The fourth season begins, introducing a whole new cast, set on a familiar island, which has been turned into a biohazardous waste dump. The thirteen contestants are divided into two teams. Two contestants build a close bond, while one contestant manages to annoy her entire team into eliminating her that night.


The episode begins with an introduction from Chris, who explains that the season will take place once again at Camp Wawanakwa, but this time, the season has a few changes, showing how the island has changed while they were gone. Next, all of the contestants from the past three seasons, excluding Blaineley, are seen partying on a yacht. However, Chris then announces that they will not be competing this year, as the yacht floats past the island, with Owen screaming "No!" Instead, thirteen new contestants are then introduced from a different yacht arriving to the island.

A quick introduction for each of the new contestants is given. The viewers are first introduced to Jo and Scott, the former telling the latter to stay out of her way. Mike and Zoey are introduced, only to be interrupted by Lightning. Brick catches Zoey after she is pushed out of the way by Lightning, but drops her to give a salute when his name is announced. B and Dawn are then introduced, followed by Dakota, who blows a kiss to the camera. Anne Maria is introduced while applying spray tan, but Dakota pushes her to hog more screen time, only for the latter to spray her face in retaliation. Staci brags about her aunt having invented fake tanner, because of which Anne Maria sprays her face as well. Cameron is then introduced, but is knocked over by a flock of birds, followed by the final introduction, Sam. But to make a more interesting welcome, Chris activates a bomb, destroying the yacht, causing the cast to fall into the water.

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Zoey saves Mike, who was trying to save Staci from drowning.

The contestants swim back to the shore of the island. Cameron is seen drowning in the lake, but Lightning saves him while calling him a "little girl" in the process, causing Cameron to protest. Staci starts drowning, as she was wasting her energy telling lies. Mike and Zoey both say that they'll help Staci, but she takes her hand and puts it on Mike's head, drowning him. Zoey saves them both. Meanwhile, Jo cheers in excitement when she believes she is the first to reach the shore. However, Dawn is already at the shore, since she used a shortcut and didn't even get wet. Brick is the third to make it to shore. B, who was unknowingly carrying Cameron, makes it to the shore fourth.

Once everyone makes it ashore, they chat for a short moment. Then Chris announces that the contestants should follow a path into the woods, and then signals off a horn to awaken the beasts that have become inhabitants of the island. The cast screams as they run away from the loud rustling in the distance. After they have followed the path, they are united with Chris awaiting at a finish line. The contestants crossing the finish line determined which team they would be placed on, with B, Dakota, Dawn, Lightning, Sam, Scott, and Staci ending up on the Toxic Rats and Anne Maria, Brick, Cameron, Jo, Mike, and Zoey on the Mutant Maggots. Chris also introduces the "McLean-Brand Chris Head", which he is going to hide somewhere on the island. It is an item that, when found, will allow the contestant who finds it to stay in the competition even when voted out for the first time.

After that, Chris then gives out rewards for those who crossed the finish line first. Due to Jo crossing first, her team wins a trampoline, and Lightning, the second to cross, gets a hacksaw. From there, they must cut down a totem pole that is hanging from a tree, with a timed bomb strapped to it, which would detonate in seven minutes, unless they cut it down, slide it down a hill, and place it on a tree stump between the cabins. After both teams have successfully cut down their rope, they must place it on the river, and ride it down a waterfall and onto a slope.


Staci annoying the Toxic Rats with her incessant lies.

When the challenge begins, Jo falls into the water after jumping on the trampoline, prompting Cameron to calculate exactly where Jo should jump on the trampoline to reach the axe. Anne Maria attempts to get the axe, but jumps too hard which causes her to slam between the totem pole and the trampoline until Jo kicks the trampoline from underneath her. Brick then attempts to grab the axe, but can't separate the axe from the totem pole, leaving him vulnerable to a mutant squirrel which attacks the entire team. In the process, the squirrel shoots a laser which cuts the rope. Meanwhile, Lightning fails at climbing the tree to cut the totem down for the Toxic Rats, claiming there was butter on the tree that Chris put there to mess him up, to dismiss his failure. Afterwards, B manages to come up with a solution that involved the entire team stacking up against each other to reach the rope to cut down the totem. This made B's teammates, excluding Scott, impressed with B. The Toxic Rats are in the lead and make it down the slope first after both teams went down a waterfall and B had his team lean forward to pick up speed and pass the Maggots.


