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Bridgette and Courtney indulge in stolen desserts.

When the series first begins, Courtney is shown to only want to win the competition, and she doesn't seem to be interested in making friends with anybody. However, she becomes friends with her fellow Killer Bass teammate Bridgette, and the interaction between the two girls escalates to the point where they become good friends before Courtney is eliminated. Unlike most characters, whom Courtney does not hesitate to criticize for their failures or what she otherwise deems as uselessness to herself and the team, Bridgette seems to gain Courtney's genuine respect. They manage to maintain their friendship in spite of episodes where Courtney berates Bridgette for any serious mistake she makes, such as in Not Quite Famous and The Sucky Outdoors. Considering how many enemies Courtney makes due to her ruthlessness in the competition throughout the series (particularly in Total Drama Action), Bridgette is the only true friend that Courtney has kept during her time on the show.

Despite both competing in Total Drama Action, they have minimal interaction due to Bridgette's elimination occurring before Courtney's debut into the competition. The two also have little interactions in Total Drama World Tour, due to them being on different teams, and Bridgette's early elimination. Regardless of their minimal interaction in the past two seasons they both competed in, Bridgette and Courtney still seem to be on good terms with each other.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

When Courtney attempts to convince her teammates that they shouldn't vote her off, she once again starts to say that she was a counselor-in-training. Bridgette takes on an annoyed tone and finishes her sentence for her.

Not Quite Famous


Bridgette and Courtney scout for talent within their remaining teammates.

Bridgette attempts to audition for the talent show by standing on her hand for twenty minutes, but Courtney isn't really sure of her talent and decides to choose DJ, Geoff, and herself instead. During practice, Bridgette shows off her talent for Geoff and the other guys who bet her that she really can't stand on her hands for twenty minutes. However, she ends up knocking down a spotlight, which falls on Courtney and breaks her violin. Bridgette attempts to fix it, but instead destroys it completely, sending Courtney into a crying fit. Despite her apology, Courtney remains angry with Bridgette.


Bridgette and Courtney both agree that Heather's action was uncalled for.

Right before Bridgette is set to go on, her stomach begins rumbling and she looks noticeably queasy, making Courtney concerned, even after Bridgette assures her she's fine. Both of them agree that Heather reading Gwen's diary was uncool.

The Sucky Outdoors

After being disoriented by a bat, Bridgette accidentally kicks up an ember from their bonfire that lands on the team's tent, which instantly incinerates it and leaves the Bass without shelter for the night. Courtney yells at Bridgette for this.

Phobia Factor

As Courtney is getting ready to face her fear of green jelly, Gwen purposely talks about how gross, warm, and snotty it is, prompting Bridgette to encourage Courtney not to listen. However, when Courtney doesn't complete her challenge, Bridgette joins the rest of her team and looks down in shame on Courtney.

Up the Creek

Different girls

Bridgette and Courtney team up in the first part of the challenge.

Courtney and Bridgette partner up in a canoe for a trip to Boney Island. While paddling, Bridgette confides in Courtney about a heart-shaped clay bowl that was left on her bed earlier that day by Geoff, which consists of a picture of Geoff and DJ, where the latter's part has been torn off and replaced with a picture of Bridgette, and a cheesy inscription on the back. Later, as the Killer Bass are navigating their way around Boney Island, Courtney suggests they take the left path. Geoff instead thinks they should take the right path.

Bridgette confides to Courtney about the cheesy present Geoff left her earlier that day.

Bridgette agrees with Geoff as the right trail is wider, making Courtney baffled that Bridgette shoots down her suggestion. Later that night, Bridgette drops the present that Geoff made for her earlier and asks Courtney for some glue. Courtney then remarks that she wouldn't waste her time trying to fix that but Bridgette, having a change of heart, decides to glue it back together anyway.

Basic Straining

Courtney and Bridgette eat together after Duncan and Courtney steal an abundance of food from Chef Hatchet. Bridgette attempts to stop Courtney from eating too much, but Courtney, experiencing an adrenaline rush, ignores the warning, and ends up eating to the point where she vomits it back out.

Haute Camp-ture

When discussing Duncan, Bridgette talks about how Courtney told her that Duncan has a soft side to him despite his intimidating demeanor.

Total Drama Action

The Aftermath: II

When Bridgette asks Courtney if there's anything she'd like to say about the relationship between Gwen and Duncan, Courtney quickly turns her head away, with a noticeable angry look, and refuses to answer her.

Total Drama World Tour

Hawaiian Style

Bridgette praises Courtney when she wins the episode's challenge on behalf of Alejandro, despite her conflict with him, cheering "Girls rule!"


  • Both are the only former Killer Bass members to have had boyfriends.
    • Coincidentally, both of their boyfriends were also of the Killer Bass.
  • Both, along with Izzy, are the only former female Killer Bass members to compete in more than one season.
  • Oddly enough, Bridgette's original design slightly resembles Courtney.
  • Both have placed fourteenth in back-to-back seasons.

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