• Matthewtiger98

    Hello everyone! The petition almost has 11,000 signatures! Please help spread, promote and chip in the petition. Also, be sure to broadcast the petition to Facebook, Instagram, and popular Amino and Fandom communities! We need 25,000 signatures to make it happen! Peace out! :D

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  • Selenio777


    May 21, 2019 by Selenio777
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  • TDZekiel

    edit: i did this blog, but then it was trash, so I decided on an improved elimination order and cast.

    Note: I decided to let the team be as they should have been, fair, since there was going to be sixth member, and since it was unfair for chris to kick zeke out of the plane. So, here are the teams as they should be.

    Teams:DJ, Harold, Leshawna, Bridgette, Lindsay, And Alejandro make it first, so they are on team victory. Tyler, Noah, Owen, Sierra, and Cody on team chris. And then Heather, Gwen, Courtney, Ezekiel, and Izzy are on Team Amazon.

    Song: Come fly with us.

    Eliminated: Duncan

    Reason: Duncan was tired, angry, and did not like singing, so when Chris told him he had to sing, he quit because of it(Duncan would have been on team amazon)

    Note: …

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  • CartoonRandom02

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  • CartoonRandom02

    Since some of the TD fans are kind of toxic.. (not being rude) I have to make this disclaimer.. These lists are my opinon. If you like the season. Then that's fine. Anyway, onto the review..

    I know, Total Drama World Tour is the most popular season in the TD franchise.. Because of the drama, and The Heather/Al ship. But not in my book. But this season was okay fifty percent.. But there is several problems in my book to explain why there are issues with Total Drama World Tour..

    So let me get this straight, there was ..THREE teams! At first, i was okay with that but after Episode 4, i now realized that the third team, Team Victory wasn't really a team after all.. Here's why, most of the team's elimnations are caused by a certain player who kno…

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  • TDZekiel

    Notes: I decided to include no-one but the original TDA cast, and not courtney. She is not and will not ever be here. Nothing really changed from canon, but when geoff and bridgette tell the audience they are going to "get back into the game", they actually do.

    Eliminated: No one

    Notes: Geoff & Bridgette have real relationship and there is no making out, otherwise, no changes

    Eliminated: Justin & Beth

    Reason: Justin & Beth annoyed the rest of the cast. Izzy told everyone about Justin's manipulation techniques, and Heather convinced everyone except Lindsay that beth was useless in challenges to save her own skin, so Justin and Beth got the boot.

    Notes: Bridgette and Geoff are both on the grips. And Gwen breaks up with Trent due to his idiotic at…

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  • Tomas T

    "Team reversed" is the name of blog series about how the eliminations from each season would look like if the superior team was the inferior team and vice versa. So team that one in the canon episode, will loos in the "team reversed" timeline (its actual to the merge either). In this timeline the eliminations are of course change drastically. If so it means the contestans who we can say are all stars are diffrente than the canon. So before I will make the "all stars" elimination blog for this timeline I will reavel the cast in this blog.

    Reason: I though about merging the two blogs but Im not doing it because it will be too long. So this blog I will reavel the cast and more information. Next blog will be the elimination order for this timel…

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  • TDZekiel

    Though it is my second favorite season next to TDI, there are some big problems. And I mean BIG. The cast was good, but the plots were as weak as water and some of the characters were just floaters, especially one delinquent. So here is everything wrong with this season and how I would change it.

    Small Note: Please read and comment on my prequel to this that focuses on TDWT:

    Probably the biggest problem in the season, Courtney was derailed and turned into a whiny selfish 5 year old with the social skills of a rabid dog. She was so whiny, mean, cruel, and returned out of nowhere. I think this was a device in order to make Gwunc…

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  • Pepearl

    I think Staci is really incredible and talented. Please share your thoughts below.

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  • KKirby

    The Last of the TD competition seasons (Technically, even if it's a spin off) (Unless that petition succeeds).  I might do some more, I might not, But anyways, it's on to Ridonculous Race!

    Previous Seasons:

    1. Island
    2. Action
    3. World Tour
    4. Revenge of the Island
    5. Non Stars
    6. All Stars
    7. Pahkitew Island

    • Layout of each episode is similar to Nbachamp's version
    • Non eliminations will be mentioned
    • Non Elimination Episodes in Canon can be elimination episodes in this and Vice Versa
    • Another team could win in some episodes where they didn't
    • Penalties will be mentioned
    • Important events will be mentioned
    • Nemma can't quite become a thing this timeline
    • Tammy is not in the season, instead being replaced by Ella (Ella is going out with Leonard after Pahkitew Island).  That means the …

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