A band is paying a visit to the daycare but one of the kids is not looking forward to it. Not wanting the others to discover their secret, the naughty kid does everything they can to stop the band from coming, even enlisting the help of two other gloomy kids.


The episode opens with the kids playing in class when Chef enters and announce that someone special is visiting the daycare today. The kids guesses ranges from Santa Claus (Owen), a funeral director (Gwen), child specialist (Harold) and a cat (Izzy). Chef corrects them and announce that the children band duo, Bananas & Cheese, are visiting them much to the excitement of the kids. As Chef hands the kids Bananas & Cheese hats, Duncan just woke up from his nap and is horrified to see the hats. Wondering why are they wearing the hats, Gwen informs him about the band's arrival later that day, continuing to say "today" near his ear. A terrified Duncan then runs away, smashing through the daycare wall in the process. Chef believes that Duncan is excited to see the band and shows the kids one of the band's latest music video.

Desperate to get out of daycare, Duncan first tries to dig underneath the fence until his shovel breaks. He then ties himself to several balloons to fly out only to crash into the ground. Next, he throws a large rock at the opposite end of the see-saw in order to launch himself over the fence but ends up crashing into the daycare ground again. Giving up, Duncan complains his dislike for the band to Noah and Gwen, the only other kids not looking forward to the band, and ask them how they cope with it. Noah simply replies that he did it the same way he cope with his other problems, pushing it down. Gwen on the other hand explains that she will think of them in their underwear and get grossed out as she is more comfortable that way. Since Duncan is unable to find a way to escape, Gwen tells him to find a way to prevent them from coming.

Liking the idea much, Duncan spends hours thinking of how to do so but fail to come up with anything. Noah and Gwen console him and tell him to cheer up but Duncan is unable to and tells them that they will not understand. Wondering what he means, Gwen questions him. Instead, Duncan leaves them and explains in the confessional that the reason why he hates Bananas & Cheese so much is because the band is actually his parents. If the other kids find out about this, they will come over his house and destroy his privacy. Just then, Duncan thought up of a plan to cancel the concert and recruits Gwen and Noah to help him. With Gwen getting Chef to come out of his office by getting stuck in a bucket, Duncan and Noah sneak in and calls Bananas & Cheese with Noah imitating as Chef. Noah tries to tell Duncan's mother that the kids come down with different kinds of contagious diseases but the band tells them not to worry as they are immune to all of them.

Some time later, Duncan has another idea and gets the other two to help him again; delaying their arrival until closing time. Gwen once again distracts Chef with the same idea while the other two sneaks into the office to use the computer.  By tracking the car's GPS, Noah hacks into the traffic system and turn all the traffic lights to red but the banana car drives pass all of them. Duncan then calls the police to inform them about a stolen car but this fails as the officer responded to the call is a fan of the band. To make matters worse, the officer become their police escort and leads them to the daycare. As a last resort, Duncan, Gwen and Noah plant thumb tacks on the road and barricade the door but the police car simply crash into the door.

The band has now arrived and begin playing their latest song much to the kids' (except the three) excitement. The song in question is directed to Duncan and how much his parents love him. Not wanting to hear it, Duncan tries to make a lot of noise but Chef stops him. At the end of the song, Duncan is relieved that everything is over now until his mother picks him up, kisses him on the cheek and tells him to pack up. With his secret revealed the kids, except Noah and Gwen, want to get to visit his house, just as Duncan feared. Duncan quickly enters his parents' car and tells them to drive away quickly with the other kids chasing them followed by Chef just as the episode ends.


It's lunchtime and everyone pulls out something from their lunch boxes. Duncan pulls out a large piece of meat and takes a bite from it. Harold opens his which contains live crabs and is pinched by one of them before closing his box. Owen takes out multiple dishes from his and ties a napkin around his neck before eating. Courtney pulls out a phone from hers and calls someone. Beth shows up with a slice of pizza and feeds Courtney. Satisfied with her service, Courtney pays Beth and the latter runs off after receiving her payment.


Voice actor Role(s)
Deven Mack Chef Hatchet
Sarah Gadon Beth
Drew Nelson Duncan
Katie Griffin Duncan's Mother
Lyon Smith Duncan's Father
Lilly Bartlam Gwen
Darren Frost Harold
Katie Crown Izzy
Christian Potenza Jude
Cory Doran Noah
Scott McCord Owen
  • Cody and Courtney appear but have no lines.
  • A traffic police officer speaks but it is unknown who voiced him.



  • This is the first episode in which one of the kids' parents make a full appearance.
  • Duncan's mother's appearance differs greatly than her Total Drama counterpart where her hair is blonde and her eyes are blue. Similarly, his father is much younger with a goatee.
    • In addition to this, Duncan's father apparently isn't a police officer as Duncan's online biography mentions that he comes from a family of police officers.



  • The rock Duncan threw at the see-saw to get himself out of the daycare completely disappears when it hits the other side of the see-saw.


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