Bruno is a large gray bear from Siberia. He acts as a guardian for Bridgette after she treats his wounds and will attack anyone that comes close to her, including her boyfriend, Geoff. He debuts in Aftermath Aftermayhem when Bridgette is seen on camera in Siberia. He is last seen in an exclusive clip of Evil Dread in Total Drama All-Stars with Blaineley.

Total Drama World Tour

In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Bruno appears for the first time, where it appears as though he is attacking Bridgette, who was tricked into going to Siberia by Blaineley, and apparently destroys the camera. However, the bear is later shown crying over an injured paw, and Bridgette is helping it with the injury. Bridgette calls the bear Bruno and insists upon staying in Siberia until his paw is healed.

In Hawaiian Style, when Bridgette surfs back to the new studio, Bruno is following her on a surfboard. Just when Geoff and Bridgette are about to kiss, Bruno punches Geoff, showing he has become very possessive for Bridgette. After scolding the bear, Bridgette explains that Bruno has become possessive and will hurt anyone who comes within three feet of her. Even an attempt of touching Bridgette's elbow with his own causes Bruno to growl at Geoff.

HS - Bruno attacks

Bruno about to attack Geoff for getting too close to Bridgette.

After the performance of Who You Gonna Root For?, Geoff gives the microphone to Bridgette and she kisses his cheek. Unfortunately, this causes Bruno to attack Geoff, and backhand him into the ocean. Bridgette scolds Bruno again and he sulks over to where the Peanut Gallery is sitting, causing everyone in the front row to shift away except Beth, who is too frightened to move. Bruno sniffs Beth's hair and starts licking the back of her head. The bear is later shown wearing a napkin as a bib and licking his lips at Beth, attempting to eat her. In an effort to calm Bruno down, Harold suggests feeding him Kava tea. Once the tea is ready, Harold is the only one brave enough to give the tea kettle to Bruno, who calms down after drinking from it. Once Bruno is relaxed, Geoff and Bridgette attempt to hug each other before cutting to a commercial break, resulting in Bruno raising his paw to strike Geoff. However, the tea causes Bruno to become sleepy, causing him to collapse onto Geoff instead.

Bruno is restrained for a large part of the episode, until a heavily bandaged Blaineley crashes into the ocean during the surfing challenge. Bruno runs out and rescues her, only for Geoff to note that perhaps he considers her a chew toy. At this point, Bruno seems to lose his possessiveness, as he is indeed more interested in chewing on Blaineley's head than he is of protecting Bridgette. Geoff takes full advantage of this and finally hugs Bridgette again, glad to have her back, while Bruno continues gnawing on a terrified Blaineley's head.

In the exclusive clip of the episode, Bruno is still gnawing on Blaineley's head next to several couples who are relaxing on the beach.

Total Drama All-Stars

Bruno and blaineley

Blaineley and Bruno hugging while their swan boat runs over Lightning.

In an exclusive clip of Evil Dread, Bruno is seen hugging Blaineley on a swan boat in Paris. Unbeknownst to them, their boat accidentally collides into Lightning.