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Brody was a Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race contestant and finalist as a member of The Surfer Dudes with Geoff.


Brody is described as an enthusiastic, absent-minded jock. He and Geoff are all about partying, surfing, having fun, and winning the money, because tons of cash equals more parties and fun! He may not be the brightest guy in the competition, but he always has his friend's back. He is a loyal and enthusiastic friend, and always sees the glass as half-full. They could both get something done together, since together is better than one in this occasion. He is fast and strong with a bang on emotional compass. He shows himself to be noble, to the point where he let the Best Friends win after they help him and Geoff out. According to Geoff, Brody has a strong stomach and can eat any food, even if they taste awful.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

The Surfer Dudes are introduced.

Brody debuts in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1, along with his fellow surfer and best friend Geoff, since his girlfriend has been surfing in Australia. He appears to be ecstatic about joining the race and getting the chance to explore the world. He and Geoff later choose "Stairs" during the Either/Or challenge and is excited his exercise will pay off. Unfortunately, he gets leg cramps, which causes Geoff to drag him to the airport and causes them to get onto the third flight to Morocco.

In None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2, Brody eats the stew in the second challenge, having no problem with the spices he and Geoff pick out due to his strong stomach. They later arrive to the Chill Zone, finishing in sixth place. In French is an Eiffel Language, the Surfer Dudes take the first flight to Paris (while crashing their moped into a luggage cart in the Moroccan airport). It is Geoff's turn to do the Botch or Watch, so Brody poses for the caricature, which receives a thumbs-up from the local judge. Although, they have some problems in the catacombs, they manage to get third place.

Brody wrestles a shark for a Travel Tip.

In Mediterranean Homesick Blues, the Surfer Dudes are one of the first teams to reach Calanque de Maubois. It is Brody's turn to do the Botch or Watch, where he must retrieve a tip from a shark's fin. Unlike most other teams, Brody is not nervous, believing his great swimming skills will help him. Despite his enthusiasm, Brody struggles, making the Surfers one of the last teams to finish the first challenge. While the Surfers ride to the Chill Zone on their boat, the engine fails; however, Brody gets it working by touching the wire, connecting the broken wires and making the engine work again. Though he is repeatedly electrocuted as a result, due to having to keep his finger on it the whole time until his team reaches the Chill Zone. In a race between the Best Friends and them, they lose. Though the Surfers accept their defeat after seeing the other teams have already arrived. Don tells them they aren't last after all, due to the Geniuses taking an excessively long time to finish building their sandcastle.

Brody is still experiencing some of the after-effects of the previous episode.

In Bjorken Telephone, it is revealed Brody is still incapacitated from his electrocution from the previous episode, forcing Geoff to help him throughout the challenge. They complete the All-In challenge and choose to do the Feast challenge in the Either/Or, arriving in fifth place despite Brody's condition. In, Brazilian Pain Forest, the Surfers fared fairly well, achieving fourth place. Brody scores a hit to the crotch when he and Geoff are swinging on the vines and Geoff performs the botch by taking the ant bites for the team. In A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket, the Surfers try to befriend with the Sisters. While Kitty gets along with them, Emma stubbornly refuses an alliance and is rude to the Surfer Dudes. Nonetheless, the Surfer Dudes still wish to help the Sisters, and would signal them with a call if they find the coffins for the challenge. They arrive in eighth place in the challenge.

Brody fails to return the serve.

In Hawaiian Honeyruin, Geoff performs the botch by diving into the water with MacArthur and collecting the ring. Geoff also helps Brody during the wedding portion of the challenge by making him think about something else as Brody carried Geoff while crossing the fire pits. As a result, they mange to score their first victory of the season, which made them ecstatic to the point Brody said he would marry Geoff all over again. In this episode, Brody begins to develop a crush on MacArthur. Their reward for coming in first was getting to ride in the luxurious first class while going to Dubai. In Hello and Dubai, Brody is the first to read the Travel Tip, and has trouble pronouncing "Dubai", which Don reveals is the next location. The Surfer Dudes complete the tennis court part of the Either/Or challenge and arrive to the Chill Zone in ninth place. In I Love Ridonc & Roll, the Surfers remain silent throughout the episode and come in fifth place. In My Way or Zimbabwe, the Surfers come in second place in a close run with the Cadets and perform the challenge with ease.

Brody has some problems with riding the mechanical bull.

In Little Bull on the Prairie, Brody heavily struggles in riding the mechanical bull multiple times, getting flung every time. However, thanks to Geoff's hat, they succeed and arrive to the Chill Zone scoring first place for their team. At this moment, Brody cries and hugs with Don and Geoff in happiness. Throughout Lord of the Ring Toss, Geoff and Brody maintain a solid friendship, despite it being put to the test, because of the Ice Dancers' conniving ways. They worry about putting each other down when they struggle during the Narwhal ring toss and igloo building challenge. Regardless of the struggles, they win their third victory of the season, which makes Brody emotional to the point he cries and hugs Don and Geoff tightly. Geoff also vows he and Brody are going to play fair all the way to the end.

