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Cameron Corduroy Wilkins was a camper, and one of the finalists of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, as a member of the Mutant Maggots. He returned as a camper for Total Drama All-Stars, originally as a member of the Heroic Hamsters but was switched to the Villainous Vultures in Moon Madness.


Cameron is an exceptionally smart boy, but is also one of the physically weakest competitors, due to his overprotective mother keeping him in a bubble all his life. Cameron shares many similarities with Cody, as both are shown to be exceptionally smart at times, but have a generally weaker physical stature. Cameron even replaces Cody's role in Total Drama All-Stars, when Sierra begins to develop an obsession over him. Camp Wawanakwa is Cameron's first experience in the "real world", and he immediately becomes fascinated with bizarre things such as Mike's alternate personalities and Dakota's mutation. As a good-natured contestant, Cameron is more than happy to help Mike control his disorder and keeps his promise well into the next season. He has a tendency to unintentionally expose secrets entrusted to him. Despite his delicate physique, he has made it past the merge both seasons he has competed in.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Lightning saves Cameron, mistaking him for a girl.

Cameron is introduced into the season where he is placed on the Mutant Maggots. It quickly becomes apparent he is physically impaired, due to spending his entire life in a bubble. He explains Total Drama is his first experience in the real world, and prior to several hours ago, he had never done anything outside his bubble. However, Cameron's mental power easily compensates for his lack of physical skills. He is constantly able to contribute to his team using his analytical mind and encyclopedic knowledge. Being away from his bubble isn't easy, as he has trouble sleeping without it. As a result, Cameron substitutes his bubble using a sleeping bag in Truth or Laser Shark. His difficulties don't end there, as Cameron soon comes under the attention of Jo, who sees his physical stature as a liability. Throughout the episode, Jo makes fun of Cameron and embarrasses him in front of the team. Cameron declares to her he had other strengths and he would prove his worth to the team. During the "Mad Skills Obstacle Course", Cameron is placed in the final leg of the race against Dakota. Through a stroke of luck, Dakota's incompetence and severe pain on his part, Cameron succeed in getting his baton (a giant maggot) to the finish line first, winning the challenge.

Cameron learns how to awake Svetlana from Mike's subconscious.

Cameron begins to interact more with his other teammates by Ice Ice Baby. He has some mishaps with Anne Maria who accidentally bothers him by getting her hairspray into his mouth but remains as one of the few contestants she gets along with. He also starts to become friends with Mike and Zoey, who are the ones willing to come to his aid when he is hurt. During the first part of the challenge, the newly formed friends devise a plan to get up the mountain using junk from the heap. Despite their efforts, their team loses to the Toxic Rats. However thanks to a poor choice from the opposition, they still end up getting the superior fort. In the second part of the challenge, Cameron stays with Jo and Mike to defend the fort, but is of little use and mostly spends his time cowering. He does play a key role in releasing Mike's alternate personality Svetlana, after figuring out his friend's secret and allowing her athletic prowess to travel to the other fort and win the challenge.

Cameron confronts his fear and defeats the giant spider, to everyone's surprise.

In Finders Creepers, reveals he is afraid of spiders. Cameron repeatedly gets treated by Jo as the most expendable player. He is thrown into a tree to retrieve a key. After most of their team gets taken by the spider, including Jo, Cameron finally takes charge and yells at Anne Maria and Mike to stop making out. In the confessional, he admits yelling for the first time felt pretty good. Cameron finally gets captured by the spider and cast into the web, where Jo is alerted to his presence and tells him he lasted longer than she expected, which he takes as a compliment. As the spider approaches, Cameron gains a burst of adrenaline, breaks out of the web, and attacks the spider. The spider is revealed to be Izzy in a spider costume. Cameron is cured of his arachnophobia, but it gets replaced with a fear of Izzy.

Cameron takes notes about Mike in his notepad.

In Backstabbers Ahoy!, Cameron has been taking notes about Mike's personalities and finds them fascinating. Cameron, Mike (as Vito), and Anne Maria are chosen to do the water ski portion. Cameron brings out Svetlana during the challenge by stating the team needed an Olympian. However, when one mine remained and the Maggots' boat ended up crashing on the rocks, Jo once again takes advantage of Cameron's expendability and throws him towards the mine. Incidentally, Lightning had been launched into the air due to his team's boat crashing, and he and Cameron end up colliding in mid-air, where both of them land on top of the mine and detonate it. Although it was a close call, Cameron was the first to hit the mine, thus winning the challenge for the Maggots for the second time. He is severely hurt by the explosion and receives medical attention for his injuries. His team gathers around his stretcher to congratulate him and thank him for their victory.

