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Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon (20)

Jo pressures Cameron into an alliance with her in Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon.

Jo thinks of herself as the strongest contestant while everyone else, especially the physically delicate Cameron, is weak in comparison. She frequently bullies him throughout Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, by either calling him names like "Stringbean" or "Toothpick," belittling him about his physical limitations, or throwing him during challenges. In her eyes, his small stature and sheltered lifestyle make him the most expendable player on the Mutant Maggots. Despite this, there have been moments where Cameron shows usefulness to his team, which Jo commends. At first, Cameron respects Jo's commandeering personality, but his patience runs short with her constant mistreatment. Eventually, he stands up for himself, and Jo's underestimation of him leads her to her own downfall. They part on somewhat friendly terms, though, with Jo taking his underhanded move as him "learning" from her.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Opening sequence

Away cameron

Jo throws Cameron away after catching him.

Cameron is caught by Jo after being sent flying in the air, but Jo drops him to race Brick.

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

Jo swims past Cameron and refuses to help him despite the fact that he is drowning. During the challenge, Cameron supports Jo in the challenge by attempting to calculate where exactly on the trampoline Jo should jump in order to grab the axe.

Truth or Laser Shark


Jo mocks Cameron's physical abilities.

While the contestants are walking towards the lake for the next challenge, Cameron says he hopes the challenge isn't too physical. However, Jo simply mocks his short stature. Cameron replies by saying he has strengths that lie in mental areas, but Jo uses his own words against him and says that he would be "mental" if he thought he could make it through Total Drama without handling anything physical. After the first challenge, Jo taunts Cameron by rhetorically asking him if he still wore a diaper, but Cameron angrily replies that he hasn't worn one since he was eleven. This leads Jo and the rest of the Mutant Maggots to laugh at him. Afterwards, she asks him whether he still drank from a bottle. By this point, Cameron is fed up with Jo and tells her that he has as much right to be on this show as she does. He then vows to prove it in the next challenge, to which he succeeds.

Ice Ice Baby

Cameron accepts Jo being the team captain and follows her orders, and the two seem to cooperate well in the challenge. The two of them work well together in making Mike transform into his Svetlana personality, with Cameron making a grand introduction and Jo allowing him to fly outside their fort, leading to him ultimately capturing the flag for the win.

Finders Creepers

Finders Creepers (10)

Jo throws Cameron into the tree hollow.

Jo refers to Cameron as the team's most expendable player and throws him into a hole in a tree to find the key for the challenge. She gets a lot of backlash for this, with Brick saying they should leave no man behind, and Anne Maria saying that he's still a human being. When Anne Maria and Mike go missing and Cameron wants to find them, Jo prefers to continue with the challenge, upsetting Cameron that she has little concern for her team mates. As the two of them arrive at the cave, Cameron is hesitant and suggests getting Mike and Anne Maria first. However, Jo snatches one of the flashlights he's holding, causing him to drop the rest, and continues on into the cave herself. When Jo goes missing, Cameron looks
Cam Jo flashlight

Jo snatches a flashlight from Cameron's arms.

for Jo after he finds Anne Maria and Mike and is worried when he is unable to find her. After Cameron gets caught in a spiders web, Jo asks who it was, as the web was obscuring her vision. Cameron addresses himself as "string bean", which is a name Jo often calls him by. Jo states that she is impressed that Cameron lasted far longer in the challenge than she had anticipated. In the confessional, Cameron states this is the nicest thing Jo has ever said to him.

Backstabbers Ahoy!

When Anne Maria objects to Jo being the diver, Jo shoves the diving helmet onto Cameron's head, causing him to tip over thanks to its weight. This action makes Cameron support Jo in the challenge out of intimidation. During the water-skiing challenge, when Jo's seagull gun is jammed, she tells Cameron to "take one for the team." She then throws him to the bell they need to ring to win the challenge, but he crashes into Lightning, who is also flying across the air. This severely injures Cameron. After Cameron wins the challenge for the team, Jo appreciates him doing so and compliments him.

Runaway Model

When Cameron comes up with an idea to win the challenge, Jo respects it and goes along with it.

A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

When Cameron is faced with the dilemma of waking up an unconscious Mike after a mine cart crash, he asks himself "What would Jo do?" He then proceeds to yell at Mike and hit him on the head with a flashlight, waking him up. This subtly implies that, despite their conflict, Cameron has gained respect for Jo as a leader.

Grand Chef Auto


Cameron offers to form an alliance with Jo, but she declines.

After Chris announces the merge, Cameron approaches Jo and asks if she would like to form an alliance with him, offering his intellect to complement her athleticism. Jo initially laughs and declines his offer, saying she already has a better alliance with the physically superior Lightning. However, when she sees Lightning struggling to count past 10, she looks back at Cameron and starts having second thoughts. During the challenge, when Cameron is spray painting his graffiti, Jo laughs at him for making an excessively detailed tag, telling him it isn't art school. She also proceeds to cross out the art of Cameron's face he had drawn.

Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon


Cameron becomes fed-up with how Jo treats him throughout the episode.

Tension between the two reaches a climax in this episode, as Jo forces Cameron to form an alliance with her early on. Jo forces Cameron to make her flying machine to be the best so she can get first place and focus less on his own. Despite Cameron winning the first part of the challenge, Jo takes his prize, which is a smoke machine.

While chasing Heather, Jo commands Cameron to shield her from the statues Heather are throwing, injuring him in the process. Eventually, after being persuaded by Lightning, Cameron betrays Jo by activating the self destruct sequence on the smoke machine that he has placed prior. At the campfire ceremony, Cameron votes for Jo along with Lightning and she is eliminated. This prompts Jo to call him a traitor. However, Cameron replies that he did so because "he learned from the best" (meaning her). Surprisingly, Jo is proud of this and tells Cameron "Good technique, kid."

Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown

Despite leaving on a seemingly-positive note with Cameron and a negative note with Lightning, Jo is the only contestant who roots for Lightning to win instead of Cameron. She cheers for Lightning as he attacks Cameron and is noticeably upset when Cameron is declared the winner in his ending. Despite this, Jo is excited to hear that Cameron would split the prize money with everyone else. In Lightning's ending, Jo complains that she should have won the million, since she led both Cameron and Lightning to the finale.


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