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Cameron and Mike's friendship is solidified when they help each other in the mines.

Cameron is one of the first people to know about Mike's alternate personalities, but hides Mike's secret away from Zoey, Mike's crush. Cameron also tells Mike that he will help him control his personalities, leading the two of them to become friends. Meanwhile, Cameron learns how untrustworthy Scott is, and tries to get Mike's help in order to vote him off, but fails as Scott uses the McLean-Brand Chris Head to save himself from the elimination. Knowing how big of a threat the two are, Scott breaks their alliance by voting Mike off in Grand Chef Auto.


Mal manipulates Cameron throughout Total Drama All-Stars.

In Total Drama All-Stars, Cameron and Mike are once again placed on the same team. When Mike is unable to summon any of his personalities and has lapses in his memory, Cameron attempts to help, unaware of his evil personality, Mal. As the season progresses, Mal starts playing mind games with Cameron. This deception makes him believe the other campers are untrustworthy, and refuses to have faith in anyone other than Mike and Zoey. Mal reveals his true identity to him before Cameron leaves the competition due to injury. In The Final Wreck-ening, Cameron is chosen to return to help Zoey compete against Mal. He originally is doubtful Mike has a chance to reclaim control, but is joyful when he proves to be wrong.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Truth or Laser Shark

Cameron is the first to catch on to Mike's condition, observing Mike as he has a conversation with "Chester" in his sleep. During the challenge, Cameron is amazed by Mike's incredible athletic prowess. He even notes how he referred to himself as Svetlana. Mike plays off his lapse in memory and hands the maggot to Cameron so he can continue in the obstacle course.

Ice Ice Baby


Cameron releases Svetlana.

Cameron further studies Mike's condition enough to know how to bring certain personalities out. When their team finds themselves losing the challenge with their ice fort melting around them, Jo tried to get Mike to become Svetlana and be catapulted over to the enemy team’s fort. Knowing Mike couldn't be able to transform voluntarily, Cameron gave Svetlana a dramatic, announcer-style introduction that instantly brought out Svetlana.

Finders Creepers

Finders Creepers (25)

Cameron raises his voice to Vito and Anne Maria.

As Cameron attempts to retrieve the first clue from the hole in the tree, Mike encourages him and refers to him as "Cam", in a manner similar to how Zoey encouraged him in the previous episode. Later, after Zoey, Brick, and Jo were taken by the spider, Cameron found himself in charge of the team. He tries to get Mike (who is stuck in his Vito personality) and Anne Maria to stop making out and come help him in the challenge, eventually resorting to yelling at them for the first time ever. This finally gets their attention and they accompany him to the cave.

Backstabbers Ahoy!

Backstabbers Ahoy (10)

Cameron takes notes on Mike's personalities that are active while Mike is asleep.

Cameron is watching Mike interact with his various personalities in his sleep once more, describing him as "a walking, talking psychology book". Thus, Cameron was now eagerly studying Mike’s behavior and taking notes in a small sketchpad. During the second part of the challenge, Cameron once again manages to bring out Svetlana, who aided them in the challenge.

A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Cute friends

Mike hugs Cameron after he promises he will keep his Multiple Personality Disorder a secret.

Cameron and Mike develop a strong friendship in this episode. Mike and Cameron first share the first mine cart as they head down the tracks, and as a result are separated from the others when they hit a fork in the tracks. When Cameron wakes up to find Mike still unconscious, he eventually manages to wake him up by hitting him in the head with a flashlight. Later, as Cameron became weaker due to the radioactivity setting in, Mike carries him on his back. When Mike refers to Cameron as "buddy", Cameron is very happy about finally having a real friend. When Mike sees Cameron and Zoey under attack by a giant mutated gopher, he races over to save them and tries to keep the gopher's jaws from closing. All three of them are saved by Brick, and all of them escape the mines together. Right before the elimination, Cameron talks to Mike behind the Maggots' cabin, telling him that he knows about his Multiple Personality Disorder. Mike is at first devastated about his secret being out, and frantically asks Cameron how he knew, to which Cameron replies that sixteen years in a bubble makes one very observant. He then tells Mike that he can help him control his personalities, in exchange for an alliance between them against new teammate Scott, whom Cameron doesn't trust. Mike is more excited about the chance to control his personalities and pulls Cameron into a tight hug, thanking him vigorously.

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

Cam and Mike Dr. McLean Island

Cameron helps Mike with his problem by pulling his shirt down.

Cameron is seen helping Mike be himself and winning Zoey's affections which Mike is grateful for. Cameron listens to Mike whenever he has a suggestion on how to do the challenges. In the confessional, Cameron explains all the triggers of Chester, Svetlana, Vito and Manitoba Smith. Cameron tells Mike that he should tell Zoey about his condition which Mike says he will do (in about ten years). Before the elimination ceremony, Cameron is tricked by Scott into accidentally telling him about Mike's condition, and later, Mike and Cameron both vote for Scott during the elimination ceremony, but failed as he had the McLean-Brand Chris Head.

Grand Chef Auto

Mike and Cam spray

Mike tries to tell Cameron he doesn't need to spray so much.

