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Mildred "Blaineley" Stacey Andrews O'Halloran is a television host, formerly of Celebrity Manhunt, and a co-host for Total Drama World Tour Aftermath. She was one of the three newcomers who debuted in Total Drama World Tour due to accidentally winning the second-chance challenge in Aftermath Aftermayhem, and became a contestant on the season after debuting in Niagara Brawls. She also makes cameo appearances in a Total Drama All-Stars exclusive clip and the season finale of the spin-off series.


Blaineley is obsessed with gossip and fame. She wants more than anything to obtain a "juicy" story and attempts to delve into topics could potentially cause a scandal. When she first appears in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Blaineley is depicted as enthusiastic and friendly; however, her true colors are eventually revealed when she starts hosting Total Drama's Aftermath show.

On the aftermath show, Blaineley demonstrates she is conceited, mean, and willing to do whatever it takes to remain in the spotlight, including sending Bridgette to Siberia and lying about her real name. When she joins Total Drama World Tour as a contestant, it doesn't take long for the others to start hating her, but a different side to Blaineley is shown when she is paired with Owen in Niagara Brawls. Through an unlikely friendship, Owen helps Blaineley let loose and focus less on her public image, proving she isn't entirely bad after all.

Total Drama Action

Blaineley is introduced as a host of Celebrity Manhunt.

Blaineley's first appearance is in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, where she hosts a talk show called Celebrity Manhunt alongside Josh. During their exclusive on the Total Drama cast, Blaineley shows enthusiasm for each of the contestants. She is very excited to meet Lindsay on the red carpet, whom she labels as the "fashion goddess" and says Lindsay has always surprised her with her incredible looks and designer dresses. However, Lindsay later fails to wear anything fashionable at all, since she believed it was a dress rehearsal and is wearing her regular outfit with new earrings. Blaineley comments on how she definitely will not be asking Lindsay for fashion advice.

While commenting on Heather and Gwen's blog wars, Blaineley states she's on "Team Gwen", since Gwen is "weird and awesome and the total anti-Heather". Blaineley also admits she has a "crush" on the male model and former castmate Justin, whom she says "had enough flavor for all of The Drama Brothers". When discussing Leshawna and Tyler's reality show success, she explains Leshawna's worst career move was her "Largest Loser" weight loss show appearance as she wonders why Leshawna trimmed down her "perfect booty". She also points out Tyler's grasp for fame with a fake baby bump. After Sierra becomes a Celebrity Manhunt interviewer, Blaineley complains Sierra wasn't "digging up the dirt" with the former castmates on the red carpet and she slowly grows irritated with Sierra's amateur gossip skills. While the bus chase between the Total Drama cast and the cast of Total Drama Dirtbags ensues, Blaineley is shown watching it intensely along with Josh, eating popcorn as they watch the cast head towards a cliff. After informing Trent, Geoff, Justin, Beth, Katie, Sadie, and Eva they did not make it to season three because they left the main group and returned to the studio, she tells the public she, along with Josh, will tune in to watch it. This enrages Eva to the core to the point that she has a temper tantrum and trashes the Celebrity Manhunt studio.

Total Drama World Tour

Blaineley co-hosts the first aftermath of Total Drama World Tour with Geoff.

After quitting her position as co-host of Celebrity Manhunt for unknown reasons, Blaineley joins Geoff in hosting the Aftermath show, replacing Bridgette who is competing for the season. In a similar fashion to Geoff's "Captain Hollywood" moniker last season, Blaineley attempts to stir up some drama between the contestants to boost the show's ratings. It is this difference she clashes with Geoff over throughout the season.

During the first aftermath of the season, she clashes with Geoff as she keeps pestering him about Bridgette cheating on him with Alejandro, but he pretends to not care. To bring more drama to the show, Blaineley attempts to bring Bridgette in as the first guest but Geoff delays it by introducing Harold first, much to her displeasure. Even after Harold is interviewed, song and all, Geoff still refuses to speak to Bridgette and plays the "That's Gonna Leave a Mark!" segment to stall her introduction. Blaineley finally stops the stalling and manages to call Bridgette to the studio, but she refuses to come out. Eventually, Blaineley gets her drama and raises the tension by showing the scene of Bridgette kissing Alejandro and having a video guest remind her of the situation. Aggression builds up between Bridgette and Geoff, and Blaineley seizes the opportunity to start a new segment called "Total Smackdown", in which Bridgette and Geoff are put in a boxing ring to fight. However, the two shortly forgive each other and start making out once again. Angered from her plan failing, Blaineley throws a tantrum and has to be escorted out by two interns, with Blaineley quitting the show and vowing to return to Celebrity Manhunt.

