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Beth is one of the children attending the daycare center.


Beth is much like her older self; friendly and well-meaning, but awkward.

Total DramaRama

In Cluckwork Orange, Beth takes a liking towards an alligator from the petting zoo, even going into its mouth to check its teeth for cavities. At the end of the episode, it turns out that she had kept the alligator in class, drinking tea with it and naming it Suzanne. When Beth overhears Courtney saying that it is against the rules to bring a dangerous animal to the Daycare, she tells Suzanne to hide in Chef's office where the alligator attacks Chef.

In Free Chili, Jude recruits her to aid him in front Owen's chili dog which they believe to be an alien.




  • Beth wears a bee costume instead of the outfit her older self wears.
  • Beth does not have braces like her older self.
  • Her pupils, while wearing her glasses, are depicted as blue instead of black. Interestingly, her eyes, when not wearing her glasses, are still depicted as simple black dots just like in the main series.


  • Beth has yet to wear braces, resulting in her teeth being uneven and crooked.
  • Beth being dressed in a bee costume is a reference to older self's stereotype, "The Wannabe".