In Runaway Model, while looking for an animal to capture, Cameron comes across mutated anglerfish. Afterward, he ends up finding the mutant maggot the team uses for the challenge. Cameron and the rest of the team favor Zoey's design over Anne Maria's. When the teams have to rescue Lindsay, Cameron warns Jo about what the smeared makeup on her face would do, but it falls on deaf ears.

Cameron and Mike agree to help each other with their problems.

In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, upon arriving at the mine, Cameron has trouble carrying his backpack. Cameron learns about another one of Mike's "characters", called Manitoba Smith. Following Manitoba's lead, the Mutant Maggots ride some mine carts but end up getting separated when the track splits. Cameron is left with an unconscious Mike, who he manages to awaken by hitting him on the head with a flashlight, as this is what Jo would do. Cameron starts feeling the effects of the radiation, leading Mike to carry him. Cameron is also delighted Mike calls him "buddy", as Cameron never had a friend before. After they find Zoey and Scott, they find where the others are being held captive by Ezekiel's mutant gophers, however, they get attacked. Their former teammate Brick decides to ignore Jo and save his friends, and they all escape the mine. After the challenge, Cameron asks Mike about his multiple personalities and offers to help control them. In exchange, Mike agrees to form an alliance against Scott. Later on, Cameron, Mike, and Zoey all salute Brick as he leaves the island.

In The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, Cameron awakens on a raft with the other contestants and remembers Chef made them sleepy with their giant turkey meal. After Mike puts on a fedora and becomes Manitoba Smith, Cameron pushes Zoey into the water and takes Mike's hat off, to keep Mike's cover. When Zoey asks why he did so, he said he slipped. Upon reaching the giant squid, Cameron devises a plan to use their board to launch them all to shore, which succeeds and lets them win the first challenge. Later in the swamp, Cameron realizes Zoey's screams cause Mike to transform back. He also pulls down Mike's shirt after it gets snagged on a thorn, and he becomes Vito. After the Maggots lose the challenge, Cameron accidentally reveals Mike's personality disorder to Scott. At the elimination ceremony, Cameron votes for Scott, but Dakota ends up being eliminated.

Cameron gets behind the wheel of a fast kart.

In Grand Chef Auto, Cameron frantically asked Scott to not tell anyone else about Mike's multiple personality disorder. Scott assured him he wouldn't, saying he wasn't a squealer like Cameron. Cameron also tried to form an alliance with Jo but to no avail. In the second part of the challenge, Cameron was the first to reach his go-kart and head off to the first landmark, gaining a significant lead over the others. However, he was the second to reach the first landmark, after Zoey, and quickly lost his lead due to taking too long to spray the rock: He sprayed a parody of The Creation of Adam, depicting him receiving the million dollars from Chris. Mike tried to tell him he didn't need to take so long, but he was interrupted by Scott and thus unable to help Cameron. Jo soon showed up, made fun of him for taking too long, and sprayed an "X" over his face on the painting. By the time Cameron made it to the third and final landmark, the totem pole, Zoey lost her grip from the wing she was holding onto and fell right onto the front of Cameron's go-kart, launching him straight up to the top of the totem pole and giving him a quick advantage. However, when Zoey told Cameron she was driving ahead to catch up to "Vito," Cameron was noticeably worried and was quick to get down and chase after her. By the time Zoey arrived, Mike was still fighting his other personalities in his subconscious. Cameron arrived and, when Zoey asked what was happening, he accidentally revealed Mike's disorder to Zoey as he had to Scott.

Cameron before pressing a button that blows up Jo's smoke machine.

In Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, Cameron laughed at Scott after his foot was crushed by the blimp's anchor, and proceeded to correct Scott by saying the blimp was a zeppelin, named after Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin. The blimp's boarding ramp lowered and crushed Cameron, with his feet sticking out from underneath. He, along with the rest of the cast, was frightened to see Heather. Ironically, Jo approached Cameron for an alliance as he had approached her in the previous episode, most likely due to her alliance with Lightning falling apart. In the challenge, Cameron received the card depicting a rocket. However, Jo quickly forced him to first build her vehicle: A hot-air balloon. Lightning also approached Cameron and asked for his help in the challenge, only for Jo to swipe Cameron up over her shoulder and tell Lightning to get his own nerd. Cameron quickly fashioned a hot-air balloon together for her, but before he could go off to work on his own vehicle, Jo once again told him to do what she wanted him to do: This time, sabotage Lightning by dumping a pile of junk on his new vehicle using a shovel. However, Cameron pulled too hard on the shovel and was flung backward, landing on a 747 jet engine. He was excited at the discovery, eventually when he discovered all of the interior components were intact and fully functional. He quickly created his own rocket, angering Jo when she found out he not only failed to sabotage Lightning but disobeyed her orders. He started up the rocket by accident and almost sucked Jo into the turbine before speeding off, crashing into another pile of junk. Chris declared, since he had finished his vehicle first, he won the fog machine for the second part of the challenge. However, Jo quickly swiped the machine from him and forced him to make a confessional in which he stated his gratefulness for Jo and his alliance with her.

