The bear is a large, brown-furred mammal that is very dangerous when angered. It is one of the most feared animals at Camp Wawanakwa. It has made several major appearances in Total Drama Island, usually scaring the campers. In Total Drama Action, however, it made fewer appearances, since its contract with the show had apparently expired. However, it goes on to make further appearances in Total Drama World Tour, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, and Total Drama All-Stars. A robotic bear with a similar appearance named Scuba Bear makes recurring appearances in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.

Total Drama Island

The bear's first appearance is in The Big Sleep, when Tyler has a nightmare that Katie and Sadie are being attacked by it. In The Sucky Outdoors, Owen tells a story in which he and his grandpa hunted a giant bear. After Izzy has been gone for a while, a bear enters the Gophers' campsite. Upon seeing the bear, everyone panics, then run and climb up a nearby tree. During this moment of fear, Owen reveals his story was just for entertainment purposes, and that he had never really hunted a bear before. Heather dryly states that the bear probably isn't hungry anymore, since it had likely already eaten Izzy, causing her team to look at her in shock. Once the branch Leshawna is on breaks, everyone becomes immediately frightened, and Owen proclaims loudly that she is going to die. However, Leshawna is very surprised when the "bear" asks her if she is okay, and when she asks her fellow campers if the bear just talked to her, it removes its head and reveals itself to be Izzy.

Snapshot 2009-02-15 22-47-17

Izzy ends her prank by revealing to her team that she was disguised as a bear.

Shortly after, another bear, this time a real one, shows up at the Gophers' campsite. Even though Gwen thinks it looks real this time, Owen believes it is Chris in disguise, so he tries to pull off its head. When Owen tugs on its fur and rips some off, the bear roars in anger, leading Owen to realize that it actually is a real bear. Cody pees in his pants once again and everyone climbs back up the tree. The bear stays there all night, even when it begins to rain. Afterwards, the bear goes back into its cave and scares Katie and Sadie away. Its fur falls off of its head shortly after it roars at them.

As seen in Up the Creek, at least one bear lives on Boney Island. When the Screaming Gophers were being chased by wooly beavers, the bear puts on its glasses to see if what he was seeing was actually happening. Later, the Gophers come running the other way being chased by Stymphalian Canadian Geese. The bear breaks his glasses afterwards and throws them somewhere into the woods. The bear also appears in Paintball Deer Hunter at the end of the episode, where it sees Cody with berries and chips. It mauls Cody (which causes his elimination) and is later seen in the confessional eating chips from an empty bag which has a hole in it.


The bear attempts to eat the marshmallows that it stole.

In X-Treme Torture, the bear tries to steal the camp's marshmallows several times throughout the episodes, never succeeding in doing so. The first time, it sneaks into camp when all the campers are asleep, but is scared away by Chris's airplane. During the second part of the challenge, when the moose was on a rampage, it trampled over all of the marshmallows the bear had stolen. Finally, when Heather was flung away from her motorcycle, she landed directly at the bear making him drop all of his marshmallows. The bear then growls at Heather for this.

Owen and the bear stun

Owen and the bear get tranquilized.

In Brunch of Digustingness, a bear and a bunny run away when Trent vomits in the confession. In Search and Do Not Destroy, the bear has the key around its neck, which Owen is required to retrieve in order to complete the day's challenge. Owen finds the bear in a cave and tries to get the key off its neck, but when he finally gets near the bear, it puts its arm around him, pinning into the ground. It eventually bites Owen's head, wakes up, and growls. Despite this, Owen is somehow able to get the key, although he is half swallowed by the bear in the process. The bear carries him to the campground and is eventually tranquilized.

In Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, several bears are seen being carried away by airplanes to be relocated for the good of campers and themselves. One of the bears lands in a playground right on a kid on the teeter-totter. Heather is tasked to catch a bear for her challenge, the hardest of all the tasks available. She at first try to lure it out of its den using garbage but fail. Per Duncan's instruction, Heather manages to attract its attention using a deer disguise. However, she fails to catch it after she was tranquilized by Izzy.

In the beginning of Haute Camp-ture, while Chris is introducing the show instead of a recap of the previous episode, a bear could be seen chasing Heather and Gwen. Its next two appearances are very brief ones. In Camp Castaways, once the four remaning campers found Chris and Chef, a bear is there eating some of the food. In I Triple Dog Dare You!, Owen was dared by Izzy to give a sleeping bear a "purple-nurple". He succeeded, but upon doing so, he got mauled by the bear but quickly healed to do the other dares.

