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You're the squealer

Scott mocks Cameron for being a "squealer" in Grand Chef Auto.

Cameron becomes aware of Scott's nature almost immediately after he sees him, despite being on opposing teams, with their later conflict briefly being foreshadowed in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!. Their conflict would later escalate after Scott is moved onto the Mutant Maggots in Runaway Model. In order to get rid of him, Cameron forms alliances with several other campers. After a few unsuccessful attempts (due to Scott possessing both the McLean-Brand Chris Head and invincibility at the same time,) Cameron is finally able to get rid of Scott with the help of Zoey in Eat, Puke and Be Wary.

When Cameron is moved over to the Villainous Vultures in Total Drama All-Stars, their conflict is presented once again. Scott is one of the main examples of Cameron's unintentional villainy throughout a few episodes. Cameron is forced into situations where he has no choice but to mistreat Scott, including using him as bait for Fang to speed up. Also, he must lie that Courtney kissed him, afraid of the repercussions of what Scott may do to him.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

Their conflict is briefly foreshadowed, as when Cameron almost drowns after they fall into the water, Scott doesn't give him any aid, simply swimming past him and calling Cameron a "spaz."

A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

With Scott now on his team, Cameron immediately becomes aware of his evil nature, although he initially keeps it to himself. When Scott suggests going through the right tunnel because "it’s the right path," Cameron and Zoey awkwardly look at each other in response to Scott's idiocy. When the Mutant Maggots reach Ezekiel's cavern, Scott begins to talk loudly, but Cameron tells him to "keep it down" as he reasoned the blind gophers had good hearing. At the end of the episode in exchange for hiding his secret to Zoey, Cameron asks Mike to form an alliance with him to get rid of Scott, as he doesn't trust him.

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (56)

Cameron accidentally reveals to Scott that Mike has Multiple Personality Disorder.

Cameron and Mike try to get Zoey to side with them, but aren't successful. Due to the over-trusting Zoey being unable to see through Scott's act. Later, Cameron and Mike glare at Scott for tricking them into digging at the wrong site. Meanwhile, Scott becomes aware of the alliance between the two and how it poses a threat to him, but at the same time, suspects they are hiding something. He then tricks Cameron into revealing Mike's secret, learning that he suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. Later that night, Cameron and Mike vote for Scott, but fail because he has the McLean-Brand Chris Head, thus saving himself from elimination.

Grand Chef Auto

Cam pleads with Scott

Cameron pleads with Scott not to reveal Mike's secret.

At the start of the episode Cameron approaches Scott and begs him not to reveal Mike's secret, but Scott tricks him into attaining more information (such as how to bring out Vito), and mockingly assures him he is not a "squealer" like Cameron. True to his word, Scott does not reveal Mike's disorder to Zoey, but instead uses it to blackmail Mike into helping him for the entire episode. At the elimination ceremony, Cameron is shocked that Scott chose Mike to be eliminated, successfully breaking their alliance.

Eat, Puke and Be Wary

EPBW (13)

Scott attempts to manipulate Cameron to vote for Lightning.

Cameron holds a secret meeting with Zoey to discuss their plan to eliminate Scott. Scott overhears and catches Cameron in one of his snares, hurling him across the island. Later, when Chris is caught by Scott's snare, he blames it on Cameron in order to seem innocent. During the cooking challenge, Scott attempts to manipulate Cameron into an alliance with him in order to eliminate Lightning. Cameron, while he agrees that Lightning is a very strong player, he declines the offer. Both Cameron and Scott make the same dish, toxic mushroom quiche.
Bad scotty

Scott swaps his disgusting quiche with Cameron's delectable one.

However, while Cameron's quiche looks fine enough to be eaten, Scott's is terrible, the quiche being green in color and having an eyeball in it. When Chef makes the contestants to eat their own dish, Scott distracts Cameron and switches the quiches. This makes Scott the winner of the first part of the challenge. At the end of the episode however, Cameron won the challenge and he and Zoey manage to eliminate Scott in a "2-1-1" vote.

Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown

Cameron seems concerned about Scott's current state after he took the Hurl of Shame and is placed in a mechanical suit to live and didn't laugh like the other contestants did. When Cameron got hit by an explosion during the challenge, Scott made a sign of approval turning on the green light of his Trauma Machine. However, it is presumed that Scott supports Cameron over Lightning during the finale, as he shows the same sign of approval when Cameron successfully pins Lightning down in Cameron's ending. Despite not being friends throughout the entire season Cameron gives Scott along with the rest of his cast an equal share of the prize money.

Total Drama All-Stars

Cameron crash Scott

Cameron crashes into Scott.

Evil Dread

Cameron triggers a spring board trap and is flung into the air. Scott laughs at him until Cameron flies right into him, knocking both of them to the ground. Cameron then runs away terrified while Scott gives him a threatening glare.

Suckers Punched

Cam Scott Penicillin

Scott takes the moldy toast from Cameron.

As the Vultures eat breakfast, Cameron expresses concern over the green toast. However Scott takes it from his outstretched hand, calling it "penicillin puree" before eating it.

You Regatta Be Kidding Me

At the beginning of the episode in the Spa Hotel, Cameron awakens and says good morning to Scott, but the latter who is irritated at being unable to eavesdrop on Courtney brushes aside his greeting. Scott then intimidates Cameron by telling him just because Sierra is gone, that doesn't mean he is safe. Scott explains his actions in the confessional, due to feeling outnumbered since their team was being overtaken by Heroes. During the challenge, Scott (along with Duncan) joins Cameron and Zoey on their raft (as it was the only one left afloat). Due to falling behind Cameron comes up with the idea of using Scott as bait to attract Fang (by pushing him in the water and holding him up by a stick).

The plan initially succeeds and Fang pulls the raft faster, however when Zoey leaves Cameron, he is left holding Scott up on his own and fails after a while causing Scott to get bitten. Scott gets flung into the air, landing on the raft, where he proceeds to push Cameron into the water as payback, only to discover Fang isn't interested in eating Cameron. He reasons that the shark "wanted a meal, not a snack." He continues to force Cameron to push the raft himself. In the confessional Cameron admits what he did was wrong, but attempts to cover himself by saying he was "helping Scott to be a hero" and Fang would probably spit him out afterwards. When Chris laughs at the joke, Scott, in the confessional, says that it "wasn't that funny". That night, Scott votes for Cameron for that reason, and Cameron votes for Scott because he knows Scott is now angry with him.

Zeek And Ye Shall Find

Cameron kissed Courtney

Cameron kisses Courtney, Scott's new girlfriend.

As a plan to manipulate Scott and Courtney's new relationship, Mal suggests that Cameron should kiss Courtney and blame it on her. Cameron, although skeptical at first about being beaten up by Scott, kisses her and the plan works how it was intended. Scott pins the entire kiss on Courtney and doesn't confront Cameron about it afterwards, although the latter was eliminated before Scott figured out what actually happened.


  • This single conflict is directly responsible for the formation of three separate alliances.
    • Contrary to most antagonists who form multiple alliances themselves, Scott is the first antagonist to have several alliances formed against him, all of them from Cameron.
  • Both left the show with serious injuries at their first elimination (counting Cameron's ending), which facilitated the use of a wheelchair and full-body cast.

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