Brick McArthur was a camper on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, and was originally a member of the Mutant Maggots, but switched to the Toxic Rats in Finders Creepers.


Brick is an army kid who enforces the "never leave a cadet behind" code as if his life depends on it. He respects his superiors to the fullest, saluting them and even complimenting Chef's disgusting meals, something only Owen has done prior to him. According to Dawn, Brick has a need to be dominated, but when necessary he can easily take control himself. Brick and Jo are very competitive with each other. However, unlike many other contestants, Brick respects such skilled players. He also states his appreciation that they are on the same team. Brick can be tough, but he is also very sensitive. He has a habit of wetting himself and is also afraid of the dark. In Runaway Model, he cries when he unleashes a fashion disaster on Sasquatchanakwa. The incident makes Brick want to attend fashion school, which he proudly announces in Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, much to everyone's shock.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


Brick often competes with Jo.

When Brick is introduced in the first episode, it is evident that he has a lot of military experience, such as his habit of incessantly saluting and referring to others as "sir". He is the fourth contestant to reach the finish line and is placed on the Mutant Maggots. He tries to be of use to his team, but has trouble pulling the axe out from the totem pole and is left hanging. However a mutant squirrel appears and attack him by firing a laser, which cuts the rope and frees the Maggots' totem pole, proceeding to crush Brick in the process.

In Truth or Laser Shark, Brick's athletic, disciplined nature immediately puts him at odds with Jo. During their daily morning jogs, they bump into each other and begin arguing on who is stronger. Later during the "getting to know you" trivia game, it's revealed that he peed his pants on the first and last day of school, which deeply embarrasses him. In the second part of the challenge, Brick is plagued by misfortune and repeatedly gets hurt by the obstacle course. His rivalry with Jo escalates even further in Ice Ice Baby, where they begin to compete at everything, including eating the fastest, climbing the mountain fastest, and even thumb wrestling for team leadership. Brick sustains a severe amount of pain, as he gets hurt by every hazard in the episode, including choking on his spoon, dislocating both his arms, and being punched off the mountain by Anne Maria.

Brick reveals in Finders Creepers that he is afraid of the dark and therefore, having trouble in the challenge. When Zoey went missing, Brick agrees with Mike that they should save her but Jo refuses, despite Chris's earlier instruction. At one point, Brick is so frightened that he begins wetting himself, but claims that he fell on a puddle of water when he earlier. Brick leaves to dry his pants but while doing so, he is captured by the giant spider. After he is freed by Svetlana, Brick attempts to save his friends, but Jo orders him to finish the challenge instead. Brick follows her command but this turns out to be a mistake, as his team gets penalized for losing more members than the Toxic Rats. During the elimination ceremony, Brick volunteers to be eliminated, only for Chris to transfer him to the Toxic Rats instead.


Brick and Dawn in the challenge.

His first episode as a Toxic Rats member is not easy for him as he wakes up too early and his alarm clock wake the others up. While trying to help Dawn collect garbage, she tells him that he does not always needs to help someone because he was teased a lot, and is in need to be dominated. He is confused as to how she knows that he was teased a lot, and tells her that he is large and in charge. Brick is unaware that Scott is plotting to eliminate him by framing him for the recent theft but Scott soon change his plan and eliminates Dawn instead, sparing Brick for the moment. As their team officially has solely men on it, him, Lightning, and Scott deem themselves "Team Men" in Runaway Model. Brick comes up with the idea of creating a bomb in his duffel bag, that will cause the Sasquatchanakwa to dress up instantly, but when beast ends up in an awful kids suit, he cries in the confessional, sadly stating that he will stay away from fashion. That night, Jo and Scott swap teams and when he tries to welcome her to the team, Jo grips his hand roughly and corrects him that it is now her team. When Sam is eliminated and apologizes for not being more useful, Brick replies by saying "Semper Fi".


Brick salutes his friends goodbye before he is hurled away.

In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, he once again argues with Jo on who should be their team's leader. After Jo calls him "Major Drippy", Brick threatens to eliminate her if she does not follow his rules. Shortly after the challenge starts, Brick gets separated from his team. He wanders alone in the dark, which greatly terrifies him. He runs into a mutant gopher who at first chases him, but Brick discovers the gopher is repulsed by the smelly odor of his boot, which he calls the smell of war. After reuniting with his team, they are instantly caught by the mutant gophers and are brought to their leader, former Total Drama contestant, Ezekiel. As the contestants prepare to escape the mines, Brick saves Mike, Zoey and Cameron from a mutant gopher by knocking it out with his team's statue, breaking it in the process. As a result, his team lost the challenge and Brick is voted off as a result of Jo's new alliance with Lightning and also for costing his team the challenge. Before he takes the Hurl of Shame, Mike, Cameron and Zoey thank him for saving them by giving him a salute. Moments later, Anne Maria joins him after quitting the competition and Chris catapult the both of them away from the island.

Brick returns for the finale in Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown and roots for Cameron to win. When the mutant animals go on a rampage, Brick, Staci, Jo, Mike, and Zoey are attacked by Larry until Cameron saves them. In Cameron's ending, when he announces that he is going to share his winnings with everybody, Brick happily declares that he can finally go to fashion school, much to the other contestants' surprise. Brick is unfazed by their reaction and simply says "Yeah, you heard me". When Chris is arrested by the feds, Brick and his fellow contestants laughs at him.


Total Drama Reloaded

Brick Original

Brick's original design.

In the prototype version of the fourth season, Brick's character seemed to be mean and serious in contrast to his kind-hearted and comical personality in the actual series. His design was mostly the same, but it featured slightly paler skin. While his outfit's design stayed the same, his shirt changed from dark gray to a military green, and his shorts changed from khaki tan to dark blue. He also lacked the dog tags that he currently wears.

Audition tape

View this video for Brick's audition tape.

Brick asks for permission to explain why he's worthy of Total Drama.

Brick starts his audition by stating his name in an orderly fashion, and asks permission to explain why he would be a valuable asset to Total Drama. He then states he has sharp senses from years of training, he can take anything the show throws at him, and that nothing gets past him (while the camera falls down without him noticing). He then walks off screen as the audition ends.





  • His last name, "McArthur", could be a reference to American general, Douglas MacArthur.
  • Brick's favorite show, P.A.S.H, is a reference to the army sitcom, M.A.S.H.


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