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Fixing glasses

Gwen helping Cameron to fix his glasses.

Cameron and Gwen's friendship develops in Total Drama All-Stars after Cameron, in a failed attempt to escape Sierra's affections, switches over to the Villainous Vultures in Moon Madness. Gwen is the only member from the team who fully embraces his presence from the moment he approaches his new teammates, and the two quickly become good friends. While their bond is briefly threatened in Zeek And Ye Shall Find, courtesy of Mal, Cameron and Gwen ultimately resolve the issue, and part on good terms after he is eliminated. The two are selected as Zoey's helpers for the final challenge in The Final Wreck-ening. Together, they try to get her head back in the game while supporting one another throughout.

Total Drama All-Stars

Saving Private Leechball

Cameron attempts to eliminate Gwen from the challenge, only for Duncan to take the leech instead. When he is distracted for a moment thanks to Sierra, Gwen quickly uses the opportunity to retaliate. Cameron is eliminated from the challenge by an unremorseful Gwen before she tends to her fallen boyfriend.

Moon Madness

Cameron volunteers to take the Flush of Shame to escape Sierra's affections. However, Chris had planned to place the eliminated camper onto the opposing team instead of flushing them, and thus Cameron is made a Villainous Vulture. While Alejandro, Courtney, and Heather all glare at him as he nervously greets his new team mates, Gwen can be seen smiling.

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

Gwen helps cam

Gwen takes Cameron away from Sierra.

On his first day on the Vultures', Cameron gets made fun of by his new team mates as he tries to fix his broken glasses. Gwen is the only one to help, and offers him a twist tie to keep his glasses together. After this, the two quickly become friends, being the only "heroes" on the villains team. During the challenge on Boney Island, Sierra still tries to team-up with Cameron, to which Gwen snatches Cameron away and saves him from the ordeal. The two partner up for the challenge and are seen together for the rest of the episode. They decide to vote for Alejandro, as they are under belief by Heather that Cameron is being targeted.

Suckers Punched

During the challenge, Gwen believes in Cameron's theory that the Wheel of Misfortune has been rigged to select personal opponents for the contestants. When the time comes for Gwen to announce which Heroic Hamster has been eliminated, Cameron interrupts her to add that the Vultures' decision was made "very reluctantly," and the two exchange almost nervous looks as Gwen says Sierra's name. It is implicated that the two ring-leaded Sierra's elimination.

Zeek And Ye Shall Find


Cameron hugs Gwen after she saves him in Zeek And Ye Shall Find.

Mal falsely tells Cameron that Gwen has been speaking terrible things about him. He is hurt in response, saying that he considered her his friend, but then makes a point that she was on the Villains team. When the contestants meet to learn about the day's challenge, a confused Gwen wonders why Cameron is glaring at her. She tries to join him along with Zoey and Mike for the challenge, but is rejected. In the mines, Cameron falls into a pit, and is saved by Gwen after he lands into a pool of water. Cameron is initially surprised, but then hugs Gwen and tells her he trusts her again. While she is happy he has come around, Gwen really wants to get out of the mine, and Cameron to save Chris. The two then follow Chef to where Ezekiel is.

At Ezekiel's lair, Cameron decides to distract Ezekiel while Gwen saves Chris and wins the challenge, declaring that he owes her for saving him. After Gwen manages to knock out Ezekiel using Chef's meatball bazooka and frees Chris, she quickly rushes to Cameron's aid after he is crushed by boulders. That night, she is shown to be extremely concerned about him when he is wheeled to the elimination ceremony in a full body cast and bubble. As it turns out, Cameron is not only severely injured, but off the show, being too injured to compete any further. She and Zoey are the only ones to give him a heartfelt goodbye, with Gwen telling him to feel better soon as he is flushed.

The Obsta-Kill Kourse

Gwen is told by Zoey that Alejandro left Cameron to die back in the mines. In order to avenge their friend being eliminated that same episode, Gwen agrees to help Zoey and Mike vote off Alejandro. Later, Gwen is shocked when she discovers that Cameron and Courtney kissed in the previous episode. Despite being unaware of Mal telling Cameron to break Courtney and Scott's relationship, Gwen finds no fault in him, although she does note that it "kind of came out of nowhere."

The Final Wreck-ening

Gwen and Cameron are chosen to be Zoey's helpers in the final challenge. They work together, determined to assist their good friend. At one point in the challenge, Gwen twists her ankle, forcing Cameron to act as her support as she limps through the challenge. Gwen also gives Cameron a friendly kiss on the cheek as romance takes over the other competitors. After the island sinks, Cameron, Gwen, Mike and Zoey are seen floating on a flotsam. They both agree with Zoey that they should never compete again. 


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