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Blaineley gets mad after she failed to make Bridgette and Geoff fight in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water.

After she left Celebrity Manhunt, Blaineley joins Geoff to host Total Drama World Tour Aftermath, since Geoff's girlfriend is away for the third season. He quickly grows to hate her due to her rude, arrogant attitude, especially since she keeps reminding him that Bridgette cheated on him while she was away. After Bridgette returns, the three of them host the Aftermath for a while until Geoff finds out that Blaineley shipped Bridgette to Siberia to claim Bridgette's position all for herself. This causes Geoff's hatred for her to intensify greatly, and results in a short, but major conflict, and ends in Blaineley being shipped off to the competition.

Total Drama Action

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

Blaineley calls Bridgette and Geoff amateurs concerning their hosting the aftermath episodes, and is later disgusted by their pet names for one another.

Total Drama World Tour

Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water

Aftermath Blaineley

Geoff gets angry at Blaineley during the Aftermath.

Throughout this episode, Blaineley tortures Geoff by constantly reminding him that Bridgette kissed Alejandro. Geoff however, doesn't want to speak with Bridgette and decides to delay it by first bringing in Harold and prolong the "That's Gonna Leave a Mark!" segment. A frustrated Blaineley shuts Geoff up and quickly introduces Bridgette as the next guest. However, Bridgette refuses to leave the guest room until Beth drags her out and demands Blaineley to let her sing a song in her own way. After finishing singing I'm Sorry, Blaineley shows a video montage "edited especially by her" which shows Bridgette being infatuated with Alejandro time and time again. Successfully bringing tension to the couple, Blaineley begins a segment called "Total Smackdown," making Geoff and Bridgette fight against each other in a boxing match. However, the two of them end up making out, which greatly aggravates Blaineley to the point of throwing a fit, quitting her job as the aftermath co-hostess, and trashing the studio.

Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon

After Blaineley returns to the aftermath sideshow, Bridgette whispers to Geoff, asking him why she is back. Geoff then responds by stating that she tried to get back into Celebrity Manhunt, but they rejected her.

Aftermath Aftermayhem

Geoff is angry with Blaineley from the beginning of this episode, and is glad to announce she's gone off on her Total Drama tour, in search of her number one fan. When she suddenly shows up, he gets angry and later becomes enraged after discovering she has shipped Bridgette off in place of herself. Geoff mentions repeatedly that he'd do anything to get back at Blaineley, and tries to stall and drag out the episode so she doesn't get paid. He shows a montage of Blaineley eating food that had fallen on the floor, farting and burping at the same time and letting out her gut. He even sings Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley about his hatred for her, revealing that her real name is Mildred in the process. At the end of the episode, after Blaineley yells out the correct answer to the final question of the second-chance challenge, Geoff happily and instantly decides to declare her as the winner instead of Beth just to get rid of her. Despite her protest, Geoff calls the interns to ship her off to the competition as revenge for her actions. In an Exclusive clip, Blaineley admitted to slightly overstepping her boundaries when she kidnapped Bridgette and sent her to Siberia.

Hawaiian Style

Unlike Bridgette, Geoff shows no sympathy towards Blaineley throughout the episode, laughing at her misfortune when watching the never-before-seen clip of her crashing through the roof of a Chinese house after her elimination. He also readily allows Blaineley to compete for Team Heather, despite being in a dolly and in no state to perform any physical tasks. Blaineley also laughs when Geoff mentions that Bridgette's return was delayed because she had Blaineley's passport. Bridgette on the other hand, is really worried about her, despite all the things she has done to her. As Blaineley is in no position to compete, Bridgette appoints Owen to help her out during the challenge. At the end of the episode, Bridgette requests someone to help Blaineley out while she is in the water, to which a disappointed Geoff agrees. Geoff proceeds to laugh at Blaineley when Bruno saves her and uses her as a chew toy.


  • All three are the only contestants to be eliminated in a season where they were never put on a team.
  • All three, along with Courtney, are the only ones to be eliminated in a double elimination in which the elimination order of the two cannot be determined.

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