At the beginning of the second part of the challenge, Jo orders Cameron to untie her balloon first before launching his own vehicle, which noticeably angered him. Lightning tries to convince Cameron Jo is playing him in the same way she had played him. His point is further supported when Jo tells Cameron to shield her from Heather's attacks with his own vehicle. Cameron finally stands up to Jo, pulling out a detonation switch and presses the button, setting off an explosive he had planted in the fog machine earlier. The explosion sets the balloon's canvas on fire, causing Jo to crash into the sea and allowing Lightning a shot at Heather. While he fights with Heather over the briefcase, the pilot-less blimp nosedives towards the ocean, flying right into Cameron's path and crashing into him. The fatally-damaged blimp started its final descent, with Cameron clinging onto the window ledge on the front of the wheelhouse. He quickly lost his grip and fell, with Zoey saving him when one of her flying goats bit onto the back of his hoodie. She winked at him and smiled, with Cameron thanking her as they flew back to camp. At the Campfire Ceremony, Chris declared Cameron had won invincibility due to taking out Heather, and thus he received the first marshmallow and was safe. Cameron and Lightning voted Jo off, and Jo was about to attack Cameron before Chef dragged her away. She called Cameron a backstabber, but Cameron says he "learned from the best". Jo realized he was referring to her and he was right, congratulating him on his great strategy as she was led away.

In Eat, Puke and Be Wary, Cameron is first seen telling Zoey Scott should be voted off next. He considers getting Lightning to join them to secure his elimination, but Scott throws a lasso around the branch Cameron is on and pulls, breaking the branch and sending Cameron falling into another snare trap set up by Scott, flinging him back towards camp. Cameron lands right next to Lightning, who is playing basketball and tries to convince him to align with himself and Zoey. Lightning, however, is too focused on basketball to pay attention. When DJ was introduced as the judge of the food, Cameron was excited to see him. Later, while he is trying to reach some radioactive mushrooms on a tree trunk too tall for him, Scott walks up and gets them down for him, while trying to convince him to vote for Lightning instead.

Cameron ends up stealing the win from Lightning, which starts a conflict between them.

Cameron thanks Scott for getting the mushrooms, but is still unconvinced about voting with Scott instead of against him. He later makes a delicious quiche, which Scott steals before the eating challenge begins, replacing it with his own quiche. Thus, Scott wins the first part of the challenge. After the final part of the challenge begins, Cameron runs into Lightning and they discover the tracking collars are also electrified. Cameron offers to get the collars off of himself and Lightning in exchange for an alliance, which Lightning agrees to. Cameron rewires his watch to emit an electromagnetic pulse disarms both collars and causes them to fall off. Cameron and Lightning attach them to the tail of a giant, mutated raccoon, and they start off towards the flagpole. Along the way, Cameron starts to tire and asks if he can ride on Lightning's back, only for Lightning to say he's in this for himself. Cameron, however, silently clings onto Lightning's back as he runs off, thus allowing Lightning to indirectly carry him straight to the finish line. When Lightning arrives at the flagpole, he starts cheering and doing a victory dance, backing against the pole so Cameron is the first to touch it, thus giving Cameron invincibility. Lightning is enraged at this and insists Cameron stole his invincibility.

In The Enchanted Franken-Forest, Cameron is clearly terrified of Lightning, who vows to get revenge on Cameron for winning invincibility in the last challenge. Zoey still in her commando persona tells him to awaken the "inner warrior" inside him. Despite her new fierce nature she remains aligned with him, and the two make a pact to go to the final two together. However, he becomes concerned for who she has turned into. In the challenge, Zoey starts saying "I" or "me" in reference to herself, leading Cameron to believe the alliance was weakening into an individual game. Cameron, in return, kept correcting her by saying "we" or "us", annoying Zoey. At the same time, Cameron repeatedly almost gets killed, with Zoey saving him every time, and Zoey comes up with most of the strategies, leading her to believe Cameron is worthless. They eventually reach the Venus Flytrap, and Zoey ties Cameron to a rope flung over a branch, lowering him down towards the Flytrap to get the flower, but it backfires and he is eaten. Zoey finally realizes the importance of her friendship with Cameron and abandons the challenge to save him, thus allowing Lightning to win invincibility and the choice of who is eliminated.

