• DramaDot

    Total Drama All-Stars My Way

    February 24, 2020 by DramaDot

    I’m Dot and welcome to Total Drama All-Stars My Way!  This blog will wrap up my TDAS blog series and mark the start of my TDPI blog series!  I’m sticking with the canon cast for now.

    Heroic Hamsters: Mike, Zoey, Gwen, Cameron, Sierra, Sam, Lindsay

    Villainous Vultures: Courtney, Scott, Alejandro, Heather, Duncan, Jo, and Lightning

    Gwen being on the Villains was just silly as all it did was drive a wedge between her and Duncan, which I don’t need.  She’s on the Heroes and Courtney’s on the Vultures.

    Camper Status: Duncan and Gwen find themselves growing apart due to Courtney’s presence and Sierra’s constant nagging.  They decide to focus on the challenge and perform extra well. Sam is slow to compete and complains that his health bar is low the …

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  • Tomas T

    OK so in case you don't know, TDAS started as one season with 26 episodes and 20 campers. Howeber fresh had the idea to split the season to two seasons: TDAS and TDPI. The outcome is cutting six characters from TDAS (4 in the frst cut, than two other in the final cut). So while I'm working on my "The females of Revenge of the Island" blog, I decided to make another elimination blog about the early draft. instead of making up episodes of my own, I decide to use the TPDI challanges. however 20 campers with 26 it means more non-elimination rounds and I really don't want to wast my time on these so this season will have only 22 episodes so some TDPI episode will be tottally scrapped.

    1. all the pre-merge episodes of TDAS

    2. most of the TDPI pre …

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  • TotalDramaIsTheBest

    Hi. Ok, so this is a kind of different blog. I'm going to rank the 25 first gens and say why. I made this a blog because  you can state your opinion and everything. Also by the way, I know I said my tier list was the correct one, but I reaatched seasons 1 through 3 and some placements have slightly changed. The list is different but overall only 1 character moved places drastically. The motivation to do this blog is from Tomas-T's blog about the same thing. Anyways.

    And we start with what is probably my most controversial opinion, and after writing it I figured, the longest section, maybe after number 1 or 2. Sorry but Owen is just my most hated first gen character. In fact, he's the only first gen I actually hate, no qualities, not a drop …

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  • King Puma

    King Puma’s official Q&A!

    February 23, 2020 by King Puma

    Hey! Today I’m doing a Q&A for anything (except if there prohibited which you’ll see in the rules.) And hopefully this becomes a trend but if it already did then IDRC (I don’t really care.) So lets get to the rules!

    Rules are simple

    • You can ask me anything related to TD (though I would not prefer ships.)
    • You can also ask me anything unrelated too.
    • But no personal information! (Age, Place I live in, School, Real Name, Address, etc.)
    • If this is an opinionated question then please respect my opinion and don’t be rude about my answer.
    • That’s all (for now. I might edit this in the future!)

    Q: Who is your Favorite TD character and your least favorite

    A: Favorite is probably Lightning, Least is either Staci or Sugar.

    Q: How about favorite season?

    A: That’s…

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  • Totalxloveable

    Hey guys, Steph here! Welcome to another blog. This time, I'm redoing All Stars because the canon was bull. But, you guys get to vote which team wins, which member of the losing team goes home and the reason why they go home. We do this until we have our two finalists! So without further ado, let's get started.


    • Lindsay is NOT pushing, instead Zoey does.


    Winners: Villainous Vultures - Same as canon.

    Bottom Two: Courtney and Sierra

    • Sierra voted for her for safety + thinks she's still bossy like last season.

    Eliminated: Sierra

    • Everyone else thought Sierra was crazy and obsessive like last season + scared her teammates with her monsterous strength.

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  • King Puma

    1. I spin a wheel when the spinning ends the character that it lands on is in that rank

    2. All characters are in excluding hosts and babies they have appeared as teens.

    3. All positions are the rankings determined by a wheel

    4. All ridonclous race characters are not with their team partner.

    5. That’s all

    85 - Mary

    84 - Cody

    83 - Taylor

    82 - Jacques

    81 - Lorenzo

    80 - Beardo

    79 - Jude

    78 - Amy

    77 - Samey (What a coincidence?)

