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Geoff and Bridgette Aftermath

Geoff and Bridgette hosting the aftermath.

In Total Drama Island, Geoff quickly becomes attracted to Bridgette, as soon as she arrives on the island. Signs of their soon to be relationship are even hinted in the opening sequence. Throughout the season, with the help of fellow teammates DJ and Duncan, Geoff tries to get closer to Bridgette. However, the relationship between the two is often a rocky one, as Geoff will say or do something to try to impress her, but will instead end up putting her off. As the season progresses, Bridgette shows signs of returning his feelings, and the two officially become a couple by Haute Camp-ture, becoming inseparable ever since.

In Total Drama Action, their relationship quickly gets on the nerves of their fellow castmates, as they are constantly seen making out with each other. Because of this, the two of them become the first castmates eliminated from the season in a double elimination, much to their own shock. After their elimination, the couple is chosen by the producers to host the new aftermath show. However, their relationship faces a few minor problems as Geoff becomes obsessed with both the show ratings and his popularity. Eventually, with the help of Heather, Leshawna, and Owen, they manage to bring Geoff back to normal. He apologizes to Bridgette and the two continue their relationship. It is revealed in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, that the two at some point got into a fight after Geoff's rising popularity over Bridgette's, and in return for eying another girl, she hit him with her surfboard. However, during a live press conference, the two eventually apologize to each other and the conflict is resolved.

Their relationship takes a turn for the worst when Bridgette competes in Total Drama World Tour without Geoff. During the season, her loyalty to Geoff falters as she falls for the charm of newcomer Alejandro and even kisses him (albeit on accident) in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better. After her early elimination, Bridgette becomes an aftermath guest in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, where she attempts to sing an apology song to Geoff about her actions, Geoff eventually forgives Bridgette by the end of the episode and the two passionately kiss. After Blaineley sends Bridgette away to Siberia, Geoff is deeply concerned for her safety, and exacts revenge on Blaineley, showing his commitment and love for Bridgette, embarrassing Blaineley on international television. Upon Bridgette's return in Hawaiian Style, the two reunite (albeit after several interruptions), and resume their relationship.

Geoff and Bridgette were supposed to participate in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race together but the latter couldn't make it due to a surfing competition in Australia, leading to Geoff substituting her with his old friend, Brody. Geoff would sometimes talk about Bridgette throughout the race to Brody.

Total Drama Island

Opening sequence

In the opening sequence, Geoff and Bridgette are seen sitting on Bridgette's surfboard and looking at each other lovingly, before reacting in disgust to the smell of Owen's fart bursting out of the water.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1


Geoff and Bridgette meet each other for the first time.

Brief nuances of the relationship show when Geoff smiles and starts talking to Bridgette as soon as she arrives on the island.

Not Quite Famous

When he is selected to perform for the Killer Bass, Geoff is happy he will be on television, forgetting he already is, until Bridgette reminds him about it, which makes him even more happy. When the campers are getting ready for the talent show, Geoff asks Bridgette if she can really stand on her hands for twenty minutes and he and some of the other guys make a bet that she can't.

The Sucky Outdoors

Bridgette Geoff Sleep

Bridgette cuddling with Geoff.

Geoff tells Bridgette that she pitches a tent like a guy, which he realizes sounded wrong and offensive in the confessional. Bridgette is indeed offended by this, and Geoff hastily tells her that she isn't stereotypically girly and that he admires her for that. However, this does not make up for his previous comment. When the Killer Bass wake up the next morning, Bridgette is seen cuddling with Geoff in her sleep.

Up the Creek

Geoff tries showing his feelings to Bridgette in this episode, and seems shocked to see that she chooses to partner up with Courtney over him, thinking they had "a thing". Earlier that day he made a heart-shaped clay bowl decorated with macaroni noodles and a torn group picture inside the bowl that puts him and Bridgette beside each other. He also added a description reading "I hope you think of me whenever you drop loose change into this". Geoff tells DJ about it, but DJ finds the move incredibly corny and gives him advice about the right way to approach Bridgette, generally telling him to be more subtle and not force his feelings on Bridgette so quickly.


Bridgette decides to keep and fix Geoff's macaroni bowl.