Cameron is dismayed to discover he's lighter than a doll.

At the Campfire Ceremony, Cameron accepts he will be eliminated for Lightning to get his revenge, and gives a speech about it. However, Lightning chooses Zoey instead. Cameron protests by saying Zoey is a bigger threat and more worthy contestant, which Lightning says is the reason he chose her, and so he could exact his ultimate revenge on Cameron in the finale in front of everyone, where he says he will "eat him alive."

Cameron builds a suit of armor to face off Lightning in the finale.

At the beginning of Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, Cameron is still upset and in shock over Zoey's elimination. Lightning continues to tease him over the inevitable outcome of the challenge, pushing him to the ground and saying he'll crush him "like a grape". Cameron continues to express fear over the possibility of him being severely injured by Lightning before the season is over. When Chris allows the final two to video chat with their relatives at home, Cameron goes first and gets to speak to his mother. She tells him they have been running out of oxygen to pump into his bubble and he must win the money so they can keep it inflated, which gives Cameron even more determination to win. When Lightning panics over his father betting his four championship rings on Lightning's win and asks if he's joking, Cameron said "he seemed pretty serious to me", which prompted Lightning to attack him out of anger. When the finalists arrived at the "Chrisinium", Cameron found himself being cheered on by every single one of the previously-eliminated contestants, except for Jo. When Cameron saw Scott, he worriedly asked what had happened to him, to which Chris explained the reason for his paralysis. Cameron wondered what Scott "said" when a single beep and a flash from the red light on his machine, but no one else cared. Although Cameron initially had trouble removing certain pieces from the pile, he found a computer and came up with designs for a special suit on it, eventually creating a high-tech, full-body mechanical suit equipped with multiple functions such as blasts of fire from the hands and soles of the feet. Although Cameron constantly gained and lost the upper hand throughout the duel, the entire group of eliminated contestants cheered him on the entire way.

When Chris released the various mutated monsters into the stadium, Cameron was always quick to fight off the monsters first, even saving Lightning to get rid of the giant, tentacled alligator. When the entire group of animals was released at once and the entire stadium was plunged into chaos, Cameron found himself switching between battling Lightning and saving his friends from the monsters. Eventually, he resorted to one final attack from his suit to defeat Lightning. He emitted an electromagnetic pulse turned Lightning into a magnet, attracting a dozen barrels of toxic waste to his body and drawing a bolt of lightning to him, turning his hair white and knocking him out. Immediately afterward, Cameron was unable to hold up his shut-down suit any longer, and he fell on top of Lightning. After three seconds of keeping Lightning down, Cameron was declared the winner, to which everyone cheered. When Chris gave him the money, Cameron thanked him and decided he didn't need the money for his bubble anymore, since surviving the season proved he didn't need such protection anymore for the rest of his life. Thus, he decided to reward the entire cast for helping him make it this far and announced he would split the million dollars with everyone else, later laughed at Chris in the end.

In Lightning's ending, Cameron's suit short circuit after the lightning strikes and collapse on the ground first. Lightning fell over him, securing a three count and the winner of the season. Despite this, Cameron isn't upset about losing since at least he survived and made it to the finale, earning him a personal victory.

Total Drama All-Stars

Cameron is introduced into the All-Stars season.

Cameron is introduced into the season in Heroes vs. Villains, where he is placed on the Heroic Hamsters. Despite his physical limitations, Cameron still shows he is able to be a help to his team during challenges such as summoning Manitoba Smith to aid in the digging challenge in Evil Dread.

Cameron also finds himself quickly becoming involved with Sierra. At first, the two of them easily become friends, after noticing how similar they are. However, this all changes when Sierra's sanity slips further due to being deprived of Cody. In Saving Private Leechball, she begins to see him as Cody and treats him in the exact same manner, much to Cameron's horror.

Sierra begins to see Cameron as "Cody," and treats him as such.

