The cabins are small wooden sheltered buildings in which the campers reside in during the course of Total Drama Island, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, and Total Drama All-Stars.


Total Drama Island

The island has two main cabins where the teams settle in for the entire competition. There are six bunks in each cabin. There is also a tent where Chris and Chef stay, with air conditioning. There is one cabin for the Screaming Gophers and one for the Killer Bass, about fifty feet away from each other. The Gophers reside in the east cabin, while the Bass reside in the west. The girls get one side and the boys get the other, with a wall separating each side, along with a door on both sides. Boys on both teams get the sections on the inside, while both groups of girls get the outside sections of each cabin. Each cabin has a porch with a few steps up to the door and a little overhang.

In Brunch of Disgustingness, the campers are moved from their cabins, as it is the day before the merge. The five remaining girls stay in the Gopher cabin, while the five remaining guys stay in the Bass cabin. The only time when the cabins aren't in use is when the guys win the challenge in Brunch of Disgustingness. They win a one-week trip to a five-star resort. They go to the resort, but the girls stay in the cabins.

In Camp Castaways, a flood causes the cabins to get caught in the water and float away, leaving the remaining campers stranded.

Total Drama Action

The cabins are replaced by the trailers in Total Drama Action, where the castmates sleep. However, in Beach Blanket Bogus, the contestants stay in their original cabins after they visit the island by a bus which is dismantled by Duncan and Gwen. In The Aftermath: IV, when Chris and Chef accidentally return to Camp Wawanakwa, the cabins are seen.

Total Drama World Tour

The cabins are replaced by the Total Drama Jumbo Jet's first class and economy class sections this season, although they do not contain beds. This is noticeably the first, and currently only season in which the sleeping arrangements do not have any separation between males and females.

The original cabins make a brief appearance in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water during a never before seen clip, where Beth, Justin, Heather, Cody, Chef, and the bear are about to attack Harold while he is explaining the square of "111,111,111".

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


The nicer one (left) with the average one (right) before the nicer one exploded.

The cabins, along with everything else on Camp Wawanakwa, returned in the fourth season. There was originally one cabin that looked like the cabins from season one (being dirtier, more run-down, and smaller), and another that was larger, cleaner, and more furnished. The nicer cabin, according to Chris, had many nice features such as an eight-person hot tub and air conditioning. However, due to the Mutant Maggots' totem pole crashing into the cabin with the bomb still activated, the nicer cabin was blown to pieces. A back-up cabin, exactly like the other one, was dropped in its place for the Toxic Rats. In Grand Chef Auto, the Maggots' cabin was destroyed by a giant slab of concrete to "celebrate" the teams merging.

Total Drama All-Stars


The McLean Spa Hotel.

The cabins from past seasons reappear in the fifth season. For the losers, they get to stay in the cabin that has the same appearance as in season one and season four. The winners, on the other hand, get to stay in the "McLean Spa Hotel", which has an appearance similar to the nicer cabin in season four. The hotel has a butler, hot tub, and a 24-hour masseuse, according to Chris. 

In Heroes vs. Villains, the McLean Spa Hotel is the center of the challenge, where the contestants would need to find a key that unlocks the door to the hotel. The Villainous Vultures win the challenge, thus sleeping there before the next challenge (with the exception of Lightning, who volunteered to stay in Boney Island where he could search for the McLean-Brand Chris Head).

The cabins and the McLean Spa Hotel are used for the rest of the season, where either the winning team or the individual winner of a challenge would sleep in there. In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, Chris moves into the Spa Hotel as well, after his "cottage" gets destroyed by Duncan. The McLean Spa Hotel and the cabins make their final appearance in finale, being destroyed along with the rest of Camp Wawanakwa. Cameron, Gwen, Mike, and Zoey are seen floating on the roof of the losers' cabin, evacuating the sinking island safely.

Bunk beds


The bunks are seen in Total Drama Island.

The bunk beds are the beds that the contestants sleep in, which are seen in Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, and Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. Usually, the contestants choose their bunkmate and whether they want to take a top bunk or a bottom bunk.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

As a way of flirting with Heather, Duncan asks Chris for a bunk underneath her, which disgusts her, and prompts her to retort. Chris says that cabins will be divided by gender, which Owen seems to be very happy about as he claims he doesn't want to sleep with girls. This disturbs out his fellow campers, but he tries to cover this up by saying that he still likes them. Heather immediately shows disgust when seeing the bunk beds, labeling them as a little "summer camp". Gwen bumps into her and informs her that the idea is for them to look summer camp-like, then sarcastically calls her a "genius".

No Pain, No Game

When Eva came back to the campsite, a frightened Heather offers Eva her bunk, though Eva attempts to take Bridgette's bunk from her.

Camp Castaways

Gwen, Heather, and Duncan wake up to find their bunks floating in the middle of the lake, due to the torrential rains.

Are We There Yeti?

The final four awaken to find themselves and their bunks in the middle of the wilderness. After Chef finishes describing the day's challenge with unpleasant details, he leaves them behind and two massive claws drop down from the helicopter he is in, grabs the bunks, and carries them off.

Total Drama Action

TDA DIY BG IntTrailer

The bunks, along with the rest of the interior of one of the cast trailers, in the second season.

The bunks return in the second season as part of the sleeping arrangement for the castmates, although they are now placed in trailers instead of cabins.

Monster Cash

The campers decide among themselves who will bunk with whom, according to gender.

Total Drama World Tour

The bunks are replaced with sections located inside the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. The winning team or contestant earns the right to stay in the first-class section, which has a relatively nice space to sleep. The losers stay in the economy class section, where they sleep sitting-up, strapped to the wall of the jet, making it even more uncomfortable for them.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

The bunk beds are shown briefly when Chris is talking about the season at the beginning of the episode. There was also supposed to be a new kind of cabin, called the "McLean Spa Hotel". However, it is destroyed at the end of the first episode.

Total Drama All-Stars

Heroes vs. Villains

One of the cabins is seen when Chris is talking about the season. The second cabin has been replaced by an eco-friendly luxurious "McLean Spa Hotel".

The Final Wreck-ening

In the final moments of the episode, Camp Wawanakwa, along with everything on it, ends up been destroyed.



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