Meanwhile, Bridgette confides in Courtney about the heart-shaped bowl, which Geoff had left under her bed sheets while she was brushing her teeth. Bridgette and Courtney both find Geoff's gift cheesy and lame. Later on, Bridgette agrees with Geoff about which route to take. Geoff thinks this means that Bridgette is falling for him and smiles at her, but Bridgette dully asks what he's looking at and they press on.

While trekking Boney Island, Geoff is injured during the challenge (a splinter in his leg). Bridgette and the rest of the team wildly exaggerates Geoff's injury, but at DJ's request, Bridgette tends to Geoff with her first-aid training, making them become closer. After Harold uses their canoe paddles as firewood, Bridgette asks how they will get back home. Geoff immediately volunteers to push the group and their canoes back to the island, but Bridgette worries about Geoff's condition and convinces DJ to do it instead. Geoff's resolve to keep pressing on despite his injury most likely impresses Bridgette, as when she accidentally breaks Geoff's present to her at the end of the episode, she asks Courtney for glue. Courtney tells her not to waste her time fixing it, but Bridgette smiles as she looks down at the remains of the clay bowl and says to herself that perhaps she should.

If You Can't Take The Heat...

Bridgette evidently does not approve of Geoff and DJ pranking Harold, and watches the events with a frown. When DJ tells Bridgette that Geoff digs her, she says that he is "kinda cute". Geoff tells her that she looks good when she's cooking, but irritates her when he compares her to his friend Evan's "really hot mom". DJ pulls Geoff away before he can say anything else that would offend her.

Who Can You Trust?


Geoff and Bridgette grow closer as a result of their test of trust.

Geoff and Bridgette are partners for the cooking challenge, where Bridgette must make sashimi out of the fugu blowfish, the world's most poisonous fish. Despite the high risk of getting poisoned from improper preparation, Geoff eats Bridgette's food with only slight hesitation and is not poisoned, winning the challenge. Later on, to celebrate, Geoff and Bridgette go swimming together. Bridgette admires Geoff for being brave enough to eat the fish. Geoff gives her a smile and tells her that he trusts her. When DJ's bunny gets in danger, Bridgette tries to help Geoff get it back, but to no avail. She is later seen feeling bad for Geoff when he has to explain to DJ what had happened.

X-Treme Torture


Geoff tries to show Bridgette the tattoo on his backside.

Bridgette and Gwen find a romantic haiku poem by an anonymous author. Bridgette assumes the haiku was written by Trent for Gwen, but Gwen believes the haiku was written by Geoff for Bridgette. The two then end up having a small feud where they insult each other's crushes and make a bet that the haiku is for themselves. Bridgette adamantly defends Geoff and his flaws, and is especially offended when Gwen insinuates that Geoff doesn't even know what a haiku is. However, Geoff admits that he actually doesn't know what a haiku is, which means he is not the author. While extracting information from him, Bridgette learns that Geoff considers writing his crush's name in the snow with urine to be a romantic gesture. Bridgette also learns that Geoff has a tattoo on his butt, which Geoff is eager to show her. She shields her eyes the first time he shows it off, but looks at it the second time.

Brunch of Disgustingness

After the teams are dissolved, Geoff and Bridgette talk, saying they will miss being on the same team. They seemingly are about to kiss, but Chris drags Bridgette to her new cabin and Geoff says to himself that he will miss her. Geoff later gives Bridgette a pep talk during the challenge, despite her no longer being on his team, when she is forced to eat meat; despite being a vegetarian. Bridgette finds it sweet of Geoff to go out of his way to help her through her moral troubles and succeeds in eating the meal. At the end of the episode, both Geoff (on a boat as his team's reward) and Bridgette (in her new cabin) look forlornly out their respective windows.

No Pain, No Game

When Eva forces Lindsay to pick Bridgette to go into the leech-infested barrel, Geoff in an act of chivalry, volunteers to take her place.

Hide and Be Sneaky


Geoff and Bridgette's would-be first kiss is halted by the rank odor of a skunk.

