The boathouse is a location in Camp Wawanakwa that is shown in Total Drama Island. It is featured in Basic Straining, Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, and Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island. It is within the boundaries of Camp Wawanakwa and contains a large amount of sharp and dangerous-looking fishing and boating gear.

Total Drama Island

In Basic Straining, Duncan is forced to stay in the boathouse overnight as punishment for his attitude toward Chef during the boot camp challenge. He believes that it won't be as bad as Chef makes it out to be, until he sees all of the creepy items in it. He is seen sitting on a bench miserably, regretting opening his "big mouth", until Courtney enters the boathouse to share some of her food with him.

In Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, the remaining seven campers in the competition are sent to the boathouse to find tools that can be used to assist them in capturing their designated animal. Leshawna takes a bucket, Heather gets a fishing net, Owen gets a roll of paper towels, Geoff finds a burlap sack, Duncan grabs a chainsaw, Gwen picks up a small net and duck bait, and Izzy gathers two crates before running out, in order to bypass only being able to search for sixty seconds.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Izzy, Noah, and Eva plan their attack on Justin to get the million dollar case in the boathouse. Izzy and Noah take camouflage hats and goggles from the boathouse while Eva takes a leftover deer costume from Paintball Deer Hunter. The boathouse hasn't been seen since, and presumably met its end along with the rest of Camp Wawanakwa in the finale of Total Drama All-Stars.


The boathouse seems to hold many of the supplies used for the show, including:

  • A bench
  • Buckets
  • A frisbee
  • A rubber chicken
  • Camouflage hats
  • Hunting glasses
  • Fake deer antlers
  • A sledgehammer
  • Oars
  • Canoes
  • A fishing net
  • A chainsaw
  • A small net
  • Duck bait
  • Toilet paper
  • Rope
  • Fish bait
  • Tubes
  • Many shark parts, such as jaws and teeth
  • A burlap sack
  • A knife
  • An old sandwich
  • Lipstick
  • A hook
  • A tranquilizer gun