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Terrible triangle

Anne Maria pushes Zoey in Backstabbers Ahoy!

The conflict between the two girls begins after Anne Maria starts to like Mike (or Vito), whom Zoey was in love with. After seeing the two of them making out in Finders Creepers, Zoey was heartbroken and believes that Mike was only pretending to like her. Anne Maria on the other hand, doesn't like having competition and often insults Zoey, even accusing her of throwing the challenge for the opposing team at one point. Even after Anne Maria's elimination, Zoey is often angry with Mike (when he changes into Vito) whenever he mentions Anne Maria's name. Eventually, once Mike was able to conquer his personalities, he chooses Zoey over Anne Maria.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Truth or Laser Shark

Anne Maria and Zoey are seen socializing in the cabin. When Zoey asks how Anne Maria is bringing all of her hair supplies in and the latter says she stuck them in her pouffe, she is freaked out.

Ice Ice Baby

Zoey and Brick use Anne Maria as a shield for the snowballs, although she expressed concern about it earlier. Later Zoey was shocked when Vito took over and Anne Maria develops a crush on him.

Finders Creepers

When Anne Maria kisses Vito, Zoey is shocked, and yells at her to "keep her lips off him." Anne Maria taunts Zoey saying Mike only likes "classy girls." At the Campfire Ceremony, Zoey is visibly upset, thinking Mike doesn't like her.

Backstabbers Ahoy!

Backstabbers Ahoy (32)

Zoey is shocked when Anne Maria and "Vito" hook up.

During the first part of the challenge, due to Zoey unknowingly standing on the air hose while talking to Mike and blocking Jo's air flow, Anne Maria pushes her off of it and calls her a "bozo." Zoey then slaps Anne Maria and tells her not to push, which causes her to get spray tan stuck on her hand, which causes her to ask if she is wearing orange paint. Anne Maria gets angry and tells her not to disrespect her tan, pushing her to the ground and causing Mike's shirt to get torn off, which releases Vito. In the confessional, Anne Maria calls Zoey "Princess Goodie Goodie" and says that she needs to step off.
I'm watching vito

Vito rubs lotion on Anne Maria, which Zoey is greatly angered by.

Later, Zoey draws a broken in the sand over what was happening between Mike and Anne Maria.

Right before the second part of the challenge, Anne Maria said she was going to watch Vito tan during the challenge, which infuriated Zoey. When the challenge began, Anne Maria thought she was trying to sabotage them because she was driving so slowly, even though in reality it was because their raft couldn't go any faster.

Runaway Model

Runaway Model (2)

Anne Maria makes fun of Zoey's hair in the communal bathrooms.

In the bathroom, Anne Maria makes fun of Zoey's look as she continues to spray hairspray right towards her and Jo. As seen in a confessional, Zoey is still mad at Anne Maria and Mike. Both Anne Maria and Zoey attempt to dress up their maggot during the challenge, with Anne Maria's idea of making it like a rapper turned down before Zoey gets her chance. When Zoey tries to dress up the maggot during the challenge, Anne Maria grunts, as she is disgusted at Zoey's fashion sense. When presenting their creature, Anne Maria talks in an annoyed tone, not liking the outfit. When the team has to save Lindsay, Zoey volunteers, which Anne Maria turns down. Both girls then apply make up on Jo, but are once again ultimately pushed aside by Chester.

A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Zoey angry Anne Maria

Zoey restrains Anne Maria when she tries to attack Scott.

When Ezekiel pounces on Anne Maria sending her into the water, Zoey is seen wanting to help her despite Scott's protest. Zoey seems to be worried when they lost Anne Maria and tells Mike to find her.

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

Mike becomes Vito once again, when his shirt get caught in a thorn. He then asks where Anne Maria is. Zoey is upset about this when she hears him, but Cameron quickly calms the situation by pulling Mike's shirt down.

Anne Maria glares at Mike and Zoey who are smiling at each other.

Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown

Anne Maria was seen glaring at Zoey and Mike as they're staring romantically at each other, meaning she is visibly angry that Mike chose Zoey over her.


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