The guys form an alliance, after they realize the girls outnumber them six to four. Geoff is very reluctant to join the alliance, not wanting to view Bridgette as an adversary, but concedes to it after much persuasion from Duncan. It is decided at the end of the episode that the alliance will vote off Bridgette due to her athletic abilities and popularity. Geoff tries to convince his alliance-mates to choose another girl, but he is outnumbered crumbles under the pressure. That night, Bridgette is the one voted off, much to everyone's shock, but before she boards the Boat of Losers, Geoff stops Bridgette and says he would miss her. She is happy to see him one last time before leaving and asks him if he voted her off. Much to the guys' surprise, Geoff tells Bridgette that he didn't vote her off. Bridgette is touched by this sentiment and believes him. They almost kiss, but Geoff notices Bridgette's stench (as she had been sprayed by a skunk earlier) and flees from her, bidding her farewell from a distance.

That's Off the Chain!


Geoff draws Bridgette.

After Bridgette's departure, Geoff is so upset that he sings solemn songs for her in the confessional stall badly, without realizing that he missed breakfast. When building his bike, he names it after Bridgette, even putting a picture of her face in the front of the bike. In the confessional, after naming his bike Bridgette, he gives a shout out to her saying he is sorry he couldn't convince the other guys to vote someone else off and asks for forgiveness.

Haute Camp-ture

After Geoff's elimination in the previous episode, they are seen at Playa Des Losers in a hot tub making out with each other. They are officially considered a couple by this point, as there is no moment where Bridgette isn't with Geoff.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island

Geoff and Bridgette kissing

Geoff and Bridgette spend most of their time making out instead of finding the case.

A running gag between the two begins in this episode as Bridgette and Geoff are continuously seen making out. When the campers split into teams to retrieve the million dollar case, they both form an exclusive team together to find it, though they were less invested in finding the case than they are in continuing to make out with each other. Throughout the special, the pair is either seen kissing, flirting, or generally being overly romantic with each other. They even pass by the case, which is hanging right over their heads as they make out once more. As they search for the case, Bridgette accidentally injures Geoff several times due to her clumsiness. He is accidentally pushed off a cliff by her and when Bridgette spots a baby moose, saddened that it can't reach a branch for food, Geoff helps the moose to ease her and she happily rushes to him. However, she accidentally shoves him and the calf to the ground and angers its mother, which chases both of them all over the island. Geoff fears that she will eventually kill him by the end of the day, but loves her nonetheless since he admires her for being sweet, caring, and down to earth.

To get away from the moose they climb a diving board. After Justin's plane crashes into the diving board, destroying the boards structure beams, they both fall along with several others past the dock and into the water. Because the case gets swallowed by a shark, they both qualify for Total Drama Action.

Total Drama Action

Opening sequence

Geoff and Bridgette are about to make out in the ending scene until they notice everyone looking at them. They stop making out and look to the screen awkwardly.

Monster Cash


Bridgette and Geoff make out in the confessional.

Throughout the episode, Geoff and Bridgette choose to make out rather then focusing on the challenge, even making out under an umbrella even though they are being chased by a giant monster; controlled by Chef Hatchet. However, halfway through the episode, they decide to focus a bit more on winning the million dollars. Unfortunately, shortly after they resolve to do this, they are both seen making out endlessly in the confessional, falling out of the seat as they do so. Consequentially, they are soon thereafter captured by the animatronic monster and are dropped down at a high altitude. They both scream their proclamations of love to each other and kiss while falling.

Alien Resurr-eggtion


Beth discovers the sucking sound: Geoff and Bridgette's nonstop make-out session.

In the beginning of this episode, the two continue to make out during breakfast and when Chris announces the challenge. During the alien movie challenge, the rest of the cast believe that they hear Chef looking for them around a corner. But when Beth looks for the source of the noise, it is shown to be Bridgette and Geoff making out yet again, greatly irritating their fellow castmates. The two try to follow the rest of the cast to the boiler room, but are rejected by Duncan, who believes that they will be the first ones caught. The two become scared and profess their love for each other before making out even more, and Chef eventually finds them and takes them out of the challenge.


Geoff and Bridgette make out while walking to the Lame-o-sine.

