Baby is the seventh song featured on Total Drama World Tour. It is sung in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water by Harold, Justin, and Trent as a "reunion" for The Drama Brothers, excluding Cody, who is replaced by Sasquatchanakwa, as he is still in the competition. Harold is the lead singer and dedicates the song to Leshawna.


Harold: You might think I know it all
And maybe I'm headin' for a fall
I'm just that brainiac guy
Left alone to sit and cry.
I have some questions for you first
Take some time to school me
Quench my thirst... for knowledge
Cause, gosh!
I just gotta know...
How'd you get so hot?
Justin and Trent: Baby!
Harold: You're so smokin' hot!
Justin and Trent: Baby!
Harold: My physics know-how ain't got a hope
Of explaining why your butt's so dope
Justin and Trent: Baby, Baby
You bend my space time continuum
Justin and Trent: Baby, Baby
Then you shake what your mama gave you-em!
Justin and Trent: Baby, Baby
I don't even hardly know my name.
Justin and Trent: Baby, Baby
Cause when you walk in the room, nobody lookin' the same!
Trent: Baby!
Justin: Baby!
Harold: Baby! (beat boxes) Gosh! (beat boxes)
Geoff: Uh, you think we might need to get some security out here?
Blaineley: Marry me, Justin! (faints)
Harold: Alright!
I demand a scientific investigation
To whether you're even from the human nation
I swear you're changing my molecular structure
With all your sexy ions
You make my heart rupture!



  • This is the only song that Trent and Justin sing in this season, and is also the first time that someone who did not compete on Total Drama World Tour sings in a TDWT song.
  • This is the only song to feature someone singing in A Capella.



  • During the final moments of the song, Harold performs Michael Jackson's signature moonwalk.
  • This song’s name may be a reference to the Justin Bieber song of the same name, Baby.


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