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MrAwesome101 MrAwesome101 3 days ago

Izzy for Multiversus

It's been a while since I have done a blog here, so I thought this would be a fun one to make. Now I know this is actually highly unlikely to happen given the company that Fresh Tv is, but I thought it would be fun to explain to pretend for once they decided to make an exception and had a deal with Warner Interactive and have their characters represented in Multiversus. So with that there were plenty of characters I can make other blogs on specifically for them, for this one however, I decided to focus on the Psycho Hose-beast herself Izzy. Not going to put bias aside, I think she is a character I think would personally work well with in the idea of the game, and before people say it I think her personality is still different enough from H…

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NebulaDude13 NebulaDude13 5 days ago

why mal is a good villain

Everyone says mal is a ass shit villain but here's why he's actually good

First of all mal broke sierra's phone. That's an instant W

Second he hurt zoey another instant W

Third he's good cause he's more based than mike and I said so

Fourth he's funny

Any arguments against this is instantly invalid and stupid

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Mudkip812CO Mudkip812CO 6 days ago

My Total Drama All Stars Elimination Table

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Mudkip812CO Mudkip812CO 7 days ago

My Way All Seasons of Total Drama (+My Seasons)

  • 1 Total Drama Island (Season 1, 2007)
  • 2 Total Drama Action (Season 2, 2008)
  • 3 Total Drama World Tour (Season 3, 2010)
  • 4 Total Drama Revenge of the Island (Season 4, 2012)
  • 5 Total Drama Revenge of the Action (Season 4.2, 2013)
  • 6 Total Drama All Stars (Season 5, 2014)
  • 7 Total Drama Pakitew Island (Season 5.2, 2015)
  • 8 Total Drama Revenge of the World (Season 6, 2016)
  • 9 Total Drama Revenge of the Stars (Season 7, 2017)
  • 10 Total Drama Camp Adventure (Season 8, 2018)
  • 11 Total Drama Camp Disventure (Season 8.2, 2019)
  • 12 Total Drama Revenge Of the Pakitew Island (Season 9, 2020)
  • 13 Total Drama Odyssey (Season 10, 2021)
  • 14 Total Drama Hawaii Odyssey (Season 10.2, 2022)
  • 15 Total Drama Odyssey Egypt (Season 10.3, 2023)
  • 16 Total Drama Camp Odyssey (Season 11, 2024)
  • 17 Total Drama The…
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Carson IS Survivor Carson IS Survivor 12 days ago

Wanna Play A Total Drama Game On Discord?

So I Will Be Hosting A Season Of Total Drama On Discord (You Must Have Discord To Play) This Will Not Be Roleplay Required, You Can Play The Game As Yourself, If You Really Want To Roleplay As A Character Then Go Ahead.

If You Only Want To Watch You Can Simply Spectate The Game. I Already Have Some Spectators So You Won't Be Alone.

By The Way This Will Not Just Follow The Same Format As Actual Seasons, The Format Of Which Twists Come Into Play Have Already Been Decided By Me.

So If You're Interested I Wanna Start It Somewhere Between August 8-12. If You Have Any Questions Put Them In The Replies. Any Age Is Allowed. Here Is The Application Page Hope To See You Soon!

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MaterialNemo MaterialNemo 13 days ago

Total Drama Back In Action!

Welcome to Total Drama Back in Action!. This is the first season of the show meaning no one has ever met.

Dramatic Donkeys: Courtney, Geoff, Heather, Beth, Bridgette, Ezekiel, Noah, Eva, Owen, Gwen, Leshawna

Playing Pandas: Lindsay, Katie, Sadie, Izzy, Owen, DJ, Harold, Trent, Duncan, Cody, Tyler,

Events: Everyone is introduced. Personality changes: Justin is very snobby and Beth is smart. DJ, Harold, Duncan and Trent make an alliance and Katie finds out but stays silent about it. Heather is pretending to be nice to everyone but will betray anyone at any second. Cody is stalking Gwen and Heather. Owen is forced by Heather to throw the challenge and convince everyone to vote someone off in the alliance after she found out about it.

Losing Tea…

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GothicGrey2007 GothicGrey2007 15 days ago

My Preferred Endings for all Total Drama Seasons:

Island: Gwen - She was against Heather at all costs, she even had revenge for everyone else. Plus, the players who deserved to win the most were Bridgette, Leshawna, and Gwen.

Action: Neither - I think Lindsay vs Harold would be better, Duncan was meh, I didn't like how he bullied Harold. For Beth, she only had development for the last four episodes it was Lindsay and Harold that carried the season.

World Tour: Heather - Her ending felt so much more satisfying, it was a good and sweet redemption arc. Mostly everyone rooted for Heather.

Revenge of the Island: Cameron - He was more generous, he was also interesting this season. His ending also felt satisfying. It was definitely a great ending. Cameron also had good development, and it was bette…

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MaterialNemo MaterialNemo 21 days ago

Total Drama Island Wheel Randomizer

Basically, Total Drama Island but the wheel randomizes the order (I was expecting to post this yesterday but I accidently closed the tab :(

  • 1 Not So Happy Campers
  • 2 The Big Sleep
  • 3 Dodgebrawl
  • 4 Not Quite Famous

Losing Team: Killer Bass

Bottom Two: DJ & Eva

22nd: DJ

Notes: Trent did this last time too. But it was deleted

Losing Team: Screaming Gophers

Bottom Two: Justin & Cody

21st: Cody

Notes: Help

Losing Team: Screaming Gophers

Bottom Two: Gwen & Owen (BAHAHAHA)

20th: Gwen

Note: My guess is Trent has an alliance like Heather XD

Losing Team: Killer Bass

Bottom Two: Ezekiel and Geoff

19th: Ezekiel

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Darknite203 Darknite203 24 days ago

Top 10 Characters Who Deserve to Win

I'll make it better, but here it is for now.

10# Jo

9# Courtney

8# Dawn

7# Sierra

6# Lindsay

5# Noah

4# Jasmine

3# Brick

2# Bridgette

1# Leshawna

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CooldownMint11 CooldownMint11 26 days ago

Total Drama Redemption Episode 3 Annoucement!

Welcome back to Total Drama Redemption!

People in Redemption: Scarlett, Ezekiel

Today's twist: Mutiny

Today's challenge: An obstacle course

Today's winner: The Roaring Eagles

Voting is on the Discussions:

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