In the end, Chris announces the very first double elimination vote of the series, and due to their constant make out sessions, Bridgette and Geoff are the first two castmates voted off. Bridgette is especially shocked by this as she believed everyone liked them, but Duncan comments that "liked" is the operative word. When Chris asks for their final words, they make out yet again, continuing to kiss as they head to and enter the Lame-o-sine.

In a scene that takes place in the Lame-o-sine after their elimination, Geoff and Bridgette are offended to be kicked off just because they were making out. After arguing about the million dollar prize, and if it was more important than Geoff's mom's macaroni and cheese, the two break up for a few seconds and then start to make out.

The Aftermath: I

Despite their elimination, Geoff and Bridgette appear again as the hosts of a new addition to the show called the Total Drama Aftermath. Here, the two interview the eliminated cast and show special segments and never before seen clips. Throughout the episode, Bridgette and Geoff argue about the end of Trent and Gwen's relationship and whether or not Trent had been unfairly voted off; Geoff being on Gwen's side while Bridgette is on Trent's. When Bridgette mentions Trent's kiss with Heather, Geoff ends up saying that Heather is the hottest girl on the show, much to everyone's surprise and/or disgust.


Geoff and Bridgette making out at the end of the first aftermath.

A jealous Bridgette pushes him out of his chair and suggests that maybe he should be dating Heather if he thinks she's so hot. Geoff retorts that Bridgette should be dating Trent since she continues to vehemently defend him and his actions. Eventually, Bridgette angrily calls for a commercial break, but Geoff misinterprets this and believes Bridgette is breaking up with him, causing him to panic and overreact. After the break, Geoff and Bridgette are separated by Izzy as they stew in their anger and jealousy. Eventually, the two forgive each other after hearing a song Trent wrote for Gwen right after she broke up with him. Emotionally moved by Trent's broken heart, Geoff tells Bridgette that she is the hottest girl on the planet. She happily returns the sentiment for Geoff, and the two make out as the show comes to a close, even shown to still be at it well after everyone else has left the set.

The Aftermath: II


After the show, Bridgette drags "Captain Hollywood" off the stage for a little talk.

Their relationship is experiencing elements of strain yet again as Geoff develops a sudden love for fame. Throughout the episode, all he cares about are the show's ratings and the desire to look good. He even goes so far as to comment to Bridgette on how she will get fat if she doesn't watch her carbohydrate intake when she is eating DJ's mother's sandwiches, thus prompting her to attack him and force-feed him the sandwiches. She hates Geoff's new fame-hungry personality and is constantly frustrated at him when he lets his vanity take over. Bridgette also dislikes how Geoff treats Gwen when he interrogates her about her failed relationship with Trent and her alleged romance with Duncan, and is angry when he tries to get Gwen to step into a pool of piranhas. Desperate, she asks Gwen how to deal with Geoff while posing as a fake caller. At the end of the show, she yanks at his ear painfully and says that they need to have a talk immediately.

The Aftermath: III


Bridgette looks on as Geoff gets zapped as he lies about his feelings towards her.

During the third Aftermath, Bridgette keeps her eye on Geoff, constantly warning him to behave himself through subtle motions or telling him flat out. Geoff tries, but doesn't seem to get the message, as he is still obsessed with the show's growing ratings. When Bridgette makes it clear that despite this being a reality show they must stay true to their friends, Geoff shoots her down by explaining that it's not what the audience wants to hear from the cast. Geoff then introduces "Truth or Electrocution", in which he straps guests in an electric chair and shocks them if they lie, an act that infuriates Bridgette. She tries to dissuade the guests from complying with Geoff's insane demands, and as Geoff continually harasses and tortures the guest castmates, Bridgette is finally pushed to the breaking point.

She declares that the two of them are through, causing noticeable distress from Geoff. She refuses to talk to him, instead having Owen talk to him for her. Geoff brushes it off and carries on with the show, but tries to flirt with Bridgette. She punches him in the arm when he reminds her she once liked him, but he takes it as encouragement. When Leshawna finally comes up, she demands an explanation for Geoff's behavior, which gives Bridgette an idea of how to deal with Geoff. She, Leshawna, Owen, and Heather strap Geoff in the electric chair and force him to answer all of his questions without lying. She asks him if he really is a self-centered jerk or if this is what he thinks the audience wants, and if he no longer needs her. He says that this is the real him and that he doesn't need Bridgette, but is electrocuted. Geoff finally gives in and admits he is crazy about Bridgette, and is sorry for his behavior. She is moved and forgives him, saying that they are an item as long as he behaves. They proceed to make out like they used to for the rest of the show, but Owen short-circuits the power in the process, electrocuting them both.