Brody kisses MacArthur's "hair".

In Got Venom, the Surfers attempt to save the Cadets from the Komodo dragons, but fail big time and end up being stuck on a tree along with them. Additionally, they also struggle with the challenge as a result of mistaking the Komodo Dragons as medieval dragons and spraying them with a fire extinguisher, which leads them to mistakenly collect foam in the vial as a result. They come in second-to-last place. In Dude Buggies, Geoff and Brody are the first to complete the challenge, but are one of the last ones to finish because they had too much fun with the Dune Buggy challenge and wanted to keep going again and again. In El Bunny Supremo, the Surfers struggle greatly again after their feast of bus burritos and chimichangas, leaving them with upset stomachs at the end of bus trip. In the chili challenge, Geoff eats a chili of medium heat while Brody takes the dive in the first part of the challenge. Despite their trouble, they come in second last place in the end (sixth), staying in the game.

Brody saves Emma.

In Ca-Noodling, the Surfers ally with the Sisters and the Best Friends when the Axis of Evil is formed. When it's a final run to the Chill Zone, they sacrifice themselves for the Best Friends in an effort to play a fair game. Initially upset about their elimination, they are glad they had fun throughout the race and got to play fair all the way through, even if their 'allies' were reluctant to share the money with them. After their elimination, Brody feels depressed about being eliminated and not being able to make a move on MacArthur. He solves his depression by eating burritos, gaining lots of weight as a result.

Brody flirts with MacArthur.

In Bahamarama, the Surfers came back to the race due to severe injuries from the Best Friends which forced them to quit. Due to the Surfer's sacrifice which kept the Best Friends in the race in Ca-Noodling, Carrie picked the Surfers to replace them. The Surfers repaid the Best Friends by vowing to split their prize money evenly with them, revealing their good nature. They are the second team to reach the second part of the challenge, which is the Botch-or-Watch, which involves searching for gold doubloons. After Brody misinterprets doubloons for balloons, Geoff clarifies it for him and he manages to retrieve the doubloons, making the Surfers the first team to complete the challenge, and as a result, the winners of the race and in the final three. However, the race isn't over yet as Don gives them a tip which tells them to go to New York.

Brody and Geoff beat Sanders and MacArthur in their ending.

In A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars, the Surfers travel to New York along with the Police Cadets and Ice Dancers. Like the other teams, they believe they have a good chance at winning the race. During the All-In challenge, the Surfer's taxi breaks down, because of the working of the Ice Dancers, forcing them to take the subway train. While the other teams are stuck in a traffic jam, the Surfers arrive at the Empire State Building. They climb the stairs in a hurry and are the first to get the suitcase with the tip attached to it. After reading the tip, Brody starts to run but falls because of a leg cramp, similar to the first episode. However, this time, prepared for this situation, Brody takes out a banana which is rotten and smells foul, making Geoff nauseous watching him eat it. As a result, Brody recovers and the two of them are the first team to meet Don who gives them the tip to the final Chill Zone. However due to a misunderstanding, the Surfers end up in the wrong location, closing the gap between the Surfers and Police Cadets. When the Police Cadets finish the challenge and are on their way to the Chill Zone, Brody gives up but Geoff gives him encouragement and they finish their challenge shortly after. Both teams race to the final Chill Zone while the others, sans Jacques and Josee, cheer on.

In the Surfers' ending, the Surfers make it to the Chill Zone first, making them the winner of the race. The Police Cadets congratulate the Surfers, with MacArthur asking Brody to call her. At the end, Brody and Geoff are seen in the final group shot, throwing money. It's mostly likely they will share their prize money with the Best Friends, as promised before.




  • Brody is one of the few characters in the franchise to have a tattoo. The others are Chef, Courtney, Crimson, Duncan, Dwayne, Geoff, and Spud.
    • However, he, Crimson and Dwayne are the only ones whose tattoos are not covered up by their clothing.
  • Brody is one of two characters to eat too many burritos and temporarily gain weight after the competition. Given how fast he lost the extra weight, he is implied to have a high metabolism.
  • Brody is one of two characters to make their debut in The Ridonculous Race while being partnered with a Total Drama Contestant.


  • Brody and Geoff are the only two contestants in the franchise to reach the final two after returning from their initial elimination.
  • Brody and Geoff are the team that went the farthest without being saved by a non-elimination round.


  • Brody is one of three contestants confirmed to be Hispanic; the others being Alejandro and Courtney.
  • When the first promotional image was released, Brody's legs were bulkier.
  • Originally, the Surfer Dudes were known as The Bromance Boys.


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