The stage where the Awards Ceremony takes place.

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The Awards Ceremony, also known as the Gilded Chris Ceremony, is where the cast members are eliminated in Total Drama Action.

After a challenge is held, the losing team must head off to the amphitheater where the award ceremony takes place, and one or possibly more contestants will not receive a Gilded Chris Award.


Chef and Chris host the first Awards Ceremony in Alien Resurr-eggtion.

The eliminated contestant(s) is then forced to walk the Walk of Shame and enter the Lame-o-sine. Not every challenge ends in sending a team to the elimination ceremony as there are reward challenges throughout the season.

Instead of having the cast deposit their votes into a ballot or cast their votes in the confessional like they did in the previous season, the votes are cast directly by electronic voting devices. The final Awards Ceremony occurs in Top Dog.

Before every ceremony, there is a montage with pictures and short films of Chris from the first season, accompanied by special music in the background.


Concept Art for Gilded Chris Ceremony

A rough draft of the Awards Ceremony.

  • Trent is the first contestant to receive a Gilded Chris Award at the Award Ceremony.
    • Gwen is the second contestant, and the first female, to receive a Gilded Chris Award.
  • Bridgette and Geoff are the only contestants to never receive a Gilded Chris Award at any point of the season, as they are the first two people to be voted off from the season.
  • Chris wears a different outfit than usual at all of the Award Ceremonies, which is a light blue suit with a red bow tie.
  • The Awards Ceremony is the only ceremony so far in the series to appear in every elimination episode, as the Campfire Ceremony didn't appear when some contestants were eliminated in Total Drama Island. The Barf Bag Ceremony didn't appear for a majority of the eliminations in Total Drama World Tour.
  • Similarly to last season, the contestants do not have to come up and take the symbol of the immunity, as Chef or Chris throws the awards to the contestants.
    • Heather and Beth are the only contestants who needed to walk onto the Awards Ceremony stage to collect their Gilded Chris Awards.
  • It is stated in Alien Resurr-eggtion that a contestant will be automatically eliminated if they look at another person's vote. However, this never happens in the season, despite some contestants looking at other peoples' vote.
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