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Team Victory receiving their Barf Bags in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2.

Barf bags are food items handed out by Chris in Barf Bag Ceremonies to represent safety from elimination in Total Drama World Tour. They are the Total Drama World Tour counterparts of the marshmallows that are present in most seasons and the Gilded Chris Awards in Total Drama Action. At the Barf Bag Ceremony, Chris will typically hand out barf bags filled airline-issued peanuts to everyone present except for the eliminated contestant. The contestant who does not receive a barf bag must then take the Drop of Shame.

Total Drama World Tour

The barf bags are first introduced by Chris in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1 and are officially handed out at the season's first elimination ceremony in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2. All members of Team Victory, minus Ezekiel, are given a barf bag in this episode.

They appear again throughout the elimination ceremonies in Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan and Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, and make their final appearance in Slap Slap Revolution. Lindsay and DJ were even seen eating the peanuts at the end of the episode. After Leshawna's elimination, the barf bags are not handed out for the remainder of the season, as Chris either counts the votes or simply announces who the eliminated contestant is.


  • Because the barf bags are only present for the first four eliminations, Bridgette, Lindsay, Leshawna, Harold, and DJ are the only contestants to ever receive barf bags, meaning Team Victory is the only team to receive them. After that, Chris simply counts the votes and the contestants are told who is to be eliminated.
    • Ezekiel is the only member of Team Victory to never receive any barf bags, as he is the first eliminated member of the team.
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