The Award Ceremony statistics article shows statistics of the various Award Ceremonies in the only season where they appeared, Total Drama Action.

Final Awards

The list below shows who received the final Gilded Chris Award in each episode:

All other episodes are excluded, because they either did not have an award ceremony, or it was unclear who received the last Gilded Chris award.

Appearances in the Bottom Two/Three

Five Times

  • Justin - (Riot On Set - B3, +; The Sand Witch Project - B2, +1; Full Metal Drama - B2, +;Ocean's Eight - Or Nine - B2, +2;The Princess Pride - B2, X)

Four Times

  • Lindsay - (Riot On Set - B3, +; The Sand Witch Project - B2, +1; Super Hero-ld - B3, +; Rock n' Rule - B2, X)
  • Duncan - (Super Hero-ld - B2, +; The Princess Pride - B2, +; Rock n' Rule - B2, +; Top Dog - B3, +)

Three Times

  • Leshawna - (Alien Resurr-eggtion- B3, +, Million Dollar Babies- B2, +, Super Hero-ld - B2, X)
  • Owen - (3:10 to Crazytown- B2, +; Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, B2, X2; Top Dog - B3, X)
  • Courtney - (Ocean's Eight - Or Nine B2, +; 2008: A Space Owen - B2, +; Top Dog - B3, X)


  • Izzy - (Riot On Set - B3, X; Full Metal Drama - B2, X)
  • Heather - (The Chefshank Redemption - B2, +, Million Dollar Babies - B2, X)


  • Geoff - (Alien Resurr-eggtion - B3, X)
  • Bridgette - (Alien Resurr-eggtion - B3, X)
  • Trent - (3:10 to Crazytown - B2, X)
  • Gwen - (The Chefshank Redemption - B2, X)
  • Harold - (2008: A Space Owen - B2, X)

Never In Bottom Two

Notes and Key

  • 1 DJ withdraws from the competition on a challenge where his team won. Therefore, DJ has never been shown in the bottom of two in the season.
  • 2 Owen was eliminated, due to Courtney getting immunity from her lawyers (otherwise she would have been eliminated). However, she did not receive a Gilded Chris, making Justin technically in the bottom two, although he had no votes against him.

  • B3 | This episode featured three cast members still in danger when the elimination announcement was made (Bottom 3).
  • B2 | This episode featured two cast members still in danger when the elimination announcement was made (Bottom 2).
  • X | This contestant was eliminated in this episode.
  • + | This contestant was safe in this episode, even though they were in the bottom group.

First Awards

The first Gilded Chris Awards went to these castmates in these episode:

Amount of Awards

These are the number of awards each contestant earned:


  • A total of sixty-four Gilded Chris Awards were handed out at the elimination ceremonies, both on-screen and off-screen.
    • The Screaming Gaffers received twenty-two Gilded Chris Awards in total, before and after the merge.
    • The Killer Grips received forty-two Gilded Chris Awards, counting before and after the merge.
  • In Riot On Set, Chris announces the loser at the bottom three instead of the bottom two. This only happened once throughout the entire season.
  • Beth has received the most Gilded Chris Awards in the competition (eleven).
    • She is also the only contestant who received more than ten Glided Chris Awards.
  • Courtney was the only person in the game to only receive one award with her team, due to her late entrance, and the Killer Grips' won in the last episodes before the merge.
  • Justin and Lindsay are the only two people to not receive a Gilded Chris and still be safe, as seen in Riot On Set and The Sand Witch Project.
  • Beth was never in the bottom two, even though her team lost the majority of the challenges in Total Drama Action.
  • DJ is the only contestant in Total Drama Action who was never in the bottom two, but was still eliminated.
  • Duncan received the final Gilded Chris of Total Drama Action. He also received the last Gilded Chris Award more times than any other contestant in the season.
  • Courtney has received the first Gilded Chris Awards more times in a row than any other castmate. In this case, she received the first award three times in a row.
  • Duncan receives more Gilded Chris Awards than any of the other Screaming Gaffers.
  • Beth receives the first Gilded Chris Award more than any other member of her team or castmate in Total Drama Action.
  • Justin appears in the bottom two more than any other contestant.
  • Trent is the only male contestant to receive the first Gilded Chris Award two times in a row.
  • Bridgette and Geoff are the only contestants to not earn any Glided Chris Awards.
  • Gwen is the only contestant to earn only one Gilded Chris Award.
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