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Macarthur and brody

Brody flirts with MacArthur in Bahamarama.

At the very beginning of the race, the two did not interact much with each other. However, when they are on the same donkey kart to go to the airport in Hawaiian Honeyruin, they develop a steady friendship and Brody tries flirting with MacArthur for the first time during the Botch-or-Watch. Over the course of the race, Brody tries to flirt with MacArthur, who's fully aware of his crush and treats him only as a friend. The two teams work together in some challenges and Brody also helps MacArthur instead of his own team several times.

After the Surfer Dudes' elimination, Brody is depressed he didn't get a chance to be with her and gains some weight from burritos because of this. Once they return, Brody tries to hit on MacArthur again, but fails when MacArthur doesn't find him attractive anymore because of his weight gain. Their respective teams ultimately face off in the finale and MacArthur tells Brody to call her when he and Geoff win the money in their ending. In MacArthur's ending however, she shows no signs of attraction towards Brody. Afterwards, the status on whether or not they officially hook up is unknown.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Hawaiian Honeyruin

Donkey fart

Brody and MacArthur laugh when the donkey farts.

The two teams are on the same kart to the airport with the Rockers and all of them, with the exception of Sanders, laugh as the donkey passes gas. In the diving challenge, Brody and Sanders watch their partners cannonball into the water and Brody suddenly starts enthusiastically cheering on MacArthur and how she "kicks so much butt". This confuses Sanders, who then proceeds to remind him that MacArthur is her partner. Realizing this, he quickly backtracks and starts cheering on Geoff instead.

New Beijinging

Cadesurfers team up

Brody offers to go alone with MacArthur.

While travelling on the Great Wall, The Cadets and Surfers team up in order to search for the Chill Zone. When Geoff says they should split up, Brody misunderstands him and offers going alone with MacArthur, putting an arm around her shoulder. This leads to him having to be reminded by Geoff that he meant one team goes right and the other goes left. MacArthur replies in the interview that she knows Brody has a crush on her and that she can't blame him for that.

Down and Outback


MacArthur helps the Surfer Dudes.

Using Brody's feelings for MacArthur against him, the Ice Dancers trick Brody into helping MacArthur after she falls into a pond. Feeling concerned for her, Brody leaves the field in order to help her, leading Geoff to go after him, trying to make him focus on the challenge. When the Cadets realize that their bunnies are gone, Brody believes it was the bunnies' fault though she has to correct him on this, giving him the nickname "sweet cheeks." Brody offers to share some of his with them; only to find out that his team's bunnies are gone as well. MacArthur then formulates a plan to capture enough bunnies for both teams, saving them from elimination.

Little Bull on the Prairie

After the Ice Dancers and Police Cadets go missing and the Surfers are first, Brody says it's probably due to aliens and proceeds to thank them. Brody tries to impress MacArthur when he rides the bull but he keeps messing it up. MacArthur says he has a "nice impact positioning" and he deliriously replies by saying he likes her.

Got Venom

Surfer cadets

The Surfers don't succeed in saving the Cadets and end up in the tree too.

The Surfers hear the Cadets scream for help after they get stuck in a tree with Komodo dragons beneath them. However, they ignore them because they do not recognize their voices and think it's some "princess". Soon after Brody hears MacArthur saying that her butt has fallen asleep, he realizes it's her and hurries to help her again and calls her "my princess". He and Geoff try to fight the Komodo dragons with sticks, but get chased up the tree as well. They realize they need to throw something that would have the stench to repel them in order to escape and MacArthur pulls out a piece of her hair that she braided. She then reveals in an interview that she cut it from her armpits and then gives it to Brody. He kisses it before he throws it and they manage to escape. When Sanders tells them the dragons aren't actual fire breathing dragons, Brody easily gets the venom, giving some of it to the Cadets, causing both teams to complete the challenge.

El Bunny Supremo

Brody MacArthur burrito

Brody offers his last burrito to MacArthur.

When Brody is about to eat his burrito and takes his time, MacArthur jokingly asks "Are you eating that or making out with it?", to which Brody tells MacArthur to not be jealous and try some, despite it being his last one. MacArthur starts to eat, though is interrupted by Sanders who pulls her away. After arriving to Acapulco, the Surfers have trouble stomaching the burritos after having one too many. To this, MacArthur shows no concern to them, laughing about the situation telling Sanders she told her not to eat the burrito, despite Sanders being the one who told MacArthur not to.


When Geoff and Brody are eliminated, Brody tells MacArthur she'll have to go on without him, to which she is indifferent and doesn't show any sign of sadness. She instead shrugs it off, slurps on her drink and walks away.

Last Tango in Buenos Aires


Brody building a MacArthur sand sculpture.

While the Surfer Dudes are relaxing at the beach, Brody is seen building a sand sculpture of MacArthur in her swimsuit.


Brody compliments MacArthur on her looks and she is about to agree, before seeing his weight gain. She tells Sanders she wishes she could say the same thing about him. She comments in the interview that she used to think Brody was "hot dogs and cut offs" but not anymore, to which Sanders replies that she is being superficial. MacArthur replies by saying she is attracted only to people who are as hot as her. Later, the Surfers reveal that Brody's weight gain is due to him being bummed that he never got together with his crush, but now that they've returned, he can win her over.

A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars

Sorry hot stuff

MacArthur tries to distract Brody, but he focuses on the challenge for once.

When the Surfers leave the Empire State Building, they greet the Police Cadets, though the Cadets respond by saying there is no time to talk, and that they are coming for them next. Later, in the final challenge, when the final two teams sail into the lake to find their last Travel Tip, MacArthur offers him a date for the million in an attempt to distract Brody. But Brody refuses, much to MacArthur's anger. They race for the million and both teams look satisfied in the other's ending, with MacArthur telling Brody to "call her" in his ending. It is unknown whether or not they officially hook up in the end.


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