A camel is a humpbacked, long-necked mammal which is commonly found and domesticated in the desert regions of the world. It appears in three episodes of Total Drama World Tour and one episode of Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.

Total Drama World Tour


The camel, along with the goat, is introduced by Chris.

The camel's first appearance is in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, presented by Chris as Team Amazon's reward for finishing the pyramid challenge, despite them coming in last. While the majority of the team is displeased with receiving a camel, Izzy is quite ecstatic, as her initial response included grinning wildly and clapping. The camel that is seen in this episode is a one-hump camel, indicating that it was a Dromedary, a camel commonly seen in Africa and the Middle East.


Team Amazon with their camel in Rowin' Time.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, the camel is seen with Team Amazon. Izzy is seated on the neck of the camel, Gwen sits on the upper back of the camel, Heather sits on the hump of the camel, and Courtney sits behind Heather while Cody hangs onto the backside of the camel. The camel is shown to be gassy, much like the horse, passing gas onto Cody's face multiple times and causing him to fall off in disgust. At some point during the race, Izzy names the camel "Ruby" and decides that she is female. Izzy frequently moves Ruby's mouth to make it look like it is talking and communicates with it using "Camelese". Izzy's ability to speak Camelese allows Ruby to take Team Amazon to the Nile River, the destination of their next challenge. Later, during the "Basket Cases" challenge, Team Amazon has trouble loading the camel into the boat due to the team swap. However, Alejandro states he is going to win this fairly, and instructs Izzy to help them by speaking to the camel and telling it to get into their boat. The camel even took part in the reprise of the episode, Rowin' Time by braying twice, making it the first and only animal to ever take part in a song in Total Drama World Tour.

Tdtm chef head camel butt

During an exclusive aftermath clip, the camel sits on Chef's head.

Ruby appears in a previously unseen clip in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water. In this clip, Chef approaches her with a ladle and a pan, but Izzy defends her, thinking that Chef is trying to attack her. Izzy refuses to let Chef hurt her friend. After a few seconds of fighting, Izzy punches Chef in the face and then knocks him down with a flying kick. Afterwards, Ruby sits on his face. Izzy then tickles a helpless Chef's feet to torture him while he tries to explain that he was just trying to give the camel some oats, with no avail.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Stinky smelly gross camels

The camels, on which the teams have to ride to get to the restaurant.

Camels are used once again in the franchise during the challenge in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2. Where the teams must ride a camel to a Moroccan chef in order to make a stew for the Botch or Watch. While most of the teams have little difficulty riding their camels, Dwayne and Junior's camel passes out on them, possibly from dehydration. Meanwhile, the Vegans decide to simply walk their camel instead of riding it. They explain that they are doing this, as they do not want to exhaust it, and even plan to create a charity for camels to stop all camel riding. Miles, in turn, comes up with the slogan "Take hikes, not humps". Unfortunately, these mishaps causes the two teams to fall behind, and they are one of the last three teams to make it to the Chill Zone.



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