• Noah TD Wally

    June 25 2009 Is the day where Stoked,Another Cartoon Of Fresh TV.Coincidentally June 25 2009 Is Also The Day Where Michael Jackson A Famous Pop Singer Died At Age 50.

    I Wonder If you watched Fresh Tv On June 25 2009 The Day When Stoked Was Premired On Fresh TV And CNN News About Michael Jackson's Death?

    I wonder what caused Stoked Air Date And Michael Jackson's Death Date Are The Same?

    Okay Lets Check:

    June 25 2009 - Stoked Was Aired On Fresh TV

    June 25 2009 - The Day Where Michael Jackson Died

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  • TheNextStep72

    In my opinion no matter what we do Total Drama is over. However after thinking it over for a while there are a lot of unfinished plots that need to be finished. However if season 6 did somehow happen it would most likely be the closure us fans need to move on. This season will be my take on how it would go. Welcome to Total Drama Finale (Thanks to CBG who I copied it off) This season will have 26 episodes taking place 1 month after Pahkitew Island finished. Without further ado, let's begin!!

    Unlike CheeseBurgerGuy's cast I will not be bringing back he best from each season but instead the campers who I think either deserve another chance at the million, are amazing in general, need to be redeemed or have unfinished plot lines. There will be…

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    (Bridgette) Welcome to the aftermath game show, i'm your host Bridgette.

    (Ezekiel) Hey homies, it's your co-host Zeke.

    (Blainley) And i should be hosting the aftermath with Bridgette and Geoff.

    (Bridgette) Shut up, Blainley!

    (Ezekiel) Oh how pretty you are bridgette.

    (Bridgette) Well i am your biggest hater, and i want to show everyone how i hated you since the first time i saw you. Roll the clip intern!

    (Bridgette in confessional) I HATE THAT GUY SO MUCH WHY IS HE EVEN BACK ON THE SHOW!?!?!?

    (Ezekiel) You said that about me?

    (Bridgette) Yes, yes i did. Now let's get on with the show. Ok contestants your first question is which team has the most elimination The Angry Anti-Heros or the Rad Surfers.

    (Ezekiel) And yes, we are including Duncan.

    (Zoey) I…

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  • Rainbowderp01

    Dramarama S2 E22

    September 18, 2020 by Rainbowderp01

    Hey guys, so those who follow the transcripts, I've run into a small issue. 

    Everywhere I look for the episode "Wiggin' Out", it has the first 10 seconds of the episode cut out. So, I can't accurately fill in for whatever dialogue was spoken. If anyone has any idea where to find the full, uncut episode, I'd love to know so I can complete it.

    But for now, it's gonna have to start mid-sentence.

    As soon as someone finds a good episode rip, let me know so I may update it.

    Thank you!

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  • Arandomfan168

    Total Drama But every elimination is a double Elimination 

    Eliminated: Courtney and Ezekiel (22nd/21st)

    Eliminated: Eva and Harold (20th/19th) 

    Eliminated: Noah and Lindsay (18th/17th)

    Eliminated: Heather and Justin (16th/15th)

    Eliminated: Katie and Sadie (14th/13th)

    Eliminated: Bridgette and Tyler (12th/11th) 

    Eliminated: Izzy and Leshawna (10th/9th)

    Eliminated: Cody and Beth (8th/7th) 

    Eliminated: Gwen and Trent (6th/5th) 

    Eliminated: DJ and Geoff (4th/3rd

    Final 2: Duncan and Owen

    Eliminated: Duncan (2nd) Owen wins Total drama island

    Eliminated: Bridgette and Geoff (14th/13th)

    Eliminated: Izzy and Justin (12th/11th)

    Eliminated: Trent and Owen (10th/9th) 

    Izzy Rejoins the game on the grips

    Eliminated: Gwen and Heather (9th/8th) 

    Eliminated: DJ and Lindsay …

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  • Hut,hut,hike

    After much debate with me and my friend CBG, CBG has given me the green light. If any of you disapprove of this, I can immediately shut this down.

    First things first, which team are you gonna be on?

    A: Screaming Gophers.

    B: Killer Bass.

    And as a bonus question, you get to decide if you're male or female.

    C: Male.

    D: Female.

    Due to Dice Roll, You are Danny and you are placed on the Killer Bass.

    You arrive at the dock on the yacht.

    (Man, how did my teammates talk me into this? I should be at home throwing Touchdowns to my wide receivers in the big playoff game).

    "Yo, dude, are you gonna speak?" Chris asks.

    You snap back to reality, not realizing you had gotten lost in thought.

    "Oh, right, sorry, just thinking." You apologize.

    Chris shrugs.

    "Okay, Trent, G…

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  • CheeseBurgerGuy

    Welcome back to the third part of CYOA: All-Stars! Last time, the final ten were reduced to nine, alongside the announcement that the teams would at last be merging. How will the merge dynamics play out? We're about to find out.

    1. CheeseBurgerGuy as Duncan (Hapless Hampsters)

    2. Jakusz as Beth (Valiant Vultures)

    3. The Jet Black Wings as Noah (Valiant Vultures)

    4. ILoveLuigi as Geoff (Hapless Hampsters)

    5. NesteaCookie as Bridgette (Valiant Vultures)

    6. Gmo666 as Heather (Valiant Vultures)

    7. ThatHumanCleric as Justin (Hapless Hamsters)

    8. NotSoHappyFan as Katie (Hapless Hamsters)

    9. DramaDot as Brick (Hapless Hamsters)

    10. RadicalPatMan as Jo (Valiant Vultures)

    11. SirHighAwesomeParty as Molly (Valiant Vultures)

    12. TypicalBurrito as Zoey (Hapless H…

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    7th: Total Drama Paketiew Island. This is clearly the worst season and there was nothing good about the characters the only neutural characters are Shawn and Jasmine.

    6th: Total Drama All-Stars. This season ruined my favorite characters and Dawn should have been in this season. Also why did they have to create these 2 episodes Sunday Muddy Sunday and Hero's vs Villains.

    5th: Total Drama World Tour. This season is crap, i hate the season, i hate the antagonist finale, i hate the singing, and i hate how Alejandro is overrated. The only good thing about this is that Heather won.

    4th: Total Drama Action. This season ruined Gwen and i hate that so much. The Duncan and Beth finale was bad and i would have prefered a Leshawna and Harold Finale.

    3rd: …

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  • Tmoney3

    What If... Hide and Be Sneaky

    September 17, 2020 by Tmoney3

    Okay so this is an easy one. Because the guys have their alliance and Heather has Lindsay and Izzy and Leshawna and Gwen have Bridgette, who is more likely to leave? Remember: Heather and Leshawna have immunity so they are automatically out of question.

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  • BFB24

    Total Drama World Tour My Way

    September 17, 2020 by BFB24

    1-Ezekiel actually knows things about the real world and isn't offensive toward woman,he's just kind of stupid.

    2-Heather is trying to reedem herself.

    3-Noah is not as apathetic as the original,and is already friends with Owen since season 1.

    4-The newcomers will not be Alejandro and Sierra,But Scott and Jo

    Note:As in the original episode Duncan it's eliminated in the first episode due to his refusal to sing.


    Team Victory-Scott,Cody,Bridgette,Izzy,Lindsay,Owen

    Team CIRRRH-Jo,Noah,Tyler,Harold,LeShawna

    Team Amazon-DJ,Heather,Courtney,Gwen,Ezekiel

    In the challenge as canon Team Victory is the first to arrive,this time DJ won't have his animal curse,at the challege Lindsay is the one who lose the challenge for her team,while Jo gets Team CIRRRH…

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