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Truth or Laser Shark (7)

Brick and Jo getting competitive during their morning runs in Truth or Laser Shark.

As two of the most physically adept members of the Total Drama: Revenge of the Island cast, both have a conflict with each other during their time together on the Mutant Maggots, and later on the Toxic Rats. Both often compete with each other over leadership of their team as well as to see who is the more athletic contestant. Additionally, the two have contrasting views about teammates; while Jo favors victory over ensuring the safety of others, Brick has a strict code to not leave anyone behind. However, both do at least have some respect for each other, and think of each another as a strong competitor.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Opening sequence

Theme Song (16)

Jo triumphs over Brick in the opening theme.

When Jo sees Brick running by while practicing on a punching bag, she immediately runs after him. By the time the camera reaches the beach, Jo has beaten Brick and starts jumping up and down in celebration, while Brick is noticeably exhausted.

Truth or Laser Shark

One by one

Brick and Jo crash to each other while jogging.

Brick reveals in the confessional that the only person he feels is his true competition is Jo. After his confessional ends, the two immediately cross paths during their morning runs and collide into each other. They then try to make themselves look more athletic than the other, claiming they each did harder exercises than the other. Jo then tells Brick they are the two strongest contestants on their team, and that the Mutant Maggots needs them. However, she reveals in a confessional she only is trying to keep Brick loyal so she can be the strongest team member and use him as an ally. Later on, during the first challenge, when it is revealed that Brick wet his pants on his first and last day of school, Jo laughs at him.

Ice Ice Baby


Jo using unorthodox methods to save a choking Brick.

Earlier in the episode, Brick and Jo compete once again, this time in an eating contest. They try to see who can finish Chef's disgusting food first, which Jo seems to be disgusted more than Brick. It ends when Brick accidentally eats his own spoon and starts choking. Jo punches Brick in the back to get the spoon out.

During the first part of the challenge, Jo and Brick have a friendly discussion about how each became so experienced in rock climbing. Jo taunts Brick as she tries to make it to the top of the mountain first. Brick then tries to impress Jo by dislocating his hip, but he fails and dislocates his arm instead. To decide who is the captain of the second part of the challenge, they angrily have a thumb wrestling match, which Jo wins after dislocating Brick's thumb. When Brick loses, he accepts it and claims that Jo is better than him. Jo later claims in the confessional that she can use Brick's chivalry to her advantage.

Finders Creepers

Finders Creepers (38)

Brick and Jo exchange angry glances during the elimination ceremony.

Jo mocks Brick in this entire episode, due to Brick's fear of the dark. When Brick tries to honor his code of never leaving a teammate behind, Jo argues with him and tells him to focus and win. Brick said that Jo is like a bug trying to get under his skin. Jo grabs Brick's hand when he falls into a booby trap and pulls him out of the grave. She seems concerned for his well-being. After Jo pulls him out of the grave, she slaps him repeatedly, telling him to pull himself together. When Brick is captured, Jo is mean to him behind his back. In the end, Jo makes Brick lose for the Mutant Maggots, dishonoring his code. At the campfire ceremony, Jo ridicules his fear once more, and Brick once again defends himself. In a twist, Chris announces that Brick and Jo will compete on opposing teams now, as Brick will switch to the Toxic Rats. Brick accepts this task.

Backstabbers Ahoy!

Brick confronting jo

Brick and Jo argue about who is better.

Jo teases Brick, asking him if he is playing "paddycakes" with his new teammates after surprising him with her whistle. They then argue about who is better, resulting in Jo saying she is a champion squat thruster. In the challenge, they exchange competitive glances as they go against each other in the ski-gathering challenge. They race as best as they can in their underwater environment.

Runaway Model

After Mike's alternate personality, Chester, applies makeup to Jo, Brick faints in terror upon seeing Jo's face. Jo laughs at him upon seeing his reaction. When Jo is transferred to the Toxic Rats, Brick welcomes her to his team. In response, Jo crushes Brick's hand and states that now, it's her team.

A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste


Brick tries to stand up to Jo.

Brick tells Jo that the Toxic Rats is now his team, and threatens possible elimination for Jo if she doesn't listen to him and if she doesn't stop calling him names. In the mine, Jo passes a jar full of mutant fireflies to Brick while he is trying to shimmy down a broken elevator cord, causing him to fall and let the jar open. Jo blames Brick for losing their light source. Jo and Lightning run after the fireflies, leaving Brick behind. Jo makes an alliance with Lightning to vote off Brick. When Brick finally catches up, Jo yells at Brick for supposedly leaving them behind and demands to know where he was. Brick explains he was "engaging the enemy" to which Jo catches a whiff of his pungent boot, however they're shortly captured by the gophers. Jo does not take well to Brick helping the opposing team, when he uses his foul smelling boot to get rid of the remaining gophers. She once again yells at Brick for going back to save Mike, Zoey, and Cameron at the cost of their team's Gilded Chris. However this time, Brick refuses to listen to Jo, and sticks to his code of honor. As a result, Jo convinces Lightning that Brick sabotaged their team, and the two of them vote him off at the elimination ceremony.

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