Dirtbags Bus

The bus is one of the main vehicles in Total Drama Action, it had a brief appearance in Total Drama World Tour, and played an important role as one of the several modes of transport in the spin-off. It is used to transport the contestants to certain locations, particularly to where the season takes place in the first episode of each season. It is blue and white, has several noticeable grease and rust stains, and a large crack in one of the windows. Several other buses, including a yellow bus, Total Drama Dirtbags bus and Double-Decker bus make one-time appearances on the show.

The bus

Total Drama Action


The contestants and DJ's mother scream in terror as the bus careens over a cliff in the reunion special.

In Monster Cash, it dropped off the original fourteen contestants at the abandoned film lot, and a piece of it fell off the moment it was parked. It is depicted as a regular city bus, and the driver's identity is ambiguous.

Its next appearance was in Top Dog where the bus was used to drop off three of the final four castmates, Duncan, Beth, and Owen, along with their animal partners, in the middle of the woods so that they would have to make their way back to the film lot to win the day's challenge. After these three disembarked, Chris also emerged from the bus, implying that he was the one driving it at the time.


DJ and his mother in front of the bus (their only possession left) in the Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special.

The bus returns once more, in what is easily its most prominent role, in the Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, although in this episode, it is owned by DJ and his momma. This episode is the first (and currently the only) one to show the interior of the bus. It is depicted as a mobile home, with many rows of seats, a round table setup, a large-screen TV, and a lavatory. Celebrity Manhunt hosts Josh and Blaineley explain that after Total Drama Action, DJ and his mother went on to host their own cooking show. At first, it was highly successful, until the high fat levels resulted in someone's death. The fiasco left the two homeless, bankrupt, and possession-less. Thus, they were forced to live in the bus and travel the country in it. The two of them arrived at the Gemmie Awards in the bus. Then, in the very end, when the cast tries to figure out a way to get to New York City, DJ offers them all a ride on the bus. Courtney takes it upon herself to drive the bus.


Courtney frantically shoves Duncan away as she attempts to veer the bus away from the oncoming cliff.

They eventually come upon a similar bus that has the entire cast of what is supposedly Chris's new show, "Total Drama Dirtbags," inside, and is driven by Alejandro. An action sequence ensues, involving Courtney ramming the Dirtbags' bus with their own bus and some of the cast working together and using a bra catapult to launch hundreds of chocolate candies at the Dirtbags' bus. Eventually, the Total Drama cast is successful in ruining the Dirtbags' bus. However, Duncan and Courtney start making out in celebration, and the bus, with no driver, slowly moves off-road and heads toward a cliff. When Courtney throws Duncan off and tries to veer the bus to the side, the bus loses its front right wheel and careens right off the edge of the cliff. Even after crashing, the bus still plays an important role. After Geoff, Trent, Beth, Katie, Sadie, Justin, Eva, and DJ's mother all leave to go get help, Chris and Chef arrive in the helicopter to rescue the cast. He lowers a cable and attaches it to the underside of the overturned bus. All of the remaining cast members climb inside the bus just before he pulls up and lifts the bus out of the canyon, eventually carrying it all the way back to the film lot. It was these fifteen contestants (along with Alejandro and Sierra) who would get to participate in Total Drama World Tour.

Total Drama World Tour


Lindsay blows a kiss, as she gets out of the bus.

The bus is seen in the first episode of the new season (despite the obvious and significant damage it sustained in the previous episode), Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, when it drops off all of the 18 qualifying contestants at the airport where the Total Drama Jumbo Jet is waiting, similarly to when it dropped off all of the contestants in Monster Cash.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

The bus plays an important role in the spin-off, and appears in some episodes as one of the forms of travelling between locations.

A different bus, called "The Chicken Bus" appears in El Bunny Supremo, which takes the teams from Las Vegas to Acapulco.

The yellow bus

Total Drama Action


Gwen and Duncan dismantle the yellow bus in Beach Blanket Bogus.

The yellow bus, which bears a resemblance to a regular school bus, appeared in Beach Blanket Bogus when it was used to take the cast from the abandoned film lot back to Camp Wawanakwa for the second and third parts of the challenge. A fairly significant character development scene in the episode centered around the bus, in which Duncan and Gwen sneak off to disable the bus so that they will have to stay at Camp Wawanakwa for the night, since they both apparently missed the cabins. They exchange some playful banter as Duncan works to dismantle the engine, and just as Gwen starts to playfully insult his dismantling abilities, Duncan cuts the line to the horn, which causes it to honk loudly and continuously.


Eva pulling a yellow bus with her teeth in the reunion special.

Gwen, fearing that they will be caught, quickly apologizes, and Duncan fixes the cut line. Their plan ultimately works, and Chris let them stay at the island for the night until they can find another ride. It is possible that that there would have been an elimination had this not happened.

A different yellow bus appears in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special. The show's hosts reveal that Eva has been working out which is proven with a picture of her pulling a yellow bus on a rope using only her teeth, which proves to be extremely powerful.

Total Drama World Tour

Trent tied to the front of the bus

Trent is tied to a bus by his fan girls.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water's exclusive clip, it is revealed that Trent was kidnapped by the fan girls and is tied on the front of a yellow bus with his guitar. As the bus drives away from the Aftermath studio, Trent goes on about the Drama Brothers might not be reuniting soon due to "artistic differences", and also about the hardships of being famous. However, he adds that he won't be the kind of celebrity that complains about the fans. Trent then started playing his guitar and sings as the bus then crashes into something off-screen.

The Total Drama Dirtbags bus

Total Drama Action


The Total Drama Dirtbags' bus, driven by Alejandro, is bombarded with chocolate.

The Total Drama Dirtbags bus appeared in the Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special. It was never seen from the side, only from the front and above. It is apparently the exact same size and design as the other bus, except it is colored differently, with black, gray, and purple as the dominating colors. After Chris declared that his new show, Total Drama Dirtbags, would be replacing the original Total Drama cast, the Dirtbags bus left for New York City with all of its cast members inside; one of the interns, the killer, an Eskimo, a bear, the Sasquatchanakwa, and Alejandro, the latter of whom was driving the bus. The entire Total Drama Cast pursued them in their own bus, eventually catching up to them and engaging in a high-speed game of chicken. They assaulted the Dirtbags bus by launching hundreds of Owen's chocolate candies at it and covering the windshield, obstructing Alejandro's vision and even hitting the Sasquatchanakwa right in the head at one point. Eventually, Cody declared that the Dirtbags had fallen behind, though the fate of the Dirtbags bus itself was left unclear. It is implied that it eventually made back to the film lot, due to Alejandro being there after the original cast is rescued from their own crashed bus, as well as the presence of the bear and the Sasquatchanakwa in Total Drama World Tour.

The Double-Decker bus

Total Drama World Tour

Owen and Noah near bus

Owen and Noah's search for Jack the Ripper brings them to the Double-Decker bus.

The Double-Decker Bus was featured exclusively in I See London... It was first seen on the London Bridge, which the remaining contestants (except for Alejandro) parachuted down to. They all boarded the bus and headed off into London while Chris explained the challenge to them. It wasn't seen again until the climax of the episode, when Owen and Noah returned to it to try and capture Jack the Ripper. It was inside the bus where the final confrontation took place, with the Ripper appearing and capturing Noah, and eventually being outsmarted by Owen, with the help of the London Guard Dogs.


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