Owen bear

The Bear isn't happy to see Owen peer into its mouth.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, the bear appears near the middle of the episode when Owen, Tyler, Cody, and DJ are on the edge of the cliff. Everyone except Owen gets worried, but Owen says it is only Izzy in a bear costume again. After the bear roars at Owen, he worriedly says it isn’t Izzy. The scared, tied together, group falls off the cliff, but are saved by a desperate Cody who barely hangs on to the edge. When the group is accidentally saved by Courtney’s hot air balloon, the bear begins to climb up a cord that is hanging down from the hot air balloon. Once the five people came back with the case, the bear had finally reached the hot air balloon. The four guys give up the case for their survival, but Courtney grabs the case from them. The bear pokes Courtney on the shoulder once she begins bragging, which causes her to escape from the hot air balloon as well.



Molotov is introduced in the log roll challenge during No Pain, No Game.

Molotov is a bear that used to perform in the Russian National Circus. He has been, according to Chris, the European log-rolling champion for the past twelve years.

In No Pain, No Game, Molotov is part of the final challenge, which was entitled "The Grizzly Bear Log Roll". In this challenge, Leshawna had to last ten seconds on the log with Molotov without falling into the piranha infested lake. If she completed this, she would win a luxurious trailer, along with invincibility. Leshawna seems to struggle at first; however, she manages to overcome Molotov, sending the bear into the water and loses its fur to the piranhas. After the challenge ends, a furless Molotov is seen with Sasquatchanakwa in a cave, wearing Sadie's clothes and squealing like she and Katie would.

Total Drama Action


Izzy and the bear in the Total Drama Action opening sequence.

The bear makes an appearance in the opening sequence, appearing in the middle of an explosion caused by Lindsay, his fur charred and an angry look on his face. When Izzy arrives and waves to the camera, the bear roars at her, but the bear is scared when Izzy roars right back at him and begins to chase him off-screen. The bear is still shown running away from Izzy when it passes by the Lame-o-sine.

In Monster Cash, when Gwen, Trent, and Duncan talked about what the film set no longer had (which included bears), a nearby house instantly burst into flames and disintegrated in a matter of seconds, exposing the bear inside (once again with charred fur as a result of the explosion). It roars angrily and begins to chase the three away, but is never seen again in the episode. Chris asked Chef why the bear was still there, saying that he thought the bear had been tranquilized and returned to its handler. Chef replied by saying that the bear had one more day left on its contract, to which Chris chuckles to and replies, "Nice!"

Much later during the season in Top Dog, the bear reappears as one of the animals the contestants can choose to train. Owen chooses it to act like him, but Owen does more sabotaging than training. Owen and his bear get a six out of ten for a mild impression of him, since the bear farted. While sabotaging the contestants, the bear gets trapped with Owen in a rope trap. Owen and the bear eat many berries and break the net with their weight. However, both of them get diarrhea. Two entire days later, Owen and the bear return to camp. Owen hides behind the bear when Beth and Courtney scold him for being a traitor.


The Bear and Duncan face off in the finale.

In Mutiny on the Soundstage, it was once again heavily involved in the challenge. First, Duncan and Beth had to sweep out the bathroom since the bear and Sasquatchanakwa were in there. During the sports section of the finale's challenge, Duncan had to challenge the bear in all four segments of the sports. For boxing, Duncan punched the bear many times doing nothing to it, but the bear simply gave out one punch to knock Duncan out. It was evenly matched during the badminton segment, however. For wrestling, all Duncan had to do was jump and avoid a whip the bear had. Duncan beat the bear in basketball when he did a slam dunk against it. The bear is again seen in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special walking on the red carpet along with all of the others that have been chosen to be "Total Drama Dirtbags" stars.

Total Drama World Tour

Though the regular brown bear is present in the season, sometimes there is a polar bear in correspondence to colder areas. In the opening sequence, it stares at Lindsay and makes her scream (the polar bear was really Izzy in a costume, much like what happened before in the woods). Another polar bear appears in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, rising from the icy water after Cody and Owen collide with each other on top of an ice floe. The polar bear proceeds to tilt the ice floe over, so he can eat Cody and Owen, but is hit over the head by an ice block thrown by Sierra, and sinks back into the water. The real bear appears briefly in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water when Harold was solving a complicated math problem. The bear was seen holding a chainsaw and was angrily glaring at him.

Bear Photobooth

Pictures of the bear and his girlfriend.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Chris unleashes a ferocious bear, holding a chainsaw, to make the sculpture-collecting challenge more difficult for the contestants. Once the bear catches up to Team Amazon, it sees Sierra crying, and eventually begins crying itself. When Cody and Sierra leave, the bear pulls out a group of photographs, showing him in a photo booth, with a female bear (meaning the bear was also crying about someone he cared about). Near the end of the challenge, the bear chases only DJ after he was injured by DJ on a reckless golf cart. In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, the bear is seen in "DJ's World of Animals", when DJ is scratching his foot with a stick, and he accidentally leans against a tree. The tree then falls on top of the bear who is reading a newspaper.

Greece bear monster challenge

The bear as an "Erymanthian Boar".