Not wishing to suffer the same fate as Cody did in Total Drama World Tour, at the end of the day Cameron volunteers for exile on Boney Island to get away from Sierra. He returns from exile in Food Fright, much to everyone's surprise he managed to survive. He explains he accomplished this by dousing himself in a bear's urine, to keep all the other animals away. However he discovers, his absence has not only failed to alleviate Sierra's obsession but if anything it has gotten even worse. He performs poorly in the challenge due to his light weight, getting booted far and passes the salad spinner. He lands in a tree and has a painful time falling down, to the point where Chris gives him a pass due to the satisfaction of watching his pain. After completing his run, he lands near Sierra who has begun to refer to him using a combination of his name and Cody's.

Cameron tries to quit to escape Sierra.

To add to his growing list of problems, Cameron breaks his glasses in Moon Madness, after getting tripped by Mike (whilst under the control of Mal), though he is later made aware of the truth by Zoey. Cameron confronts Mike about this, who confesses he has experienced trouble with his personalities. Though Cameron forgives him and offers to help him with his problem. Sierra's obsession also appears to have worsened, where she has taken to carry him due to his impaired vision, and actively calls him "Cody". Once the Blue Harvest Moon hits, moon-crazed animals start attacking them. In the confusion, Cameron manages to slip away from Sierra, after being coaxed by Mal (pretending to be Mike) who was also released by the effects of the moon. As Cameron runs off with Mal, he's shown to have figured out the occurrences Mike has experienced had to be connected to Scott hitting Mike on the head in Evil Dread. Immediately seeing Cameron as a threat, Mal sends him tumbling down a hill and leaves him to the fate of some moon-crazed bunnies. He is saved by Sierra, who confines him in a grass carrier to prevent them from being separated. The Hamsters end up losing the challenge, but instead of a voting Cameron voluntarily quits, as he can no longer tolerate Sierra. However, rather than allowing him to be eliminated, Chris instead places Cameron on the Villainous Vultures. Cameron promises Mike he'll continue trying to help him out from the Villains' side. He goes to greet his new team, where he is given a cold reception by most of them.

Cameron finds a friend in Gwen on the Villains' team.

Cameron has a hard time adjusting to the Villains' team in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, as all of them are mean to him. He finally gets some consolidation with Gwen, who helps him to fix his glasses. After arriving at Boney Island, an even more delusional Sierra tries to take Cameron back, before he's whisked away by Gwen to avoid any further trouble. Later on, Heather approaches Gwen and Cameron. She tries to persuade them into voting off Alejandro, by telling them the latter had already convinced everyone else to vote for Cameron. Though he is initially skeptical, Cameron does follow Heather's instructions and votes for Alejandro. However, he is shocked to discover Alejandro had found the immunity statue so Heather is instead the one who is eliminated.

Cameron is forced to fight.

In Suckers Punched, Cameron is taken aback by the boxing challenge and writes out his will in the confessional. He is pleased to hear Sierra has decided to "break up" with him, as she has to care for the mutant rat she adopted. Though this is short lived, as she resumes her obsession once her pet gets taken. Cameron notices how the previous contestants kept receiving "personal opponents" and suspect the competition of being rigged. To avoid suspicion, Cameron's designated opponent, Izzy (who he is still terrified of), is given to Mal. Cameron is instead paired with Mike's opponent, which are several mutant gophers, and is effortlessly defeated. In the end, the Villainous Vultures end up winning and are given the opportunity to eliminate a Hero, to which they agree on picking Sierra. Cameron comforts Sierra and tells her, she has a real Cody awaiting her and she should run back to him. With this, he is released from Sierra's torment and is finally able to find peace.

Cameron is worried he's turning evil.

The merge hits in the next episode, and Cameron once again allies himself Zoey and "Mike". However, during the challenge, Mal gets ahead of them and he's left with Zoey. Due to Mal sabotaging several boats, the raft is the only boat available, so Duncan and Scott have no choice in joining them. After falling behind, Cameron gets the idea of using Scott as bait to attract Fang, so they can use him as a motor. Duncan is impressed by his villainous plan, but Cameron is shocked by this and fears he's turning evil. In the end, he and Scott come last (as Zoey and Duncan had both left the raft). At the elimination ceremony, Cameron is shocked to hear he received unanimous votes against him, but is spared elimination due to Duncan getting eliminated in his place for destroying Chris's "cottage." Nonetheless, the incident leaves Cameron shaken, believing the votes had tampered and he is left uncertain of who to trust.

Mal reveals himself to Cameron before he is eliminated.

