While playing in the playground, the kids discover an anthill with highly intelligent ants. While two of the kids want to protect the ants, another two want to dispose of them as one of them has a fear of ants. Meanwhile, the teacher is having too much fun with the toys in class.


It's a beautiful day at the daycare, but Chef finds the kids moping around in the classroom instead of playing. Much to Chef's surprise, the kids are bored despite being surrounded by fun toys including one game called "Fun the Game". Hoping to get their mood up, Chef tells them to go outside to the playground and enjoy themselves while he plays with the games inside the classroom. Outside, Beth finds an anthill and takes a liking to the friendly colony. While the other kids are also fine with the ants, Leshawna is terrified of them as she has a fear of bugs. Courtney sides with Leshawna as she finds the ants unsanitary. The two girls attempt to kill the ants, but Beth defends her newfound friends alongside Owen who suggests they settle this conflict in a civilized way.

The kids set up a makeshift court, with Jude being the judge, Beth and Owen defending the ants, Courtney and Leshawna on crushing the ants, along with Izzy and a few toys as the attendants. Courtney and Leshawna attempt to convince the judge that the ants are a threat to society, but Owen doesn't believe them. Suddenly, an ant crawls into his head, takes control of his brain and speaks through him, trying to convince them that his kind come in peace. Seeing what the ants can do, Leshawna tries to kill them again only to be stopped by Owen. Courtney tries to convince Jude to agree with her, but the conversation is interrupted by Izzy telling a story about her aunt. During the distraction, Leshawna points out that Beth and Owen are trying to get the ants to safety by putting the entire colony in a bucket. Although the two of them have a head start, Leshawna and Courtney give chase on a car.

Beth and Owen desperately try to outrun the girls only to trip over a doll thrown by Courtney. Just as things look bleak for them, Izzy arrives with a car of her own to provide them with much needed help. A high speed car chase ensues between both parties with them taking it outside the daycare, into town and even inside a circus. Upon returning to the daycare, the team defending the ants hide inside the treehouse and dispose of the ladder. With no way to climb to the top, Courtney and Leshawna enlist Cody's help by launching him to the treehouse on the see-saw to get the ants. However, their combined weight launches him into the sky and out of the daycare instead. With their initial plan failing, the two instead use make-shift grappling hooks to climb into the treehouse. With no other way left, Beth, Izzy and Owen use Owen's underwear as a makeshift slingshot to launch the ants to safety. The ants land on a picnic where a couple are having a romantic date and steal their food. With the ants safe and no longer in the daycare, both sides are able to reconcile.

Just then, Chef, after having the most fun in his life with the toys in the class, calls the kids in for Show & Tell. Seeing how the kids were having fun with ants, Chef calls the pet store to bring some scorpions for the kids to play with. Instead of enjoying the scorpions, the kids are terrified and start running around the classroom. Beth tries to assure them that the scorpions are harmless until she is stung by one of them and tells someone to crush it just as the episode ends.


It's story time, and Chef is once again reading Piggy's Got Back to the class. Feeling bored, Duncan goes to sleep, while wearing a pair of glasses with eyes painted on the lens that he took out from his book, to pretend that he is awake. Next to him, Owen pulls a sandwich out from his book and eats it, Harold pulls out a mini-book from his book, and Beth pulls out a blue cat and hugs it, then puts it back in the book.


Voice actor Role(s)
Deven Mack Chef Hatchet
Sarah Gadon Beth
Wyatt White Cody
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Katie Crown Izzy
Christian Potenza Jude
Bahia Watson Leshawna
Scott McCord Owen
  • An announcer is heard on TV advertising Fun: The Game, but it is unknown who voiced him.
  • A romantic couple talk at a picnic but it's unknown who voiced them.
  • A male voice can be heard announcing the debate between Beth and Owen and Courtney and Leshawna, but it's unknown who voiced him.
  • A female voice can be heard describing Courtney and Leshawna's car but it's unknown who voiced her.
  • Duncan and Harold appear during the end credits scene, but have no lines.



  • Ironically, Beth's older self has a fear of being covered in bugs in Phobia Factor which she conqueres.
  • This is the second episode where the kids fight over the fate of something, where they previously fought over a chillidog in Free Chili. Beth and Izzy are also involved in the squabble once again, only this time they are on the same side.


  • The title of the episode is a pun on the stock phrase "Can't we all just get along?"
  • Izzy references Terminator 2: Judgment Day when she reached her hand toward Beth and Owen and said "Come with me if you want to live."
  • The reality court show Judge Judy is referenced when Jude presides over the court case.


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