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Gb hug

Gwen and Bridgette get over their dispute and become friends again in X-Treme Torture.

During Total Drama Island, Bridgette and Gwen are placed on opposite teams but become good friends throughout the season, mostly due to a mutual friendship with Leshawna and a mutual dislike of Heather. In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Gwen lists Bridgette as one of the few people she likes on the island. Their friendship is strained as of late as Bridgette initially sides with Gwen before switching to root for Owen. In the next season, Bridgette has a low opinion of Gwen after Gwen breaks up with Trent, choosing to side with Trent and feeling as though Gwen mistreated him, creating serious animosity between them. However it appears they are on better terms with Bridgette still going to Gwen for relationship advice, despite dening it publiclly, and defending Gwen from Geoff's torture attempts.

Total Drama Island

Not Quite Famous

Bridgette agrees with Courtney that Heather reading Gwen's diary out loud was "so mean."

Phobia Factor

Gwen attempts to frighten Courtney with negative commentary about her fear, prompting Bridgette to encourage Courtney to drown out Gwen's words.

Basic Straining


Gwen, Bridgette, and Leshawna talk about Chef.

While eating the food Courtney and Duncan steal from Chris and Chef's private quarters, Bridgette and Gwen converse with Leshawna. Gwen comments on how Chef is demented and wasn't in a war.

X-Treme Torture

Gwen and Bridgette are shown to have previously established a friendship when they discuss a romantic haiku poem they find in the trash, speculating that it is either by Trent for Gwen or Geoff for Bridgette. At first they're certain that the others' respective love interest wrote it, but when Gwen jokes about Geoff's lack of intelligence, Bridgette is angered and places a bet so that the winner gets the loser's dessert for two nights.

After discovering that neither Trent nor Geoff wrote the haiku, they both admit they were wrong and make up by hugging. They promise to work together to discover who had written the mysterious poem and who it was for. The poem turns out to be from Harold to Leshawna. After a long day of detective work, the two girls say goodnight and head back to their own team cabins.

Brunch of Disgustingness

When Bridgette moves into the girls' cabin, Gwen is quick to warn her about Heather's true intentions. Bridgette is later forced to choose sides and elects to sleep on Gwen and Leshawna's section of the cabin over Heather's. Gwen and Bridgette agree that they need to work together during the challenge.

Hide and Be Sneaky

Gwen teams up with Bridgette and Leshawna to vote out Duncan when Bridgette suggests it. She is shocked to see Bridgette eliminated instead of Duncan.

Haute Camp-ture

IMG 0465

Bridgette talks about how nice Gwen and Leshawna were to her.

Bridgette explains how nice Gwen and Leshawna were to her, and that they helped her stand up to Heather. She also states she would be happy for either of them to win.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

Gwen states that Bridgette is one of five sane people on the island, along with Cody, DJ, Leshawna, and Owen. Bridgette also supports Gwen initially, but switches sides when Owen announces he will throw a party if he wins. In response to this, Gwen collectively calls Bridgette and the other campers who switched "sell-outs."

Total Drama Action

Monster Cash

Gwen and Bridgette happily agree to share a bunk with each other.

The Aftermath: I


Bridgette doodling on Gwen's face.

Despite being friends with Gwen, Bridgette sides with Trent over her in their breakup, calling him a sweetheart who did not deserve what Gwen did to him. Bridgette also draws on Gwen's face on the screen for her own amusement.

The Aftermath: II

Bridgette continues to side with Trent in this episode. She even denies Gwen when she states that she loves Lindsay and Beth. However, Bridgette constantly defends Gwen from Geoff's tortures and also warns her not to lie or an anvil will fall on her. She is also furious at Geoff when he forces Gwen to sit on a tub filled with piranhas. Worried about her deteriorating relationship with Geoff, Bridgette sends Gwen an e-mail under the nickname "Gidget123" for some advice. Gwen, knowingly, asks Bridgette who could have sent the letter. Bridgette then asks aloud who would ask Gwen for advice, and laughs sarcastically. Gwen responds by saying she actually has learned something from her relationship about being straight up with people. When Bridgette denies that she asked the question, she accidentally causes the anvil to fall, nearly hitting Gwen and DJ. Gwen explains that the anvil was meant for Bridgette due to her being caught in a lie.

Total Drama World Tour

Aftermath Aftermayhem


Gwen looking concerned for Bridgette.

Gwen gasps and appears to be concerned about Bridgette when Bruno gets angry.


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