• Peachycream
    • Jeff Probst as Chris McLean
    • Terry Crews as Chef Hatchet
    • Veronica Merrell as Amy
    • TBA as Beardo
    • Karan Brar as Dave
    • Breanna D'Amico as Ella
    • Trezza as Jasmine
    • Amra Ricketts as Leonard
    • TBA as Max
    • Simon Minter as Rodney
    • Vanessa Merrell as Samey
    • Mary Kate Wiles as Scarlett
    • Wesley Johnson as Shawn
    • Anita Foroughi as Sky
    • Jenn Whitlock as Sugar
    • Thomas Sanders as Topher
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  • PhoenixDragonSamurai

    Take note that this will be the only ep I'll be making since I will not have time after this. I was in a rush due to job interviews and Chinese New Year so this is the best I could do. Its not really great though since I'm not very good at essays so just bear with it.  There are also references from other seasons (both OC and original)

    Chris: Hey there Total Drama fans. Welcome to a very special episode of Total Drama World Domination. We are now down to our final four contestants. As we head to our next destination, some of you may be wondering this for a long time; what are the eliminated losers are doing since their eliminations? Well, let me tell you. We used to hold them at a run down Milton Hotel that I bought at a very cheap price fr…

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  • IrishForever


    Also, instead of highlighting what happened in a episode, I'll give a brief summary of what happened.

    So, first of, our 14 contestants enter the camp and are separated into two teams, Team Gold (as in winning) and Team Green (as in money)

    Gold: Gwen, Duncan, Alejandro, Lightning, Zoey, Shawn, Jasmine.

    Green: Owen, Beth, Heather, Cameron, Mike, Sky, Courtney.

    Immunity Challenge: Rematch of the Centuries

    Two contestants stand on a pole twelve feet above water. These two contestants must battle it out will foam pad-covered sticks until one falls off. First team to 4 wins gets immunity. BUT, each match MUST be between finalists of each season (i.e. Gwen vs. Owen, Beth vs. Duncan, etc.) 

    Match 1: Owen (Green) defeats Gwen (Gold), Gre…

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  • TotalDramaIsTheBest

    Hi, I'm doing one of these since everyone else is.

    I know she is number 25 out of 25, but don't look at it in a bad way. I don't hate any of the original cast members butshe is the one I like the least. In TDI she started out as a flop, but in Paintball Deer Hunter, she was really good, and I liked her confrintation with Heather. The episode after that, she was cool too, and I liked it when she, Lindsay and Leshawna trapped Heather in the fridge. Her elimination didn't make sense but it's still cool. But in TDA, she started being more boring than ever and saying stupid and useless lines (like I dont wanna be a grip after the teams were formed in Riot On Set). She then became a bad character, as she was having three boyfriends at the time (J…

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  • Supakoopa65

    a new wiki

    February 11, 2019 by Supakoopa65

    I'm writing a new wiki which henses the term of total drama, I'm sorry I might be ripping it off, I didn't notice, I'm not tring to though.

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  • IrishForever

    Yes, hello again. It's me, Irish, here to broadcast a new season I've just come up with. This time, I've decided to give former winners of Total Drama another chance. This time it's 2 million dollars and I've invited all 12 previous winners back to a new island. Also, Chris has been arrested (yes, again) and can't host. So, a guy I like to call Jonathan Perry Neill (or J.P.) is going to host. He's a nice guy and he's already promised not to try to hurt any of our old contestants. (We had a camera behind him when he said this so we could see if his fingers crossed. They didn't.) But, there is a problem and I want you guys to help me on it. Since TDRI was a all-boy finale, two lady contestants were added to the mix. Jasmine and Courtney did …

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  • Grants2ndAccount

    Hello, Welcome to total drama viewer voting (TDVV)!!! How tdvv works is I will pick two contestants out of the 52 first three gen contestants. (Chris and Chef not included) And you will vote in the comments for your favorite out of the two contestants I choose.

    The first contestants are... B and Sam! Choose your favorite (out of the two) in the comments!! (Voting ends Feb 17) VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!!

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  • CelkaLeo

    Drama Total Intrusos em Ação é um camp composto por 12 participantes e 1 apresentador, sendo 12 deles personagens originais (apenas 2 criados por mim) e apenas um personagem original. Essa temporada se passa no estúdio de Luzes Drama Ação, onde esses 12 concorrentes então disputando por 1 milhão de dólares! Com excessão da primeira eliminada, eles foram divididos em 2 equipes, os Maquinistas Assassinos Vs. os Iluminadores berrantes.

    • Maquinistas Assassinos: Anna, Ewylle, Mason, Nathan e ND
    • Iluminadores Berrantes: Adam, Kauan, Léo, Lucy, Nicole e Sims

    Em todos os episódios ocorrerá a eliminação, com excessão do primeiro episódio e dos consequências (se tiver, nada confirmado)

    Participante Equipe Status Colocação Fusão de
    Courtney Sem Equipe 1ª …

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  • CelkaLeo

    Drama Total Nostalgia

    February 6, 2019 by CelkaLeo

    Drama Total Nostalgia é apenas uma temporada para relembrar os velhos tempos! Até então, não há intenções para uma segunda temporada. A mesma é composta por 16 participantes, dos quais 12 deles são veteranos (1ª temporada a 3ª temporada de Drama Total) e os outros 4 são os novatos (4ª temporada). Todos foram divididos em duas equipes, as Cobras Assassinas Vs. as Raposas Ferozes. Não há um vencedor até então.

    • Cobras Assassinas: Bridgette, Courtney, Duncan, Heather, Justin, Sierra, Scott e Tyler.
    • Raposas Ferozes: Alejandro, Cody, Dakota, Dawn, Geoff, Gwen, Lindsay e Mike.

    Em Drama Total Nostalgia, as eliminações ocorrem apenas nos episódios ímpares, sem exceções até o momento. Em quanto nos pares, acontece o resultado do desafio e o início da votaçã…

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  • Flagator24

    I just got done watching TDPI and it seems some of the contestants from the second and third generation are unoriginal-

    How some of the second generation contestants are unoriginal-

    Anne Maria is an obvious parody of Snooki from Jersey Shore. I have never watched it but still she is an obvious parody of her.

    B is a parody of silent Bob

    Dakota is a parody of Paris Hilton

    Dawn is a parody of Luna Lovechild from Harry Potter.(I have never watched Harry Potter or read the books I only know this because of this Wiki)

    Jo is a parody of Sue Sylvester from the TV show Glee.

    Sam is a parody of Seth Rogen

    Mike’s personalities are parodies of people

    Manitoba is a parody of Indiana Jones,Crocodile Dundee,and Steve Irwin

    Scott is a parody of Russell from Survivo…

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