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A full view of the area where the Barf Bag Ceremonies take place.

The Barf Bag Ceremony is where the cast members are eliminated in Total Drama World Tour.

The ceremony is held in a compartment on the plane which, as revealed in Jamaica Me Sweat, is located at the rear of the plane. The Barf Bag Ceremonies take place after one of the teams in Total Drama World Tour fails to complete or loses a challenge. Anyone who is not given a barf bag must immediately get a parachute and take the Drop of Shame. The last Barf Bag Ceremony to actually hand out barf bags is in Slap Slap Revolution, making Leshawna, Bridgette, DJ, Harold, and Lindsay the only contestants to actually receive a barf bag. These barf bags are filled with airline issued peanuts, which are not allowed to be sold on regular airlines due to allergies. After the discontinuation of the barf bags, Chris simply counts the votes.


Team Victory at the first Barf Bag Ceremony.

The first official Barf Bag Ceremony to ever take place is in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2. After the teams are formed, Team Victory, who is later wiped out completely, is the first to attend the actual ceremony. Team Amazon comes in second, and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is third. There have been times, such as in The Am-AH-Zon Race, where there is a fake elimination ceremony held. In this case, all of the contestants vote and said votes are counted, but Chris announces at the last second that everyone is safe for the moment. In Greece's Pieces, Chris ignores the votes for his own reasons and eliminates an intern.

In Picnic at Hanging Dork, Courtney and Gwen tie in the votes, prompting Chris to assign a tie-breaker challenge. Gwen's allergies hinder her performance and thus cause her to lose and be eliminated. In Chinese Fake-Out, two contestants, Courtney and Blaineley, are eliminated.

Africa duncan eliminated

The last real barf bag ceremony ends with Duncan's second elimination.

The last Barf Bag Ceremony with an elimination takes place in African Lying Safari, in which Duncan is eliminated again. The last one overall takes place in Rapa Phooey!, in which Sierra is supposed to be eliminated but it ends up being another fake elimination. Awwwwww, Drumheller ensures the end of the barf bag ceremonies when Sierra accidentally blows up the Total Drama Jumbo Jet.


  • Running gags involving the Barf Bag Ceremonies include:
    • Contestants getting hit by the barf bags.
    • Lindsay voting incorrectly.
    • The eliminated contestant having to be forced off of the plane by another person (mostly Chris and Chef).
  • Leshawna is the first contestant and the first female to receive a Barf Bag, while Harold is the first male to receive one.
  • The contestants sit on bleachers similar to those in Total Drama Action's Awards Ceremony.
  • Alejandro, Courtney, Duncan, and Gwen are the only contestants to have attended another team's Barf Bag Ceremony.
    • Alejandro and Gwen are the only two to do so twice.
  • Izzy is the only contestant not to attend an elimination ceremony, due to being removed from the game by the military before her team had to attend one.
  • Team Victory is the only team to receive barf bags at a ceremony, due to their discontinuation after Slap Slap Revolution.
    • DJ received the final barf bag at every ceremony they were handed out.
  • This and the Awards Ceremony are currently the only ceremonies that were used for only one season, unlike the Campfire Ceremony, which was used for four seasons.
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