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The six remaining teams head for the Mekong Delta of Vietnam where they form two super-teams of three and fish for catfish. While allies finish the challenge first, rivals instantly make it to the Chill Zone due to one's leadership and another's dumb luck. The remaining three teams become lost in wartime tunnels where two lovestruck partners help the others find a way out. At the last second, kind cool dudes allow the team to overtake them to the finish lines, which results in their own exit.


Devin accidentally drags an annoyed Stephanie into a cab with him.

The teams must now fly to Vietnam and travel to the Mekong River, where they will find their next Travel Tip. The Police Cadets take time to flaunt their victory at the Ice Dancers, further infuriating Josee and reminding them that they won in treachery by eliminating the Goths. Devin, now desperate to win over Carrie, steps up his game. However, his attempts are made difficult by his pepper-induced blindness, causing him to pull Stephanie into a cab by mistake and forcing Carrie to share a cab with Ryan.

The Ice Dancers and Police Cadets are very unhappy at having to work together.

After the flight lands, the Sisters and Surfer Dudes are unable to get to a taxi, and instead, take manually driven rickshaws down the river. However, Emma forces Kitty to drive, after feeling the previous driver is too slow. As teams arrive at the challenge area, they find out that they must work in teams of three to form a super team challenge, where they must use their fingers as bait for catfish, in a fishing technique called "noodling". Once teams collect six catfish, they will get their next Travel Tip, but if a team manages to find a Zip It Ticket, they can skip the next challenge and go straight to the Chill Zone. The Ice Dancers and Police Cadets consider temporarily working together for the challenge along with the Daters after Stephanie makes her and Ryan work with them due to feeling jealousy whenever he talks to Carrie. Carrie reveals that she thinks Devin might like her due to his attempts to impress her. Though, after getting advice from Emma, she pushes her feelings aside, which Devin's clumsiness unfortunately helps with.

Brody makes the crocodile regurgitate the fishes.

While MacArthur keeps repelling the Cadet's fish away with her aggressiveness, Ryan helps Stephanie with the challenge, and she is shocked to find out that she still has feelings for him. After noticing the other team cooperating, Sanders tries to motivate her super team to temporarily put aside their hatred and focus on hating the other team more. Finally agreeing to work together, Josee comes up with a plan to sabotage the other team, which MacArthur is fully on board with. Sanders looks on in concern as the two swim away laughing evilly, fearing she created "an axis of evil". Josee and MacArthur swim past Devin and trick him into thinking they see a mega catfish, which would impress Carrie, but it turns out the "mega catfish" is a crocodile. The blind Devin brings it back and the crocodile ends up devouring all the catfish. Luckily for them, Brody has experience with this type of situation and is able to make the crocodile regurgitate the fish via the Heimlich maneuver.

The Surfer Dudes decide to let The Best Friends pass them.

The teams must now compete in another All-In, which involves searching through tunnels filled with traps and dead ends for a Don Box with directions to the Chill Zone. Much to the surprise of the others, Jacques manages to find and catch the branded catfish which leads to the super team making their way straight to the Chill Zone tying for first place. Sanders suggests keeping the alliance intact which the other teams agree to but secretly plan to betray one another. Devin tries to reveal his crush on Carrie but gets interrupted numerous times and almost costs them the race after alerting the other teams when the best friends find the Don Box. The Surfers ultimately let the Best Friends pass them in the race to the Chill Zone due to their alliance and get eliminated after coming in last place. They reveal that while they're bummed out about losing, they're glad that they were able to make friends and play a clean game.


Voice actor Role(s)
Terry McGurrin Don
Scott McCord Brody/Jacques
Kristin Fairlie Carrie
Jeff Geddis Devin
Stacey DePass Emma
Dan Petronijevic Geoff
Julie Lemieux Josee
Stephanie Anne Mills Kitty
Evany Rosen MacArthur
Joseph Motiki Ryan
Nicole Stamp Sanders
Nicki Burke Stephanie


     First Place •      Racing •      Eliminated     Last placer on a non-elimination episode
     Saved from elimination •      Season winner •      Season 2nd place
Josee&Jacques (RR).png
 1st place 
Josee & Jacques
Ice Dancers
Sanders&MacArthur (RR).png
 1st place 
MacArthur & Sanders
Police Cadets
Stephanie&Ryan (RR).png
 1st place 
Stephanie & Ryan
Emma&Kitty (RR).png
 4th place 
Kitty & Emma
Devin&Carrie (RR).png
 5th place 
Devin & Carrie
Best Friends
Geoff&Brody (RR).png
 6th place 
Brody & Geoff
Surfer Dudes
Ennui&Crimson (RR) bw.png
Ennui & Crimson
Noah&Owen (RR) bw.png
Owen & Noah
Reality TV Pros
Dwayne&DwayneJr (RR) bw.png
Dwayne & Junior
Father & Son
Rock&Spud (RR) bw.png
Rock & Spud
Lorenzo&Chet (RR) bw.png
Lorenzo & Chet
Mickey&Jay (RR) bw.png
Jay & Mickey
Adversity Twins
Kelly&Taylor (RR) bw.png
Kelly & Taylor
Mother & Daughter
Tom&Jen (RR) bw.png
Tom & Jen
Fashion Bloggers
Laurie&Miles (RR) bw.png
Laurie & Miles
Ellody&Mary (RR) bw.png
Ellody & Mary
Gerry&Pete (RR) bw.png
Gerry & Pete
Tennis Rivals
Leonard&Tammy (RR) bw.png
Leonard & Tammy



  • This is the second time that Geoff has been eliminated in the twenty-first episode.
  • As of this episode, all male-only teams have been eliminated from the Race until the Surfer Dudes' return in Last Tango in Buenos Aires. The remaining male contestants left are part of unisex teams.
  • All three teams that form the "Axis of Evil" alliance have used and experienced the Boomerangs in earlier challenges.
  • With the elimination of Brody, all remaining voice actors only voice one character each, until Brody's return in Last Tango in Buenos Aires.
    • Additionally, Geoff's elimination also meant that all characters originating from the main series are eliminated, until Geoff's return.




  • Sanders's freckles disappear after MacArthur slaps Josee with a fish.


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