Blaineley gets escorted out the aftermath studio after throwing a tantrum.

Despite her promise in the previous aftermath, as well as Bridgette regaining her spot as co-host, Blaineley continues to host the show alongside Bridgette and Geoff in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon. It turns out she attempted to regain her position at Celebrity Manhunt but got turned down. Blaineley attempts to help the Peanut Gallery raise money but causes more trouble. Her plan to entice donations by forcing DJ to face the animals he harmed in the season backfires and causes their goal to increase from $500,000 to $1,000,000. Eventually, Blaineley is tasked to answer all the calls after Geoff takes the Peanut Gallery somewhere else for the final stunt, putting Brainzilla (Izzy's new persona) on a quiz game. After the aftermath is destroyed by a bomb detonated by Izzy and the goal is reached, Blaineley calls her agent and tries to cancel her contract with the show. Her makeup has rubbed off at this point, making her look disheveled, and she screams in horror when she realizes the camera is still running.

Blaineley becomes a contestant after winning the Second Chance challenge.

At the beginning of Aftermath Aftermayhem, Geoff reveals Blaineley has become a roving reporter, traveling around the world in search of her number one fan. Much to everyone's surprise, Blaineley shows up at the studio and reveals she made Bridgette take her place. Angered, Geoff swears revenge on Blaineley and proceeds to embarrass her by showing behind-the-scenes clips of her and singing a spiteful song about her, revealing her real name is Mildred. During the second-chance challenge, Blaineley attempts to get the five contestants to either complete their challenge fast or get eliminated as she tries to get the show to end quickly and collect her payment. Beth ends up reaching the final question but has trouble remembering what the name of Duncan's London-based punk band is. Desperately trying to end the show, Blaineley urges Beth to say it's "Der Schnitzel Kickers", which results in her giving the right answer. Taking advantage of the moment, Geoff gives the reward to Blaineley, who runs away in anger. She is tied up by the interns and sent off to compete along with the remaining contestants. In an exclusive clip, Blaineley is shown complaining about having to compete on the show while being flown to the destination, Niagara Falls, in a small box.

Blaineley makes her debut, while singing Blainerific.

Blaineley makes her competition debut in Niagara Brawls, singing Blainerific to establish her entrance. Her appearance shocks the remaining contestants as most of them believed Gwen will be returning. She is partnered with Owen for the challenge, who she believes will help improve her image on the show due to his popularity. During the tightrope challenge, she gets into an argument with Sierra which leads to their teams falling and being eliminated. At the elimination ceremony, she starts crying over Owen's departure, calling him her "Chubby Hubby". Immediately after, she reveals she is doing it for the publicity.

Blaineley persuades Chef into forming an alliance with her.

To ensure her victory, Blaineley requests Chef Hatchet to form an alliance with her in Chinese Fake-Out. Though Chef has some doubts over the plan due to his failed alliance with DJ last season, he finally agrees. With Chef's help, Blaineley easily completes the racing challenge after Chef pulls her to the finish line faster than the others. During the eating challenge, she has Chef secretly serve her decent food as opposed to what the other contestants had to eat. Eventually, Heather catches her in the act and she is forced to swap meals with Sierra. Because of this disadvantage, Blaineley loses the challenge. During the elimination ceremony, Blaineley receives the same amount of votes as Courtney, but instead of a tie-breaker like before, Chris decides to eliminate the both of them to save the show's budget. Before she takes the Drop of Shame, Blaineley angrily reveals several secrets; Alejandro and Heather are in love with each other, Cody has been voting for Sierra in every elimination ceremony, Ezekiel is still been hiding in the cargo hold, and she was originally intended as the host of the show, but it was instead given to Chris. Infuriated, Chris pushes both her and Courtney off the plane.

Bruno chews on a frightened Blaineley's head in Hawaiian Style.