Owen makes an individual cameo.

While they are racing on their totems, Owen manages to swim back to the island and asks Chris why the yacht carrying him and his fellow "classic" contestants wouldn't stop. Chris tells him that they have outlived their usefulness, and would not be competing this season, ordering Chef to stick a bomb on his face, causing Owen to blast off the island from the explosion. The Toxic Rats arrive first and got to choose between a luxurious cabin and a regular cabin akin to the cabins from Total Drama Island. But once the Toxic Rats choose the former, the Mutant Maggots come into the campground soaring and their totem pole crashes into that cabin, thereby destroying it. Chris announces that because the Maggots' cabin is the only one still standing, they won the challenge. A new cabin which is just a plain old cabin replaces the new one immediately via helicopter.


The Mutant Maggots win the first challenge of the season.

The Rats are then taken to the first elimination campfire ceremony of the season, where Chris announces that this time instead of the eliminated player not getting a marshmallow, that player would get the Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom. Scott, Lightning, B, Dawn, and Sam receive regular marshmallows in that order. This leaves Dakota, who wasn't focused on competing, and Staci, who annoyed everyone by constantly talking. The Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom goes to Staci, who becomes the first eliminated contestant of the season. Staci asks if that means she has to go to the Dock of Shame, to which Chris replies by announcing that this season's voted off players leave the game by the Hurl of Shame. Staci talks about how one of her ancestors invented catapults, but before she can finish, Chris hurls her with the catapult.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Athena Karkanis Anne Maria
Jon Cor Brick
Kevin Duhaney Cameron
Carleigh Beverly Dakota
Caitlynne Medrek Dawn
Laurie Elliott Jo
Tyrone Savage Lightning
Cory Doran Mike
Scott McCord Owen
Brian Froud Sam
James Wallis Scott
Ashley Peters Staci
Barbara Mamabolo Zoey
  • B and Chef appear, but they do not speak. However, Chef screams and laughs.
  • Except for Blaineley, every contestant from the first three seasons appears but doesn't speak (aside from Owen).
  • One of the paparazzi speaks, however, it is unknown who voiced him.



  • This is the order in which Chris introduces the contestants:
    1. Jo
    2. Scott
    3. Zoey
    4. Mike
    5. Lightning
    6. Brick
    7. B
    8. Dawn
    9. Dakota
    10. Anne Maria
    11. Staci
    12. Cameron
    13. Sam
  • The only new characters who don't use the confessional in this episode are Dawn, Jo, and Staci.
  • The following are what the original contestants did on the yacht:
  • The bombs that were seen multiple times throughout the episode had the Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot logo on them, which was used in the previous season.
  • One of Mike's alternate personalities, an old man named Chester, makes his debut in this episode.
  • This is the first season where there are two teams and the amount of players on each team are uneven at the beginning.
  • Cameron’s confessional is the same as his audition tape, with the only difference being the location.
  • The way Duncan and Gwen hold each other while making out is similar to how Courtney imagines them in Boyfriend Kisser.
  • The animation of Lindsay and Tyler holding each other while kissing is recycled from Hawaiian Style
  • This is the second time that a contestant contacts people in the outside world with their technological device. In this case, Dakota contacts the paparazzi. The first is Courtney contacting her lawyers throughout Total Drama Action.
  • Like in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, the first two new contestants to be introduced are a girl followed by a boy.
  • Currently, this is the only episode in which all of the first and second generation contestants (except Blaineley) all appear in.
  • There is an alternate scene in the European Cartoon Network when Anne Maria was introduced. Instead of spraying at Dakota for pushing her, she just pushed her back. Similarly, she doesn't spray at Staci on purpose, but sprayed on herself which causes Staci to choke.
  • Chris' nicknames for the contestants are:
    1. Lightning - Captain Modesty
    2. Scott - Pit Sniffer
    3. Brick - Corporal Brick House
    4. B - Silent Treatment
    5. Cameron - Bubble Boy
    6. Zoey - Zoey the Lonely
    7. Dawn - Aura Whisperer
    8. Mike - Saved by a Girl
    9. Dakota - Princess Wannabe
    10. Anne Maria - Tan in a Can
    11. Sam - Game Junkie
    12. Staci - Chatty Staci
    • Jo is the only one who does not give a nickname to. Ironically, Jo gives many of the contestants their own nicknames.
  • This episode marks the highest number of contestants (all of the original contestants other than Owen, who spoke, and Blaineley, who didn't appear, as well as B) appearing in an episode without any lines.
  • According to Julie Giles, the challenge for this episode was supposed to be a pancake eating challenge, but had to be cut for time. It was later used in the episode Food Fright in the following season.
  • This is currently the only episode to feature Staci as a contestant.
  • This is the only episode of the entire season where the Toxic Rats have more members than the Mutant Maggots. In all other episodes of the season, there are either more Maggots than Rats, or an equal amount of both.


