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Sierra begins calling Cameron "Cody", after her fragile mentality makes her see him as Cody.

Cameron and Sierra become good friends quickly when they are placed on the same team in Total Drama All-Stars. However, as the season progresses, Cameron begins to feel uneasy and annoyed when Sierra starts to think that Cameron is Cody, whom she is obsessed with, and begins to transfer her feelings for Cody to Cameron and forms a one-sided relationship, which greatly resembles Cody's situation in Total Drama World Tour. Initially, Cameron hopes that Sierra would eventually realize her mistake but the latter insists that Cameron is Cody and wouldn't leave him alone. Eventually, Cameron loses his patience, and desperately tries to get away from Sierra, to the point where he attempts to quit the competition. Cameron is however transferred to the Villainous Vultures instead, devastating Sierra and further damaging her fragile sanity. Despite now being on opposing teams, Cameron's problem is far from over, with Sierra persisting that they should team up in upcoming challenges. Cameron's problem is eventually solved in Suckers Punched with Sierra's elimination, much to his delight and relief.

Total Drama All-Stars

Evil Dread


Sierra celebrates their win by lifting up Cameron in the air.

During the challenge, Cameron notices that Sierra is digging an immensely deep hole. She awkwardly explains she is imagining that she is digging for Cody, and got carried away digging in the same spot for an hour. Once their team wins the challenge, Sierra picks up Cameron and celebrates their victory.

Saving Private Leechball


Sierra begins to see Cameron as Cody...

Cameron believes that he and Sierra have many similar interests such as being smart, intelligent, and sometimes being socially enabled. Additionally, the two of them seem to know a lot about their fellow contestants. Throughout the episode, they constantly talk in unison while discussing strategies, which disgusts Courtney. After a while, Sierra starts to see Cameron as Cody, the boy whom she's been obsessed with for a long time. Initially, she thinks she is just hallucinating, but after a while, she starts to call Cameron as Cody (or Camcody) instead of his name. After Cameron manages to eliminate Duncan, Sierra congratulates him, but she calls him Cody which causes him to be distracted and get eliminated by Gwen.


...but she immediately shrugs it off.

At elimination ceremony, they both believe that Jo will be eliminated unless Jo can convince the others to vote for Heather instead. Sierra's insanity finally slips out and she no longer believes Cameron exists, seeing him as Cody. She then offers him a foot rub, something that Sierra used to do to Cody. When Chris ask the Hamsters to select a member to be exile on Boney Island, Cameron immediately volunteers, saddening Sierra. In the confessional, Cameron states that he knows what Cody has been through in season three, and he has no intention of enduring the same thing. He hopes that spending the night away from Sierra, will help her return to her senses.

Food Fright

Are you ok codycam camody

Sierra calls Cameron "CamCody".

Despite being away for the night, Sierra still sees Cameron as Cody. When Cameron explains he survived the night on Boney Island by dousing himself in bear urine, Sierra proudly remarks how she expected this of her Cody. After Cameron passes through the obstacle course, Sierra calls him "CamCody", a combination of both names.

Moon Madness


Sierra offers to help Cameron to see when he breaks his glasses.

Early in the challenge, Sierra holds Cameron in her arms after he hits a tree, due to his nearsightedness. She then starts telling him that she will help him to be his "eyes, ears, and as many nostrils as she needs", which begins to creep him out. While Sierra is being attacked by a bird under the influence of the Blue Harvest Moon, Mike, as Mal, lures him away from her under the guise of making sure the coast is clear for him and Zoey. After Cameron separates from Mike, he is attacked by a group of bunnies, but Sierra saves him at the last second. Now determined to never let Cameron get separated from her, she weaves a carrier around him, and carries him for the rest of the episode.

Weaved a carrier

Sierra places Cameron into a carrier so they won't get separated again.

After their team loses, Cameron, who finally loses his patience, decides to quit the season in order to be away from Sierra once and for all, much to Sierra's dismay. However, Chris then announces that no one will be eliminated that night, disappointing Cameron. Instead, Cameron will now be competing as a member of the Villainous Vultures. Despite that they are now competing against each other, Sierra is excited as Cameron will still be around.

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition


Sierra's sanity seems to slip further, after being deprived of Cameron.

While in the cabin, Sierra laments the loss of Cameron, and becomes hostile towards Zoey when she attempts to console her and correct her when she once again calls Cameron "Codycam". While on Boney Island, she tries to ask Cameron to find the eggs together, but Cameron declines, pointing out that they're on different teams. This leads Sierra to become agitated, and she tries to aggressively force Cameron to join her. When she starts panting like a dog, Gwen intervenes and pulls Cameron away, which causes Sierra to scream in agony.

Suckers Punched

Cameron minds Codys

Sierra asks Cameron to mind "the boys" and informs him that she's breaking up with him.

Cameron is immediately delighted when Sierra "breaks up" with him before she fights the mother of her new pet. However, after she abruptly loses the fight (being knocked out of the ring and landing on Cameron) and her potential motherhood, she quickly changes her mind back. Whilst she is on top of Cameron,
That may hurt33

Sierra decides she can't break up with him after all.

she apologetically tells him how she would never abandon him, and how she dreams that they can still be together after the merge, call themselves "Camsierrody". In the confessional, Cameron screams in terror as he is still stuck with Sierra. During the elimination ceremony, the Vultures vote off Sierra, though Cameron emphasizes that it is very reluctant. When a distraught Sierra asks why, Cameron comforts her by reminding her of the real Cody who is waiting for her back at home. He tells her to "run to him".

You Regatta Be Kidding Me

With Sierra's elimination in the previous episode, Cameron is now relieved and is able to sleep peacefully, knowing that Sierra is now far away from him. However, Scott says that he can get eliminated and be with Sierra again, which frightens him. When deciding to vote, Cameron initially has a hard time since his obvious choice, Sierra, is no longer in the game.


  • Both are the only members of the Heroic Hamsters to have never been in a relationship over their times on the show.

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