Bunnies, sometimes called rabbits, are furry, gray animals that have made numerous appearances throughout Total Drama and its spin-off series. Notable bunnies in the franchise include the two bunnies DJ had as pets during the course of Total Drama Island and Loki, a black bunny adopted by the Goths in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.

Total Drama Island

During the opening theme, DJ is seen relaxing in the forest being surrounded by a rabbit and several other animals. The moment of peace is disturbed when a dead fish fall nexts to them and the animals immediately attack him. DJ adopt a rabbit which he named Bunny in The Sucky Outdoors while find food for his team.


DJ's bunny.

He kept it with him until Who Can You Trust? where he task Geoff to take care of it while he competes in the challenge. However, Geoff was careless as he keep Bunny unwatch while swimming with Bridgette, causing Bunny to be eaten by a snake. Geoff, too guilty to tell DJ the truth, told him that Bunny "ran away," sending DJ into a state of depression. Not wanting DJ to suffer the same experience as him, Duncan lures a new rabbit and tells DJ that Bunny had return during the final challenge. Upon hearing this, DJ regain the motivation to complete the challenge though he and Geoff are disqualified.

Killer bunny

A bunny roaring loudly in Search and Do Not Destroy.

In Brunch of Disgustingness, Trent vomits on a rabbit after eating the jellyfish pizza. It is later seen hopping away when Trent vomits in the confession. In Search and Do Not Destroy, Bridgette's key is placed next to a seemingly-harmless little bunny. However, it roars loudly and ferociously at her and reveals a row of large, razor-sharp teeth, scaring her away, making her unable to complete her challenge.

In Haute Camp-ture, DJ is seen relaxing at Playa Des Losers with his second Bunny when an eagle suddenly swoops in and grab Bunny by its talons before dropping it into a grill. After being treated and bandaged, Bunny was flung into the air after DJ accidentally hits the table too hard. Bunny only returns at the end of the episode, falling into Lindsay's lap, who mistakes it for Tyler.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, two bunnies briefly appear gazing at Justin.

Total Drama Action

In an exclusive clip of The Sand Witch Project, DJ mentions Bunny, stating that they're his favorite animals because they are gentle.

In The Princess Pride, two rabbits gather around Courtney while she is singing her "Perfect Prince" song.

Total Drama World Tour

In The EX-Files, a rabbit is seen hopping effortlessly across a mine field as Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot tries to get into Area 51. It eventually crosses the boundary line into the dangerous zone and is instantly shot with a laser and runs past the team, screaming and charred.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Mutated Two-Headed Bunny

Two-headed mutated bunny fighting a beaver.

In Runaway Model, a two-headed mutated rabbit is seen fighting a mutant beaver in the forest, while the two teams search for potential models for the challenge.

Total Drama All-Stars


Scott being taken down by a group of bunnies in Moon Madness.

A gang of bunnies, affected by the Blue Harvest Moon, appeared in Moon Madness, where they attack Scott. Later, another pack attempt to attack Cameron, but fail to do so as Sierra saves him at the last second.

In The Final Wreck-ening, some bunnies along with other animals can be seen riding the Boat of Losers after the island sank at the end of the episode.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Bunny helmet of evil

A bunny wearing Max's evil helmet.

A bunny is among the animals who occasionally follow Ella throughout the season whenever she is singing.

In I Love You, Grease Pig!, a bunny is used by Max to test his evil helmet.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Crimson, Ennui, and Loki

Loki, the "third member" of the Goths is introduced.

In Down and Outback, the teams are tasked in catching ten rabbits from a farm. Whichever team finds the rare albino bunny, is allowed to continue to the next challenge immediately. Many of the teams suffer problems catching the bunnies with the exception of the Goths, as the bunnies are fond of Ennui. The Ice Dancers borrow some of the Goths' makeup, putting it onto one of their bunnies, thinking they're going to trick the Cadets into finding the albino bunny. After the Goths successfully capture ten rabbits, they decide to keep a black bunny that they named after the Norse God; Loki. Loki is also given heavy Goth makeup. Meanwhile, the Stepbrothers successfully capture the albino bunny, although they mistaken it for a kangaroo. The bunny is one of the animals Owen hits while driving in Little Bull on the Prairie.


  • The bunny is one of the few animals that appeared in every season including the spin-off.
  • In Total Drama, bunnies make squirrel-like noises, but in real life they don't make that noises, instead they emit silent grunts.
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