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Bridgette is one of the children attending the daycare center.


Like her older self, Bridgette is a kind-hearted girl and probably the nicest child in the daycare. She is excessively kind to the point where she supported Gwen in Tiger Fail despite not sharing her goal only because everyone else was against her. She values friendship very highly and is always there to help her classmates even if she is unable to understand the situation. She is often seen having a tea party with her friends during her free time.

Total DramaRama

In Cluckwork Orange, Bridgette is reading a book by herself when suddenly out from nowhere, Jude's chicken, Nugget, attacks her for no reason with a pair of nunchucks and bombards her with eggs. Confused over what happened, Bridgette asks her friends what is going on. The attack on Bridgette opens Jude's eyes that his chicken is out of control. After Jude releases Nugget, Bridgette consoles him for making a tough decision.

In Free Chili, Bridgette takes pity on a starving Owen and offers to share her lunch with him, only to learn it is a bad idea as Owen devours all of her food. Later, Bridgette wonders why some of her friends are fighting over a chili dog and offers to help them, only for Beth to use her balloon to send the chili dog to safety.

In The Date, she is the one who points out that if Chef got a new girlfriend, he'd be in a better mood. However, when Jude chose to make up a fake girlfriend for him and the others agreed to it, Bridgette had doubts about it, only doing so when Duncan said it could be a secret admirer who would make him feel special.

In Cuttin' Corners, after Chef announces that it is cake time and the kids are calling out hoping to get a corner piece. Bridgette, along with Jude, tells everyone to clam down and that they should just be happy with whatever slice of cake they recieve. Touched by this, Izzy then tells both her and Jude that they get a corner piece. Much to the frustration of Duncan, Leshawna, and Beth, they object to this as they are supposed to be Izzy's best friends, but Izzy replies that she never promised them corner pieces.


Total DramaRama season 1

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  • Bridgette's hoodie has a zipper on it, something her older counterpart lacks.
  • Unlike her older self, Bridgette isn't a vegetarian as she is seen eating a ham sandwich in A Ninjustice to Harold.
  • Bridgette's ponytail holder is blue, rather than white in the main series.


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