• Gmo666

    We've come to the final 4 and CBG let me host this because it'd be unfair if he did. Alright, let's go!

    1. CheeseBurgerGuy as Duncan

    2. NotSoHappyFan as Katie

    3. Jakusz as Beth

    4. DramaDot as Lindsay

    This is an auto-elimination challenge. 4th place in this will be eliminated.

    Part 1

    All contestants:

    You have to go to Hawaii, and fast. What means of transportation will you take?

    A: Train (Duncan)

    B: Truck with animals (Beth, Katie)

    C: Hot Air Balloon

    D: Custom Choice (Choose anything from the plane wreck/Hijack the helicopter)

    A maximum of 2 people can take one means of transport. Good luck.

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  • Ezekielfanrighthere

    hello guys,today i will be doing a total drama my way,i will be leaving my elimination order and the reasons

    14th-still Linsday,Mal shows off since episode 1

    13th-Jo,since Lightning didn't miscounted,still,they collected the pieces later than the heroes,Heather convinces the others to vote her off.

    12th-Lightning,his competitive attitude costed his team the challenge.

    11th-Heather,for refusing to help with the challenge

    mike switches teams since everyone noticed mal's evil behaviour and try to eliminate him.

    10th-Sierra,she was to obssesed with cameron to actually help.

    09th-Duncan,since he didn't actually fighted

    08th-Cameron,for using Scott as a sharkbait and he injuring him later on(trowing him to fang)

    07th-Courtney,since everyone find out that…

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  • TotalDramaCleric123

    Justin was a contestant on Total Drama Island, Action and World Tour. He was a member of the Screaming Gophers in Island, before being switched to the Killer Bass, a member of the Screaming Gaffers in Action, and was a member of the Drama Brothers in World Tour, before being swapped to Team Victory.

    Justin began his time on Total Drama as manipulative, arrogant and narcissistic. He spent the few episodes he was in the competition seducing the female competitors, notably those he thought would be easiest to control, such as Katie, Beth and Lindsay.

    However, after he was eliminated for his manipulation meeting Izzy the untameable and being eliminated, Justin did some thinking on Playa Des Losers and decided to play fairly. This meant in Action…

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  • Ezekielfanrighthere

    Episode 1:High Ratings,High Pain Part 1

    Chris:Welcome to a whole new season of Total Drama,the BEST thing that has EVER happened to TV.This time we have a whole new cast to compete for a million dollars...OH! there are they.

    Steven:This was absolutely a bad idea,i'm gonna die-

    Jenna:Come on Steve-o where gonna be fine.

    Steven:If you say so.......

    OJ:I just hope they treat the enviroment well,and each other of course

    Rosey:You worry to much,plant kid,relax.

    Morty:What do you know?

    Rosey and Morty:(glare at each other)

    Charlie:Is this your card?(Pulls out a Card of spades)

    Jason:it is indeed!,now take my hand!

    Charlie:Not falling for it buddie,i know your kind(Annoyed)

    Sasha:What a nice companions i have,hope i last long.

    Rick:(Distracted painting):i'm s…

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  • Tmoney3

    Today's blog is about the elimination order of TDA. The first part you will see is the regular order. The second part shows the order if no one were to return or debute.

    First Elimination Order:                                                     














    Second Elimination Order:













    In the first order, only 2 people beat the final 3 of TDI. In the second order, 6 players beat the final 3. Anyway, which order stands out for you and why?

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  • The Jet-Black Wings

    This is a popularity contest but it's an unpopularity contest; vote for the one you like the least, the one with the most votes (ie the worst) advances, to see who's the biggest loser!

    Anyways, Best went rogue and deleted the whole thing, but won't worry yourselves, because I have a save file on who is going through. I will list them:

    Sky, Mary, Beardo, Gerry, Topher, Samey, Trent, Cody, Taylor

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  • Ezekielfanrighthere

    Hello it's me again with an idea for a new season,if you are wondering this is a season with a new cast,no classic competitor it's least as a contestant


    -Steven/The insecure boy

    -Jenna/The funny scientist

    -OJ/The gardener

    -Rosey/The rockstar

    -Morty/The shadowy figure(season's villian)

    -Charlie/The magic girl

    -Jason/The prankster

    -Sasha/The cool girl

    -Rick/The artist

    -Michelle/The Camp Conselour

    -Jack/The nerd

    -Daisy/The foreign girl

    -Stanley/The lazy dude

    -Jeniffer/The business gal

    -Alex/The friendly one

    -Mary/The pirate wannabe

    -Milo/The mean one

    -Hanna/The weirdo


    -Chris/The host with the most

    -Chef Hatchet/The co-host


    -Topher/The host wannabe

    -Sierra/The uber fan

    if i see interest in the project i will upload th…

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  • Epichaxboi

    Okay, so, basically, I'll give you clues and stuff. You have to find out who did it. I'll put what happened sooner or later.

    Courtney invites Duncan, Gwen, Sierra, Cody, Alejandro, Noah, Bridgette, Geoff, and Harold to a dinner party at her mansion (yeah yeah I know she doesn't have a mansion (I think) but this obviously isn't canon.)

    There was a murder plan at the start, but it failed due to someone intervening.

    There is more than one murderer.

    The only people who were at the downstairs lounge area were Alejandro, Cody, Sierra, and Bridgette.

    There is an iron maiden in the lounge area. It was used to kill the first victim.

    The first kill happened at 11:30AM.

    Sierra, Courtney, and Bridgette started making lunch at 11:20AM.

    The kitchen is very clos…

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  • Tmoney3
    1. Super Hero-ID: Since Courtney won invincibility, the girls decided to vote off Duncan to mess with her. Before I continue, that plan is basically going to throw Courtney off her game, resulting in getting her out faster. Anyway, since it was only 3 of them, they couldn't do it alone. Beth decided to convince Harold to help them vote off Duncan. After Beth finished talking to Harold, Courtney decided to convince Harold to vote off Leshawna. She told Harold it was either her or him(meaning Harlod would leave). In the end, it was revealed that he chose Leshawna, but she knew it was coming. So Duncan was lucky because Harold could have been risked at elimination.
    2. Rock n' Rule: Courtney won again. So Beth and Lindsay were thinking to vote off Du…
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  • NotSoHappyFan

    Oof, the eliminated person got out in a landslide of votes.

    Anyways, Blaineley, Cameron, Dave, Justin and Mike got votes.

    With 1 vote only, Justin is safe.

    Blaineley (shudder) and Dave (shudder) also got 2 votes.

    It's down to the two remaining thirds of the friendship trio.

    Mike got 3 votes while Cameron got 9 votes. Say hi to Zoey Cameron!

    Team B is losing once more. Also, there will be new team names next episode.

    Beth, Noah, Sam and Topher got votes.

    Noah and Sam only got 2 votes.

    Between Beth and Topher, Beth is out with 7 votes. Topher survives with 4 votes.

    New names! Based around CBG's suggestions but it's more revolved around aquatic creatures. So then, the Crazy Carp are up for elimination.

    Duncan, Ella, Max and Sammy all got votes.

    Duncan, y…

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