Cameron feels guilty that he accidentally told Scott about Mike's multiple personalities during the challenge. During the challenge, Mike attempts to tell Cameron that they need to only use a little bit of paint to make a mark until Scott forces him to go. Cameron realizes that he has not been helping Mike throughout the episode and feels like a bad friend. Cameron is saddened when Scott chooses Mike to be eliminated.

Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown

Mike is one of Cameron's most vocal supporters during the final challenge and cheers with everyone else when Cameron defeats Lightning. In Lightning's ending, Mike tells Cameron to try and get up to avoid losing to Lightning; however, Cameron states he can't move the suit without any power, leading to Lightning's winning.

Total Drama All-Stars

Evil Dread

Cameron summon Manitoba

Cameron summons Manitoba Smith to help with the challenge.

Cameron places a fedora on Mike's head to summon Manitoba Smith and put his treasure hunting skills to use in the challenge.

Saving Private Leechball


Cameron and Mike talk about Sam.

While the two are getting ready for bed, Mike makes a comment about how awesome the spa hotel is. Cameron agrees but feels guilty looking at Sam's empty bed, as the latter is exiled on Boney Island. At the start of the next day, Cameron and Mike along with the rest of the Heroic Hamsters enjoy breakfast together and comment on how great the food is. The two, along with Zoey, then finally motions each other to steal some of the food to take to Sam. During the challenge, Mike later attempts to summon Svetlana for the challenge. After a moment, Cameron asks if she has taken control. Mike sighs and responds that he's still himself. At the elimination ceremony, Mike is concerned when Cameron volunteers for exile. When everyone exchanges worried glances, Mike suggests that Cameron's small size might let him go unnoticed by all the animals.

Moon Madness


Mal pretends to help Cameron.

At the beginning of the episode, Mike, as Mal, trips Cameron while he is descending from the cabin stairs and breaks his glasses. While everyone believes that it was an accident, Zoey is the only one who saw what Mike had done. After being told by Zoey, Cameron confronts Mike about what happened to which he apologizes and tells Cameron about his inability to transform to his other personalities. Cameron forgives Mike and says he will help him figure out his problem. Under the effects of the Blue Harvest Moon, Mike becomes Mal and leads Cameron away from the group while still pretending to be Mike. As Cameron begins to deduce what may have happened to Mike after Scott hit him in Evil Dread, Mal causes Cameron to slip and tumble down a slope. During the elimination ceremony, Cameron was transferred to the Villainous Vultures when he attempts to leave the island. Cameron then tells Mike that he will find a way to solve his alternate personalities problem, not realizing that he is actually talking to Mal instead of Mike.

You Regatta Be Kidding Me


Mal rigs the votes against Cameron.

When Chris said the teams were merging, Cameron agrees to let Mike into his and Zoey's alliance, but in the confessional he adds "for now", indicating he does not fully trust Mike. Cameron seems aware of the potential of an evil personality and mentions to Zoey that Mike always comes back when she was in danger. During the elimination ceremony, it is revealed that due to an unanimous vote, Cameron is eliminated. Zoey and Cameron both stand up in protest confessing that they didn't vote for Cameron. Chris then reveals that Cameron will not be eliminated due to Duncan being arrested, therefore he is not out of the game just yet. Mal then reveals in the confessional that he tampered with the votes. 

Zeek And Ye Shall Find


Mal reveals his true identity to Cameron.

Cameron begins to distrust the other contestants due to the tampered votes from the last episode. Mal tries to calm Cameron down and offers to search around for clues on who might have rigged the elimination ceremony. In the cabins, Cameron finds the votes underneath Mike's bed but is unsure if "Mike" really did it. The next morning, Mal regains Cameron's trust by warning him that everyone (excluding Zoey) is out to get him, including his new friend, Gwen. The two of them are paired up during the challenge. Inside the mines, Mal encourages Cameron to kiss Courtney in order to pull Scott into their alliance to which he complies. Later, Cameron falls into a hole but manages to hang onto a root. Mal leaves in order to find something to pull him up, but it was revealed that he is going to let Cameron fall to his demise. However, by the time he came back he uses a rock to kill him if he was still hanging, but Cameron had already fallen and Mal believes that there is one less loose end to be worried about. After Cameron was removed from the competition due to his injuries, Mal reveals himself to Cameron and tells him of his true intentions back in the mines, causing Cameron to scream in terror.

The Obsta-Kill Kourse

Mal explains his reason for eliminating Cameron in the previous episode. He then later compares Cameron to gum stuck on the underside of a shoe. During the zipline portion of the challenge, Mal comes up with a plan to defeat Alejandro which reminds Zoey of Cameron.

The Final Wreck-ening


Mal about to throw Cameron down the cliff.

Cameron is brought back as one of Zoey's helpers in this episode. When Zoey asks Cameron if there is any chance of Mike returning, Cameron melancholy states he doubts so, and believes Mike may have merely been another alternate personality and is lost forever. After Cameron's bubble accidentally rolls over to Mal's side, he kicks it back and calls Cameron "garbage". During the challenge, Mal picks Cameron up and throws him down to the lower moat. When Mike regains control, Cameron is very happy to see his friend again. After the island sunk, Mike tells Cameron, along with Gwen and Zoey, that they should compete again, only for all of them to say no.


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