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DJ kisses Bridgette in The Aftermath: II.

Bridgette and DJ first became good friends during Total Drama Island, where they are placed on the same team. During the first season, the two of them come to respect each other due to their similar personalities. The two of them return in Total Drama World Tour are once again placed on the same team.

Total Drama Island

Not Quite Famous

Bridgette admires DJ's ribbon dance. He and Duncan take part in a bet against Bridgette, believing that she couldn't stand on her hands for twenty minutes. When DJ walks onstage, Bridgette starts to smile and gave him support.

The Sucky Outdoors


Bridgette cowers behind DJ in fear.

Duncan tells his team a scary story during the camp out challenge. Bridgette, along with Courtney and Harold, hide behind DJ in fright after Duncan scares them. In the middle of the night, Bridgette tells DJ that she is too afraid to leave the tent. DJ comforts her by saying that he too is afraid. When Bridgette burns down the tent that her team is sleeping in, DJ is seen glaring at her.

Up the Creek

Geoff talks about Bridgette ignoring him to DJ, who gives Geoff advice about dating. When everyone is on shore, Geoff hurts his leg and DJ tells Bridgette that she should treat it because she has first aid training. Later, when they need to get back to camp and have no paddles because Harold put them on the fire, Bridgette says DJ's the only one who's strong enough to push the canoes back to camp and encourages him to get in the water even though he's afraid to swim. DJ is able to get them back to camp before the other team and they win the challenge.

If You Can't Take The Heat...


DJ and Bridgette team up for the cooking challenge.

Geoff pairs up Bridgette and DJ so that they can prepare pasta. While they were cooking, DJ asked Bridgette what she thought of Geoff, and coaxed Geoff away after he unknowingly offended Bridgette with a poorly thought out compliment.

Who Can You Trust?

After being hit in the groin with an apple by Chris, DJ stands on the side holding his groin in pain and Bridgette is seen comforting him in the background.

X-Treme Torture


DJ questions Bridgette for her seemingly random question in X-Treme Torture.

Bridgette, thinking that he may have been the one that wrote a romantic haiku to a girl on the island, asks DJ if he had read any good poems recently. He replies with a friendly and sarcastic comment, showing that he did not write the poem. When Chris announces that Harold earned a point for the Bass, Bridgette and DJ cheer and high-five each other.

Brunch of Disgustingness

Bridgette refuses to eat the dolphin wieners, saying that dolphins are her friends and she has swam with them many times. DJ agrees with her, saying that he also wouldn't eat dolphins.

Hide and Be Sneaky

DJ, along with the rest of the guys' alliance (except for Geoff) vote off Bridgette for being a threat.

Total Drama Action

Alien Resurr-eggtion

DJ votes Bridgette and Geoff off in this episode despite his friendships with both of them. In the confessional, DJ says that he hopes that Geoff and Bridgette will be very happy to have each other. He also looks disturbed with everyone else when they find out the noise was Bridgette and Geoff kissing.

The Aftermath: II

DJ kisses Bridgette on the cheek as a greeting when he comes on-stage. Bridgette does not torture DJ like Geoff did. She, like everybody else, thoroughly enjoys DJ's sandwiches. However, DJ is noticeably angry at Bridgette for bringing up the fact that Gwen sold Trent off despite Gwen trying to change the question. Later, DJ tells Bridgette to be honest with her relationship with Geoff. However, Bridgette ignores both Gwen and DJ's advice and denies sending the message to Gwen. This causes the anvil to fall and almost hit DJ and Gwen.

Total Drama World Tour


Bridgette and DJ are seen surfing in the opening sequence.

Opening sequence

Both DJ and Bridgette are seen surfing together before colliding and falling off of their own surfboards. They are also by each other in the human pyramid on top of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, once they land, Bridgette is seen comforting an injured DJ.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

Japan dj shocked

Bridgette tells DJ to say his line.

Bridgette becomes annoyed with DJ during the commercial when the latter doesn't say his line in the commercial, and quickly says it herself. Despite DJ's role in their team's loss, Bridgette votes for Harold instead of DJ.

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

DJ, along with Leshawna and Lindsay, are unhappy when Bridgette costs them the challenge. Bridgette and DJ end up voting for each other during the elimination ceremony, but Bridgette is voted out. Before she takes the Drop of Shame, DJ says sorry to her. He also was sad when he saw her falling.


  • They are the only known vegan contestants on Total Drama.
  • In all of Bridgette's eliminations, DJ was one of the people who voted for her, despite being friends.
  • They are the only original contestants to have their own individual cameo appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, but did not make any kind of appearance in Total Drama All-Stars (either as a contestant or as a guest).
  • They have been on the same team with one another twice in the series.

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