Mutiny on the Soundstage

MSS-Flashback Kiss GB

Geoff and Bridgette were making out in Chris' tanning bed.

The first trivia question asked to the final two is: "Where was the weirdest place Bridgette and Geoff ever made out?" Duncan has no idea, but Beth answers correctly. As Beth answers the question, a flashback shows that Bridgette and Geoff once made out in Chris' tanning bed, much to his annoyance.

The Aftermath: IV

Geoff and Bridgette continue their hosting duties as they try to figure out what to do with the tie between the finalists. As the eliminated castmates come up with tie-breaker ideas, the two proceed to make out, and later create a special video showing embarrassing moments from Chris. This later causes Chris to take over, and as the cast ask question and vote on a winner, Bridgette and Geoff are shown to be making out backstage and presumably not vote.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

In this episode, Celebrity Manhunt reveals that after hosting the aftermaths, Geoff's popularity went up higher than Bridgette's. This results in Bridgette having to deal with "a bunch of Geoff stalkers". After Bridgette sees Geoff looking at another girl while in the airport, she hits him with her surfboard. However, the two quickly patch things up at a press conference. It is also shown that the couple is so popular that they appear in the front cover of several celebrity magazines and even received the nickname "Gidgette". The two are seen making out again while everyone is watching the awards show outside. As the bus carrying the contestants goes over a cliff, they hold on to each other, When Geoff decides to go get help after the cast is stranded, he asks Bridgette if she wants to come along. She decides to stay and work on her tan, and when she wakes up, she worries about Geoff. Later, Bridgette advances to season three while Geoff does not and Geoff is devastated that he will not be competing with her. In the confessional, Bridgette is heartbroken that Geoff failed to make it to the next season and says that she will win for both of them as she begins crying.

Total Drama Action Alternate Realities

The couple's alternate reality features them in a family drama called "Bridgette and Geoff Plus Chef", with Chef as their baby.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1

While Geoff did not qualify for Total Drama World Tour, Bridgette did. Almost immediately, she is captivated by the charms of Alejandro, but informs him that she has a boyfriend. However, she seems to forget all about this throughout the episode.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

In the confessional, Bridgette lets Geoff know that there is nothing up between her and Alejandro, but while telling him this, she begins to compliment Alejandro's thick, dark hair. She immediately covers for this, changing the word dark to "blond", referring to Geoff's hair color.

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

Throughout the episode, Bridgette keeps reminding herself that she has a boyfriend, such as when Noah tries to hug her for warmth. However, after accidentally kissing Alejandro, she says that she already 'kinda has a boyfriend', nearly denying Geoff. At one point in the confessional, Bridgette admits that usually she never is interested in other guys when Geoff's around, due to them always making out, but with him not around and Alejandro working his charm, she actually may miss him. Eventually, Bridgette falls for Alejandro's trap, leading to her elimination. While taking the Drop of Shame, Bridgette scolds herself for falling for Alejandro's charms and fears that Geoff will never forgive her.

Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water

During the beginning of the episode, Geoff doesn't want to see Bridgette because of her cheating on him with Alejandro and keeps trying to prolong her appearance. As Beth tries to talk Bridgette into seeing Geoff again, Bridgette realizes that she misses Geoff and that she must confront him. Bridgette feels so guilty that she sings a song in apology for her actions. However throughout the song, Geoff does not completely accept her apology and protests that she embarrassed him. After the song ends, Geoff continues to avoid Bridgette and the two later get into a fight based on their actions for what happened during the competition. Blaineley makes them fight in a boxing ring, and as the two are getting ready to fight, they suddenly stop and end up making out. Geoff finally forgives Bridgette, much to Blaineley's outrage, and they continue to kiss as the episode end.

Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon

Geoff and Bridgette Revenge of the Telethon

Geoff and Bridgette hosting together again.

