becomes infatuated with him, and the two start making out in the next episode. Anne Maria believes that Mike is all an act Vito plays regularly, and drops it when it is the two of them alone. Their "relationship" puts a strain on Mike's relationship with his true crush, Zoey, who believes that Mike is playing with her. Any possible relationship is most likely over, due to Anne Maria quitting and leaving Vito for a fake diamond in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste. Despite this, Vito (who is clueless of her elimination) asks for her whenever he comes out, only to be disappointed each time. Once Mike successfully conquers his alternate personalities in Grand Chef Auto, he and Zoey officially become a couple, which Anne Maria isn't happy about.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!


Anne Maria is freaked out by Chester.

During the challenge, Anne Maria is noticeably put off by Mike unexpectedly changing into an old man personality named Chester.

Ice Ice Baby


Anne Maria's attraction to Vito begins.

When Mike turns into Vito, Anne Maria is immediately hooked by his new look and tough personality. She exclaims "Oh my!" and is pleased by Vito's negative response to Zoey touching him. Soon after, he winks at Anne Maria, with her smiling back, smitten.

Finders Creepers

Mike's tough alter-ego, Vito, returns in this episode after Mike falls on a tombstone and gets his shirt ripped off. Anne Maria shrieks with excitement once she realizes Vito has appeared. Anne Maria explains in the confessional that the Mike personality is an act because Vito always appears when they are alone. Once Jo is kidnapped, Cameron begins to search for the rest of his team, and finds Anne Maria and Vito making out. Anne Maria tries to convince Vito at the end of the challenge to win one of the hooks for immunity, but Vito is unmotivated until Anne Maria kisses him. Zoey is horrified that Mike would kiss Anne Maria over her, especially after Anne Maria boasts to her. At the Campfire Ceremony, Anne Maria is seen gushing over Mike, while Mike (in his main personality) looks at her nervously.

Backstabbers Ahoy!

Backstabbers Ahoy (32)

Anne Maria and Mike cuddle as a heartbroken Zoey watches.

Anne Maria is still in love with Mike's alternate personality, Vito. When Zoey and Anne Maria fight, she pushes Zoey, ripping Mike's shirt. This makes Mike turn into Vito, and Anne Maria quickly rushes over to cuddle with him. Zoey is offended once more, and she leaves, thinking Mike has feelings for Anne Maria instead. In the confessional, Anne Maria says that she and "Vito" are meant for each other. The fight between the girls over Mike continues over the episode when she and Mike were both together on the water skis. In the water, Vito shows off his muscular ability and pleases Anne Maria by punching Fang away from them.

A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste


Anne Maria hopes Vito has returned, when it's really Manitoba Smith.

When Mike changes personalities, Anne Maria jumps into his arms, excitedly expecting Vito. However, she is shocked when it's revealed to be an Australian personality, and he drops her. Later, Anne Maria and Zoey are angry at Manitoba for his sexist comments.

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

When getting his shirt snagged on a thorn in the swamp, Mike transforms back into Vito. He calls for Anne Maria and asks everyone where she is, unaware that she has already left him for her diamond.

Grand Chef Auto

Scott uses Vito to win the contest, ripping off Mike's shirt to expose him. Vito asks Scott where Anne Maria is, and Scott tells him he'll show him if he tows him to Chris's monument. Later in the episode, Mike manages to conquer his personalities, including Vito, meaning that there is a little-to-no possibility of Anne Maria and Vito reuniting.

Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown

While sitting in the peanut gallery, Anne Maria glares at Mike and Zoey while they stare romantically at each other, not fond of their relationship.


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