The bear has a small part in Greece's Pieces as part of a challenge. It is dressed like an Erymanthian Boar, having boar tusks tied to its upper jaw. The bear had a gold medal around its neck, which either Gwen or Duncan had to retrieve. The bear attacks Duncan in Greek Mix, but ignores Gwen, allowing her to claim the medal and victory. In Aftermath Aftermayhem, the bear is briefly seen following Gwen after she is introduced, but he is dragged offstage by an intern. Another bear, which, according to Harold, is a Siberian brown bear, is shown to apparently be attacking Bridgette and blocks out the camera which shows Bridgette in Siberia with its paw. The bear is later seen crying about having an injured paw, and Bridgette is shown helping it with its injury. Bridgette called the bear, "Bruno". Despite being called a brown bear, it appears to have black fur rather than the usual shade of brown seen on most bears on the show. The bear appears again in Niagara Brawls, where it is used in the slot machine as a 'surprise' husband, alone with Duncan, Cody, Alejandro, and Owen. It is later released when Courtney wins it in the game and it chases her around the theater. Later, it is lead away by a metal collar after Courtney refuses to accept the bear as her partner for the challenge. However, once she ends up getting Duncan instead, she actually considers working things out with the bear instead. In Awwwwww, Drumheller, the bear is seen running out of the plane's cargo hold right before Sierra causes the plane to explode. In Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, the bear is seen caged in a truck to be transported after the plane exploded.


A black bear by the name of Bruno appears in some of the Total Drama Aftermath segments. Bridgette was seen taking care of it after it attacked a cameraman in Aftermath Aftermayhem and it followed her back to Hawaii in Hawaiian Style.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Much like the other animals on the island, the bear is mutated by the toxic waste, and grows a third eye. Its only appearance was in Runaway Model, reading a book when Chris begins the fashion challenge.

Total Drama All-Stars


A group of bears attacking Sam during his exile on Boney Island.

In Saving Private Leechball, a group of bears attacks Sam during his exile on Boney Island. Although he managed to escape from them by hiding on top of a tree, a squirrel threw an acorn at him, causing him to fall and get mauled by the bears. In Food Fright, Cameron made a bear urinate at him by disguising as a fire hydrant, allowing him to survive the night at Boney Island without being harmed by the wildlife there. In Moon Madness, while searching for the McLean-Brand Chris Head, Scott finds a bear who then tries to attack him. However, Chef airlifts Scott away before the bear could do so. Also, when the moon turns blue, a bear is attacked by an affected squirrel.


Gwen encounters a bear during the challenge in The Bold and the Booty-ful.

In Sundae Muddy Sundae, a bear is seen in the beginning eating chocolate sauce until it's was attacked by a fire breathing flower and its fur was burned. The same bear later appears at the cliff, licking the ice-cream snowman but Scott accidentally knocks into the snowman, causing its head to fall on the bear and it begins to chase Scott. At the swamp, the bear ended up fighting with an alligator after it trips on Scott. In the confessional, the bear is seen eating its ice-cream and becomes frustrated when the ice cream fell to the floor. In The Bold and the Booty-ful, a bear poops behind a bush and walks away when it notices Gwen. Gwen uses the poop to retouch one of Chris's self-portraits, claiming it was the right color. In The Final Wreck-ening, a bunch of bears along with other animals can be seen riding the Boat of Losers after the island sank at the end of the episode.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Ella and the bear cute

Ella befriends a bear in Mo Monkey Mo Problems.

In Mo Monkey Mo Problems, a bear suddenly appears and eats Waneyihtam Maskwak's monkey that holds their coin, heavily impeding their progress in the challenge. The bear begins to aggressively show affection to Dave, then starts holding him in a headlock and refuses to let go. The bear releases Dave only after being put in a trance by Ella's singing. Later, in order for Team Maskwak to achieve their coin needed to win the challenge, Sugar forcibly gives the bear the Heimlich maneuver, making it spit the monkey out. After Team Maskwak wins the challenge, the bear eats the monkey again and walks away. In Scarlett Fever, it is revealed that the bears on Pahkitew Island are robotic.

Scuba Bear

A bear that goes by the name Scuba Bear made many appearances throughout the season during the challenges (more so than the regular bear). With each episode it appears, it also changes its appearance and name, such as Bling Bear and Pasta Bear. Like the brown bear, Scuba Bear was also a robot. Although it was destroyed in Scarlett Fever, Chris had it rebuilt several times and used it again in later episodes.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

In None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1, a bear is seen walking among the pedestrians at the start of the episode.

In I Love Ridonc & Roll, a bear is seen using the sauna while Don explains the challenge.

Total DramaRama

In the credits of Snots Landing, a bear is seen coming down the slide. Later, it scares Duncan, Noah, Courtney, Owen, Izzy, and Gwen.



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