• TDZekiel

    Really, I love doing my way blogs, and honestly I want to do a full series someday. But with all the reposts I have been doing I feel like if I did another one now it'd be too soon. The problem is made a mistake and posted a new blog and dedicated more time to that rathe than the blog I should have been paying attention too. Because of that, my personal enjoyment of the blog and the number of people who read it dropped really low, I basically buried my own blog with a gravestone and everything lol. After enough people read this and understand where I am coming from, I will delete all my blogs and start more blogs up again soemtime later, probably in a month or so. 

    - I will start my blog series sometime in early or late october or the end o…

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  • Scotner

    All Stars 1

    September 20, 2019 by Scotner

    In this All Stars what if, fourteen campers return to Camp Wawanakwa to compete without teams. The rules are simples, in every episode two campers win and go to Boney Island to seach to the McLean-Brand Chris Head. The camper who find the symbol have to decide who of the bottom campers eliminate. Hosted by Don

    • Main Challenge: Talent Show
    • Top Two: Gwen and Heather
    • McLean Head: Heather
    • Bottom Two: DJ and Sam
    • Eliminated: Sam

    Fourteen campers return to the Island again to compete, this time without teams, every camper for yourself. And in the first challenge they have one minute to do something interesting in a talent show. In the end the winners are Gwen and Heather, Gwen read geat a poem write by her and Heather sing and dance a mashup of your TDWT songs…

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  • CheeseBurgerGuy

    We will probably never get another traditonal season of Total Drama. However, the show left many plot lines and character arcs unresolved. In the off chance that it does eventually happen, I'd bet that it would at the very least bring a proper conclusion to the series. This is my take on how I believe a season like that could've (or still can) play out. Welcome to Total Drama Finale (such an original title right?), an full 26 episode fan made season based off of canon taking place after the events of Pahkitew Island. Without further ado, let's get started.

    There are two versions of this season that I am imagining. The first version, which I honestly think is a little more likely, is a thirteen episode long all-winners season. We would be br…

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  • Tomas T

    Ok here we go to the 5th season of "Generation mix" universe. Now finally the ROTI/PI cast (the original cast in this universe) are going to compete with TDI cast (the second generation here). There is not the love triangle (since Courtney will do her debute in TDPI), not Mal and not Zoke.  Will it be better? lets see.

    Note: I removed the exile. I found it unnecessary. 

    From the ROTI cast: Dj, Duncan, Eva, Geoff, Gwen, Harold and Lindsay. All of them make it to the final 7 in ROTI and with the exeption of Geoff they all merged.

    From the first three seasons: Amy, Brick, Dave, Dawn, Scarlett, Scott and Sky.

    Note: The teams are formed Heroic Hamsters: Brick, Dawn, Dj, Geoff, Harold, Lindsay and Sky. Villainous Vultures: Amy, Dave, Duncan, Eva, Gwen…

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  • Pikadavid14

    Hello, everyone. Welcome to a brand new blog. For the past month or so, I have been thinking about how the first three seasons of Total Drama could have been like if the contestants from Total Drama Revenge of the Island and Total Drama Pahkitew Island had competed instead of the original cast. The combined number of contestants from both casts is 27, of course. I will be having two of them not debut into the game until Total Drama World Tour, like Alejandro and Sierra in canon, and I will also be removing B just because I see him as a bit of a waste of a character since he does not talk. Therefore, in my version of the first season, 24 contestants will be competing instead of 22. Before we get things started, I would also like to give cred…

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  • NesteaCookie

    Another week, another My Way made by me. After Lindsay vs. Harold finale, we're coming to last (but not least) canon season (excluding RR which is spin-off). 

    What can I say about World Tour? It's my least favorite season. I even prefer Total Drama All-Stars and Total Drama: Pahkitew Island than this. There are a lot of reasons why I absolutely don't like this season. I warn you that this season will change drastically, so if someone wants to complain, go ahead but remember I won't take negative comments to heart.

    Note: Duncan doesn't debut into the game, since he joined to Geoff and his friends in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special to find Chris and Chef.
    • Comment: I don't understand why he was taken into show at all, when he…

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  • TotalDramaIsTheBest

    These kinds of blogs have become somewhat popular so here is mine. Btw I will probably continue my my way" series.

    When a team wins in canon, the they lose here. When someone from one team is eliminated in canon, someone from the other team is eliminated here (including after merge).

    Notes: Cody and Owen didn't jump. Courtney was a good leader.

    Winners: Killer Bass

    Bottom Two: Beth and Owen

    Reason for Bottom Two: She didn't jump.

    Eliminated: Owen

    Reason for Elimination: He didn't jump, was unathletic, and farted in the boys' cabin, which made everyone want to vote him off.

    Votes: Beth, Cody, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Justin, Leshawna, Lindsay, Noah and Trent voted for Owen

    Owen voted for Beth

    Comment: I'm not a fan of Owen and he was the most fitting eli…

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  • JennieInDaHouseee

    Part 1 of this post. My version of island: 22. Ezekiel (Voted off for his sexist comments at lunch) 21. Beth (Voted off for the cursed tiki idol since it happens earlier in my version) 20. Eva (Voted off for temper) 19. Katie (Voted off for arriving too late) 18. Sadie (Voted off for not stopping her shooting and Courtney losing her temper) 17. Justin (Voted off by Heather, Owen, and Izzy) 16. Izzy (Voted off for shooting everything and being too crazy) 15. Owen (Izzy's plan to lure him with brownies fails) 14. Geoff (Voted off for being too popular) 13. Bridgette (Voted off for being too likable by the dude's alliance) 12. Harold (Voted off for getting distracted by Heather's chest) 11. Courtney (The votes are rigged and she gets eliminat…

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  • Epar Lana

    Total Drama Island My Way

    September 14, 2019 by Epar Lana

    First post; may as well join the trend. The teams are the same as canon.

    Winners: Screaming Gophers (The challenge plays out exactly as it does in canon.)

    Bottom 2: Eva and Ezekiel

    Reason for B2: Same as canon.

    Eliminated: Eva.

    Reason: Geoff, still wanting to give Ezekiel a chance, convinces the guys to vote Eva off for being violent towards Ezekiel.

    Eva: DJ, Duncan, Ezekiel, Geoff, Harold, and Tyler

    Ezekiel: Bridgette, Courtney, Eva, Katie, and Sadie

    Comments: This really wasn't Eva's season. Plus, many people get rid of Courtney or Ezekiel here, so I wanted to see how things would go with Eva out. Ezekiel will still make his sexist remarks.

    Winners: Killer Bass (Ezekiel outlasts Gwen.)

    Bottom 2: Justin and Owen

    Reason for B2: He fell asleep first.


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  • JessicaColeman

    I love Lindsay, she’s my favorite TD Character. But what if due to her dumbness, people hate her. I can’t imagine people hating the blonde that most people love. This is the topic of Episode 1’s What If

    (TBD I’m continuing later)

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