• JoshTheKing3

    Good day fudge nuggets. Ya'll remember Carrie and Devin from The Ridonculous Race? The boring cliche'd friends that obviously become a couple in the end? Well, I'm here to give my thoughts about not just their relationship together, but them as individual characters too! So let's begin!

    'I knew as soon as I saw these two that they were the typical nice characters that were obviously gonna get far. And I was right. Their journey throughout the season is just... painful to watch. So we find out that they've been friends for a long time, but Carrie has a secret crush on Devin, despite him having a girlfriend. That's not cliche'd at all. She keeps wanting to tell Devin but always chickens out. But THEN, their positions REVERSE, and Carrie doesn…

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  • JoshTheKing3

    Hello everyone, and welcome back to another blog post! So, I'm sure you're all aware of Total Drama's new installment, DramaRama, which takes place in an alternate universe. Most were not happy with the idea, and it kind of killed the fandom. I know I'm here giving my thoughts on it when saying the fandom was killed but... There are still some loyal fans who are reminaing. So without further ado, let's get into this!

    Okay... So whenever I first heard about Total Drama Daycare (The original name) I wasn't happy about the idea, as were most of the people. I was so sad we were not getting a new Total Drama season like we hoped. But, I was still willing to give it a chance. I just thought to myself, "Hey, maybe it'll actually be good?". So afte…

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  • CartoonRandom02

    This is the second episode of Total Drama Rebooted: Island of Drama! 


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  • CartoonRandom02

    Chris: (laughs) Welcome fellow audience to Total Drama.. As can you see this island is pretty tropical and relaxing But in the other side... 

    (The camera then zooms the other side of the island and then figures could be seen eating squrriels. Then the camera zooms back to Chris.)

    Chris: (shrugs) I didn't know this island had a dark side, maybe Chef could cook there.. Who knows anyways if you have seen the past seasons we had a pretty wild point. With all the drama, the hookups and stupid people who won't just go away.. So we are resetting back. When i mean reset, i mean going back where it all started.. But with a slight difference.  So that means we are not having the original camp. Because it sinked.. And the campers are NOT the people you…

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  • CartoonRandom02
    1. Jane 
    2. Dakarai 
    3. Alex
    4. Maya
    5. Josh
    6. Benny
    7. Sally
    8. Kate
    9. Walker
    10. James
    11. Mark
    12. Lilly
    13. Ashley
    14. Miles
    15. Leny
    16. Penny
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  • IrishForever

    First of, shoutout to KKirby for the prediction. Reall y awesome to see what you thought.

    Now, here's Episode 3

    HOH: Duncan

    Nominees: Beardo and Jasmine

    POV: Jasmine

    Final Nominees: Beardo and Alejandro

    Evicted: Alejandro, 6-3. (I'll add who voted for who soon)

    Notes: Alejandro was unliked by most of the female contestants and Tyler+Noah. Tyler probably thought he kicked off Lindsay(he didn't) and Noah, well, remember TDWT?

    Now, I would appreciate some predictions. Who do you think will win, and who is America's player?

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  • CoolBoy2019

    Cody and Duncan

    March 14, 2019 by CoolBoy2019

    This article focuses on the interactions between Cody and Duncan.

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  • CoolBoy2019
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  • Archipeligo

    1: I dont see whats so special about trent and him and gwen together. I was never really a fan. Everyone says they are iconic together but this ship kind of annoys me and isnt really my cup of tea

    2: Duncan is a stupid idiot. Why to people say he is a great character when he is a jerk to everybody even his girlfriends. He is a horrible overrated idiot that deserves to burn. 


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  • TehBoi

    our boi Ezekiel

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