In this episode, Geoff and Bridgette sing a duet, Save This Show, together. The two have resolved their problems regarding Alejandro from the last aftermath episode, and get along perfectly fine. At one part of the show, to add drama and to get more money, Blaineley shows a clip of Alejandro in order to make Bridgette gush over him. Bridgette puts a paper back over her head and tries to ignore it. She and Geoff then kiss through the bag, angering Blaineley.

Aftermath Aftermayhem

Throughout the episode, Geoff is concerned about Bridgette's safety when she is sent away to Siberia by Blaineley, making Geoff angry. When Blaineley uses chances to remind everyone about Bridgette kissing a pole, Geoff dismisses the comments for being more concerned about her safety, meaning Geoff has already forgiven Bridgette about that incident. When Bridgette says she can't get back until Bruno's paw is better, Geoff seems shocked about how long they will be separated again.

Hawaiian Style

HS - Bridgette geoff reunited

Bridgette and Geoff are reunited.

Geoff happily reintroduces Bridgette, who returns by surfing onto the Hawaiian set. However, Bruno has come along with her. Geoff and Bridgette attempt to kiss when Bruno suddenly punches Geoff. After scolding the bear, Bridgette explains that Bruno has become possessive and hurts anyone who gets within three feet of her. Their attempt to even touch elbows causes Bruno to growl at Geoff. Later, Geoff and Bridgette attempt to hug before going to commercial. Bruno tries to attack, but the tea he drank from Harold causes him to sleep and he falls on Geoff instead. In the end, Bruno loosens his possessiveness when he becomes more interested in using a heavily bandaged Blaineley as a chew-toy. When they try to hug at the end of the episode, Courtney interrupts them by reminding them that they hadn't given her a prize yet.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


Bridgette and Geoff dancing together as the yacht approaches Camp Wawanakwa.

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

When the entire first generation cast appears on a yacht, Bridgette and Geoff are seen dancing together at the bow.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1

When the Surfer Dudes are introduced, Geoff faces the camera and tells Bridgette that he loves her. He also mentions in an interview that Bridgette is currently in Australia, explaining her absence.

Maori or Less

After he and Brody accidentally interrupt Noah and Emma's moment, Geoff states that if the situation had happened to him, Bridgette would've been mad at him and given him the cold shoulder.

Got Venom

While discussing the possibility of a princess being held captive by the Komodo dragons, Geoff doubts that he would save a girl in distress, as he is afraid of what Bridgette would think.


  • Both are natural blondes.
  • Both have participated in twenty-three episodes of Total Drama each.
    • Twenty-one episodes of Total Drama Island, and two episodes of Total Drama Action for Geoff.
    • Seventeen episodes of Total Drama Island, two episodes of Total Drama Action, and four episodes of Total Drama World Tour for Bridgette.
  • In Total Drama Island, both have gotten a smelly stench on them; Geoff in X-Treme Torture and Search and Do Not Destroy and Bridgette in Hide and Be Sneaky.
  • This is the fastest couple to get back together, in this case breaking up and getting back together in the same episode. The second shortest is Courtney and Scott, who broke up in Zeek And Ye Shall Find and got back together one episode later.
  • This is the first couple to sing a duet, with the others being Duncan and Gwen (Greek Mix) and Alejandro and Heather (This Is How We Will End It).
    • This is the only couple who sing a duet after being established.
    • This is also the only one of the three that was formed in Total Drama Island.
  • This is one of the only relationships to be given a name by another character. They are named "Gidgette", a hybrid of their two names.
    • Other couples include Duncan and Courtney, called "Duncney", and Gwen and Duncan, called "Gwuncan".
    • An interesting note is that "Gidgette" is a misspelling of the literary character Gidget, who Bridgette shares many similarities to.
      • Another name for this couple is “Bridgeoff”.
  • This is one of only two couples that started in Total Drama Island that is still going as of Total Drama All-Stars. The other being Lindsay and Tyler.
    • Coincidentally, both couples were separated for one or more seasons as the male member did not compete while the female did.
    • Additionally, only the female member from both couples makes a cameo in the fourth season while the male doesn't.

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