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As the three remaining teams are rejoined by a returning squad, they begin a final mad dash to the finish starting with a treasure hunt in the Bahamas. Someone faces a recurring problem that nearly wipes them out; and while someone finally takes some sympathy to help them out, it doesn't help them in the end. Meanwhile, someone gets trapped deep underwater, only just managing to escape alive, but at the cost of their team coming in last place, setting up a three way battle to the finish line!


Josee intimidates the clerk, in an attempt to put the other teams on a later flight.

The teams must now fly to Nassau, Bahamas to receive their next Travel Tip. The Ice Dancers feel confident about their chances of winning, believing the other teams to pose no threat. While on the way to the airport, the Sisters feel guilty about the events from the previous episode and apologize to the Best Friends. The Surfers are excited to get another chance to compete and vow to split the money with the Best Friends if they win. The Ice Dancers are the first to arrive at the airport and force the ticket manager to book the teams on another flight, only for them to arrive before this can happen, resulting in Josee throwing yet another temper tantrum. After arriving at the airport, the teams must compete in an All-In, which involves searching a pirate museum for a Ridonculous Race themed treasure map. A logo will also be located on the treasure map to show that it's a Ridonculous Race map. Once they find the map, they must race on jet skis to the Abaco Islands to receive their next travel tip. While on the way to the museum, MacArthur reveals that she no longer likes Brody, due to his weight gain (described as letting himself go), whereas Brody is still determined to win her over. The Ice Dancers remain calm before they see the Sisters' taxi pass by. Knowing they're in the last place, Josee tries to pressure the driver to go faster, but he responds by turning on the radio loudly which successfully silences the both of them.

Kitty gets wedged between some rocks, and is unable to escape.

Despite being the last to arrive at the museum, the Sisters are the first to find their map with the Surfers not far behind. The Cadets then find a map, though they end up fighting over it with the Ice Dancers. The Cadets then let go of the map, sending the Ice Dancers flying down, thus making the Cadets grab the map. The Ice Dancers find another one shortly after and head to the final challenge. The teams must now compete in a randomized Botch or Watch, which is to be undertaken by whoever is holding the travel tip. The challenge is to search for gold doubloons in underwater tunnels, using a treasure map before their tank runs out of oxygen. Despite being able to get a map before the Ice Dancers, the Cadets fall behind due to Sanders inability to drive a jet ski. However, they make up for lost time once MacArthur takes over. Jacques gets fed up with Josee's attitude, which keeps getting the Ice Dancers penalized, and reveals that he no longer wants to perform with her once they get back home. Meanwhile, Josee has some trouble with the challenge due to being claustrophobic but is motivated by the opportunity to eliminate the Cadets. Despite being the first to find the treasure, Kitty's flashlight gets eaten by an angler fish, which she chases after, and gets stuck amongst the rocks.

The Sisters embrace after their elimination.

Brody finds the gold doubloons and the Surfers are the first to reach the mid-point Chill Zone and must now make their way to New York via water taxi to the airport for the finale. MacArthur finds herself helping Josee after she runs out of oxygen, wanting her team to be the one to take out the Ice Dancers. Kitty ditches her oxygen tank and manages to hold her breath long enough to make it to the surface. The final three teams race to the Chill Zone. Josee then takes down MacArthur by picking up a coconut and throwing it at her, but to her surprise, Sanders manages to carry MacArthur to the finish line resulting in them getting third place where MacArthur confronts Josee for her actions, before Don intervenes and gives them the travel tickets to New York as embark on the course towards their next destination. The Sisters arrive last and Don tells them that they have been eliminated. Emma asks him if this is a non-elimination round, but he tells them they're really out. Emma thinks about her time on the show, admitting that having this experience with her sister and meeting Noah is better than a million dollars, which Kitty is happy to hear while they walk away.


Voice actor Role(s)
Terry McGurrin Don
Scott McCord Brody/Jacques
Stacey DePass Emma
Dan Petronijevic Geoff
Julie Lemieux Josee
Stephanie Anne Mills Kitty
Evany Rosen MacArthur
Nicole Stamp Sanders


     First Place •      Racing •      Eliminated     Last placer on a non-elimination episode
     Saved from elimination •      Season winner •      Season 2nd place
Geoff&Brody (RR).png
 1st place 
Brody & Geoff
Surfer Dudes
Josee&Jacques (RR).png
 2nd place 
Josee & Jacques
Ice Dancers
Sanders&MacArthur (RR).png
 3rd place 
MacArthur & Sanders
Police Cadets
Emma&Kitty (RR).png
 4th place 
Kitty & Emma
Devin&Carrie (RR) bw.png
Devin & Carrie
Best Friends
Stephanie&Ryan (RR) bw.png
Stephanie & Ryan
Ennui&Crimson (RR) bw.png
Ennui & Crimson
Noah&Owen (RR) bw.png
Owen & Noah
Reality TV Pros
Dwayne&DwayneJr (RR) bw.png
Dwayne & Junior
Father & Son
Rock&Spud (RR) bw.png
Rock & Spud
Lorenzo&Chet (RR) bw.png
Lorenzo & Chet
Mickey&Jay (RR) bw.png
Jay & Mickey
Adversity Twins
Kelly&Taylor (RR) bw.png
Kelly & Taylor
Mother & Daughter
Tom&Jen (RR) bw.png
Tom & Jen
Fashion Bloggers
Laurie&Miles (RR) bw.png
Laurie & Miles
Ellody&Mary (RR) bw.png
Ellody & Mary
Gerry&Pete (RR) bw.png
Gerry & Pete
Tennis Rivals
Leonard&Tammy (RR) bw.png
Leonard & Tammy



  • Those who compete in the Botch or Watch are Kitty, Brody, Josee, and MacArthur.
  • This episode was nominated for a 2017 Canadian Screen Award in the category Best Writing in an Animated Program or Series.
  • Jacques reveals in this episode that he has been Josee's partner for fourteen years.
  • Not counting their appearance in the recap, this is the only episode of the spin-off to not feature the Best Friends.



  • The title of the episode is a reference to the British 80s band Bananarama.
    • Alternatively, it could be a combination of the words "Bahamas" and "drama".


  • When the final four teams are introduced during the recap, Kitty's sleeve cuffs are missing.
  • When Geoff and Brody ride their jet-ski to the Chill Zone, Geoff's head is larger than usual.


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