Blaineley is introduced as a guest in Hawaiian Style and is wrapped from head-to-toe in bandages and supported on a dolly after her painful elimination. Geoff reveals in a video that after taking the Drop of Shame, Blaineley failed to pull her parachute and crashed into a Chinese hut, resulting in her current condition. She is initially the sole person to support Heather, but because of Duncan putting a Heather flag into her sling. She is also forced to compete in the challenge, with Owen being the only person to have pity and volunteer to help her. Owen uses her as a surfboard but ends up sending her flying into the ocean. Bruno, the bear Bridgette befriended in Siberia, rescues her by carrying her in his jaws to shore. At the end of the episode, Bruno is seen gnawing on a terrified Blaineley's head.

In Hawaiian Punch, Blaineley is still wrapped in bandages and supported on a dolly. At the end of the episode, after the volcano erupts, she is seen rolling down the volcano behind the other contestants, as well as running over Alejandro.

Total Drama All-Stars

Blaineley and Bruno on the boat, shoving Lightning out of the way.

Blaineley makes a brief cameo in an exclusive clip for Evil Dread in France. She appears with Bruno in a swan boat, both of them embracing each other, unknowingly knocking Lightning out of their path. Judging by this clip, Blaineley recovered from the injuries she had the last time she was seen.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Blaineley's cameo in the spin-off series.

In A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars, Blaineley makes a brief cameo appearance outside the Empire State Building. She is seen carrying a large amount of shopping bags and boxes while walking past Sanders and MacArthur. In this brief appearance, she is wearing a pink dress rather than her usual red dress.




  • Blaineley is the only contestant of the original cast to never visit Camp Wawanakwa before its destruction in Total Drama All-Stars.
  • Blaineley, along with Beth, Lindsay, and Heather, is one of the only female contestants from the first generation cast who hasn't appeared on Skatoony.
  • Blaineley is the only first-generation contestant to not make a cameo appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
    • However, she is one of four people to cameo in Total Drama All-Stars (although her cameo was through an exclusive clip, not the actual season).
  • Geoff's song in Aftermath Aftermayhem reveals that Blaineley's hair is dyed. This makes her one of four characters to dye her hair in a natural color, the others being Lindsay, Tammy, and Zoey.
  • Blaineley, along with Eva, Katie, and Sadie, is one of the only four contestants from the first three seasons to compete in only one season.
    • Of these four, Blaineley has the lowest amount of participation, with only two episodes.
      • She is tied with Leonard for the second-lowest amount of participation overall in Total Drama, both ahead of Staci and Beardo, with one episode each.
  • Blaineley is one of the seven contestants to not have their full audition tape released.
    • This is because she got in to the show via the Aftermath Aftermayhem "Total Drama Second Chance Challenge" and never auditioned for the show.
  • Blaineley is one of six contestants to be known by their nickname, the others being DJ, B, Lightning, Samey, and MacArthur.
  • Blaineley is the only Total Drama World Tour newcomer to:
  • Blaineley is one of the few contestants to wear hoop earrings, the others being Leshawna, Stephanie, and Anne Maria.
  • Blaineley is one of seven contestants to have never received a symbol of immunity, with the others being Ezekiel, Noah, Staci, Anne Maria, Amy, and Beardo.
    • Blaineley and Anne Maria are the only ones to never attend a ceremony where symbols of immunity are handed out.


  • Blaineley is the first contestant in the series to debut in the game at the start of a merge.
    • As a result, she is the only contestant in the series to have never been on a team.
  • Blaineley is one of only four contestants to ever have an alliance with a staff member, with the others being DJ, Owen, and Ezekiel.
    • She is also the second contestant to align with Chef, the other being DJ.
    • She is the only female to accomplish this feat.
  • She is the second contestant to debut midway through a season, the other being Courtney.
  • She is the highest-ranking female contestant in Total Drama World Tour not to compete in Total Drama All-Stars.


  • Blaineley is the first contestant in the franchise not to be under eighteen at the time of her debut.
  • Blaineley is the only contestant in the franchise history to:
  • As stated by Blaineley in Chinese Fake-Out, Blaineley was Total Drama's first choice for the position of host, but she refused the job.
  • Coincidentally, Blaineley was a host of Celebrity Manhunt, and her voice actress, Carla Collins, is a television host as well.
  • Blaineley has lost two of her jobs over the course of the show.
  • She revealed in Niagara Brawls that she had been nominated for a Gemmie; however, it is unknown exactly what she was nominated for.
  • In Niagara Brawls, Chris reveals Blaineley's weight, which is ninety pounds.
    • However, this contradicts Geoff's depiction of an overweight Blaineley in Aftermath Aftermayhem, so Chris might be incorrect.


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