Cameron is still unsettled in Zeek And Ye Shall Find and discusses with Zoey and "Mike" of the possibility the votes had been tampered with. Mal (who was the one who tampered with the votes), and suggests they search the cabins, having planted evidence to frame Alejandro. However, Alejandro had already relocated the evidence to outsmart "Mike". When Cameron finds it he becomes distraught and loses his faith in everyone. Shortly after, Mal regains Cameron's trust and convinces him everyone (excluding Zoey) is out to get him, including his new friend Gwen. Mal tells Cameron they need to secure Scott's allegiance, which required breaking up his relationship with Courtney. As they journey into the mines, Mal and Cameron meet Courtney and Scott, where Mal pushes Cameron into Courtney and makes them kiss. Cameron accuses Courtney of kissing him, leading the couple to break up. As Mal and Cameron depart, Cameron falls into a hole, managing to grab hold of a root. Mal walks off, pretending to get help while whistling, leaving Cameron on his own. Alejandro arrives and offers to pull Cameron up. However, Cameron doesn't trust Alejandro and refuses to be relied on (as he believes it was more of Alejandro's tricks) when he tries to say Cameron's trust was gravely misplaced. Eventually, Cameron falls and he lands in a stream where he is saved by Gwen. This act restores Cameron's trust in her, and he apologizes for treating her coldly. The two finally find the others, who had been captured by Ezekiel. Cameron acts as a diversion and tells Gwen to rescue everyone and Chris. However, Ezekiel causes a cave in, and Cameron gets buried in a pile of big rocks. Cameron is deemed too injured to compete, and Chris has him eliminated. Zoey and Gwen all say farewell to him. Mal reveals his true identity to Cameron, and how he was responsible for all of the chaos he did and for letting him fall. Cameron lets out a scream before he finally gets flushed by Chris.

Cameron returns as one of Zoey's helpers (along with Gwen) in the finale, with his entire body but his left arm healed from his injury, and informs her Mike was likely an alternate personality and Mal was the real one. He helps Zoey and Gwen to cross the moat by riding on his bubble. Shortly afterward, Mal catches up to him and throws him and Gwen down the cliff, who gets injured. He spends the rest of the episode supporting Gwen.

Cameron helps Zoey out in the finale.

Both of them cheer when Mike returns, and seeing all the other couples kissing, Gwen gives Cameron a kiss on the cheek as well. Even after Chris announces anyone could take the money, Cameron still remains loyal to Zoey and stands up to Alejandro and Heather. After the winner is declared, the island begins to shake and Cameron asks Chef how he dug the moats. Upon being told it's a fracking machine, he states it couldn't be used on such a small island, shortly before it begins to sink. He is seen floating away on a rooftop with Mike, Zoey, and Gwen.


Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Total Drama All-Stars

Total Drama Reloaded

Cameron's original design.

Cameron was one of the characters who had the most changes from his original design. He was Caucasian, but his skin color has changed to be much darker, similar to Mike's. He also had more hair, which was light brown but is changed to black. He also did not have glasses. His shoes were black, but have been changed to orange. His shorts were a bright yellow, but have been toned down to a more orange color. Lastly, his nose was changed from a sharper shape to more rounded. This design was later used for Mickey and Jay from Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.

Audition Tape

View this video for Cameron's audition tape.

A butterfly overwhelms Cameron.

Cameron's audition tapes contain reused audio and animation from his first confessionals. He starts his audition by stating he is known as a "bubble boy", and his mother was overprotective of him while he was growing up. He explains he has never even gone swimming before, adding he has "never done anything before". Regardless, he insists he is still a force to be reckoned with. A monarch butterfly flies into the room, which fascinates Cameron. It lands on his head and proves to be too heavy for him, and he struggles to retain his balance.




  • As Chris announced midway through the finale of Total Drama All-Stars any contestant (both the finalists and the helpers) could compete for the prize money, Cameron, along with Alejandro, Gwen and Heather are one of four contestants to "compete" in the finale twice.


  • Cameron is the shortest contestant from second generation.
  • Also stated in his biography his favorite food is plunkaroos and his favorite movies are "Frankie the French Fry" and "The Adventures at Bendys".
  • Audio from his audition tape was used for a confessional he used during Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, with the only difference being the location it took place.
  • According to Cameron's Total Drama: Revenge of the Island biography, his favorite colors are red and purple.
  • Cameron is the first contestant from the second generation to meet one of the original contestants.
  • In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, he admits in the confessional his kiss with Courtney was his first kiss ever.


  • The term "bubble boy" is used to describe a person who requires to live in a micro-biologically sterile environment for medical reasons.


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