    76 - Duncan

    75 - Pete

    74 - Harold

    73 - Mike

    72 - Miles

    71 - Jo

    70 - Bridgette

    69 - Owen

    68 - Ella

    67 - Jay

    66 - Scott

    65 - Scarlett

    64 - B

    63 - Ezekiel

    62 - Gwen

    61 - Jen

    60 - Cameron

    59 - Jasmine

    58 - Stephanie

    57 - Sam

    56 - Sadie

    55 - Katie (Another Coincidence!?!?)

    54 - Sky

    53 - Carrie

    52 - Courtney

    51 - Beth

    50 - DJ

    49 - Gerry

    48 - Ellody

    47 - Dakota

    46 - Spu…

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  • DramaDot


    Hey there, I’m Dot.  This is it--my final analysis of Total Drama All-Stars, yup, the entire season.  I’m going to be breaking down the elements of the season completely and more thoroughly than I did in my individual reviews.  Some elements that I’m going to cover are Episodes, Characters, and Relationships. This is a long blog, so be prepared.


    Challenge: Jump off a cliff to dive for keys that will unlock the Spa Hotel.  One person from each team will ferry the divers back and forth from the cliff to the Spa Hotel until the winning key is found.  The winning team gets to stay in the Spa Hotel that night and the losers have to…

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  • RadicalPatMan

    After a slight hiatus, I'm back after making my own my way to toss into the ring. As our first season with a fresh new cast and by extension, the first one with only 13 episodes, this could be simplier and easier than the first three seasons but we'll have to wait and see.

    The user my ways included this time are:

    1. ArtDraw12
    2. Elodge
    3. NesteaCookie
    4. TheNoahKiller
    5. JoshTheKing3
    6. A-a-ron Key-ser 
    7. SirSalad 
    8. Blicharmichael2 
    9. SuperMaxGuy104
    10. TheScottBird 
    11. Raised By Wolves 
    12. NotSoHappyTotalDramaFan 
    13. MiraculousWizardsDeepTNSDramaDragonsMarvel Fan 
    14. Jasminefan114 
    15. TotalDramaIsTheBest
    16. RadicalPatMan (me)
    17. CheeseBurgerGuy
    18. TomasT
    19. TDMason
    20. Blueant22
    21. TerriblePlayer
    22. The Jet-Black Wings

    Let's get started with these 22 my way being compiled.

    • Divergence: Staci is on the Mutant Maggots instead of…

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  • Mazer947

    Hi, Mazer here (not my real name), welcome to my version of the eleminiation order of TDWT. So, total drama world tour has 18 contestants, but that was only because Blaineley debuted on the competiton, and I hate her.  Who doesn't? So I'm gonna replace her with Geoff, And he won't debut on the competition, instead he will qualify for the season, and will be on team victory. Also, I wanted 6 memebers on each team. So, Ezekiel will be on team Chris , and Noah will be on team amazon.  Also, I feel like Niagara Brawls was kinda late for a merge, so instead, I'm gonna have the teams merge in Picnic at Hanging Dork .

    Eliminated: Duncan

    Reason: Same reason


    Winner (s): Team Amazon

    Eliminated : Harold

    Reason: He tried to bonk the aligator in the nose, …

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  • NotSoHappyTotalDramaFan

    Hello inferior mortals and prepare to face my wrath...and this new game I created! It called: I Sink Your Ship!

    All you guys need to do in the comments is say two people you ship together (or don't and choose two random people) and I'll put my opinion on it. You guys can do the same thing btw. Also, if I'm not a fan of the ship, doesn't mean I'm saying you shouldn't. It's your opinion! If you already commented a ship, you can do another one the following day. Alright, start commenting your ships!

    Alright, I had actually never thought of this ship until I read CBG's blog and it actually isn't a bad idea. it does make sense and it can redeem both characters by learning from their mistakes by being with each other. Though Duncney is forever in …

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