  • This is the second season premiere in a row in which a race to the finish line determines the teams. The first is Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1.
    • However, in this season Chris seems to randomly place the contestants when they finished, instead of placing them in order by when they finished.
    • This is also the second season premiere in a row where someone is eliminated. In this case, Staci was eliminated in the premiere for the season, the first is Duncan for Total Drama World Tour.
  • There are several clues from the original cast that some time has passed between the end of season three and the start of season four.
    • Chris told Owen that he was "not competing this year". It could be assumed that about a year has passed since the events of Total Drama World Tour.
    • It can also be assumed from the length of Heather's hair growth from her Total Drama World Tour length back to its original Total Drama Island length that a significant amount of time has passed since the final episode of Total Drama World Tour and this episode.
    • Likewise, Sierra is also shown with some hair growth under her hat, showing that she has recovered some of it since losing all of her hair after the explosion. Additionally, her legs have also recovered.
    • However, Alejandro was still inside the Drama Machine, highlighting that his injuries were incredibly extensive.
    • Similar, Ezekiel is still a Gollum-like creature. This proves that not enough time has passed for Ezekiel to restore to normal or his transformation from the previous season is irreversible.
  • When Dakota's paparazzi first arrive, music from the aftermath's intro can be heard playing.
  • This is the first episode of the entire series to not feature any of the veteran contestants actively competing in the game.
  • This episodes reveals that all of the original contestants survived their ordeal at the end of the previous season.
    • This excludes Blaineley, who's condition is unknown until it was revealed later in an exclusive clip of Evil Dread that Blaineley is alive and well.
  • The reward for this episode is similar to the reward in Monster Cash, with the winners of the first challenge being allowed to pick the sleeping arrangements.
    • Also, in both episodes, one of the trailers/cabins seems obviously better than the other, but then something happens to bring them both down the same standard.
  • This is the final episode in which Ezekiel is in his feral state but not hostile towards others.



  • Before the camera zooms in on Chris standing on the dock, the intern is nowhere to be seen. After it zooms in on Chris, he walks to the side of the dock and the intern appears.
  • After the opening credits, there is a change of scenery from a yellow sky to a blue sky.
  • The bombs Chris uses throughout the challenge are missing the logo on the front at several times during the episode.
  • When the contestants are terrified to hear a mutated squirrel roaring from the forest, Sam is bigger than usually.
  • As soon as the mutant squirrel hits the tree branch with its laser beams, the axe at the base of the Mutant Maggots' totem disappears.
  • When B pulls Staci aside, the drawstrings on his sweatshirt disappear.
    • This goof also occurs when B receives his marshmallow.
  • Chris originally starts the bomb timers at the same time, but the Mutant Maggots' timer was about three seconds slower than the Toxic Rats' timer.
  • When Chris is naming the campers when they are arriving at the finish point, the wheels on his truck shift alignment.
  • When Dawn is talking to Zoey, there is a line on her skirt.
  • Before B launches Dawn onto the totem, she has no eyebrows.
  • When Scott says, "Quick, grab the good cabin!" it sounds like Mike.
  • Several goofs are seen when the classic competitors arrive. Examples include:
    • Eva's mole is on the wrong side.
    • Beth's badges are on her right side of her vest, while they are normally on her left.
    • Courtney appears to be shorter than Katie despite the two of them are about the same height as seen in Dodgebrawl.
    • Duncan's green mohawk appears lighter than usual.
  • When the Rats' original cabin blows up, there are no cinder blocks. But when a new cabin arrives for them, they suddenly appear.
  • In the alternate scene mentioned above, when Anne Maria fights with Dakota, there is no spray can in her hand, although the sound can still be heard.


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